Auction weekend raises 576,225 EURO! PEC 6,626 EURO/pigeon, Verkerk 4,204 EURO/pigeon! Kind New Freddy X Little Star 36,000 EURO, 4 most expensive Verkerk youngsters raise 91,000 EURO in total!

Several auctions closed this weekend, selling 192 pigeons in total. An impressive 576,225 EURO was raised this weekend, with an average sale price of 3,000 EURO per pigeon. A brief report of each auction can be found below.

G&S Verkerk – 47 pigeons – 4,204 EURO/pigeon

This is one of the most spectacular young birds' auctions this season, with an exceptional average price of 4,204 EURO for no less than 47 young birds! 2015 was possibly their best season ever, and father and son Verkerk have now had their best young birds' season this year as well! The overall revenue of 197,600 euro clearly shows that Bas & Gerard have gained an excellent reputation with their exceptional results. This is an overview of their most expensive young birds:

Half brother Olympic Solange – 30,500 EURO – China
Half sister Olympic Solange – 20,500 EURO – China
2 sons Olympic Solange were both sold to the same Dutch fancier for 20,000 EURO.

Only a handful of young birds of a total of 47 were sold for less than 2,000 euro.

PIPA Elite Center – 35 pigeons – 6,626 EURO/pigeon

In this auction we had one racing bird and 34 young birds/youngsters of top class pigeons, and they were sold for no less than 6,626 euro on average, which is the highest average for a PIPA auction this season. A youngster of New Freddy x Little Star, which combines two 1st National Ace Pigeons KBDB longer middle distance, was sold for no less than 36,000 euro, making him one of the 5 most expensive young birds ever! He will be shipped to China. Below is an overview of the 10 most expensive pigeons in this PEC auction:

Son New Freddy X Little Star – 36,000 EURO – China
Daughter New Freddy X Dam Geerinckx Hen – 20,500 EURO – China
Brother Wacko Freddy (sire Porsche 911) – 15,200 EURO – China (same buyer as son New Freddy)
Freddy’s Kaasboer – 1st Provincial – 14,600 EURO – Taiwan
Daughter Porsche 911 – 10,400 EURO – China
Daughter Porsche 911 – 10,200 EURO – Bulgaria
Son New Laureaat X Kleine Jade – 10,000 EURO – Germany
Son Nikolaas – 9,800 EURO – Taiwan
Son New Laureaat X Romee – 9,000 EURO – England
Son New Kaasboer – 8,600 EURO – China

The 35 pigeon raised an impressive 231,900 EURO overall.

Best of Germany – 62 pigeons – 1,111 EURO/pigeon

It has become a yearly tradition for top fanciers from Germany to sell their best pigeons in a Best of Germany auction. The most expensive young bird was a brother of a Million Dollar Race winner of Heinz Koch, which has been sold to Germany for 5,200 euro. A youngster of Forrest Gump of Freialdenhofen has been sold to Germany for 4,200 euro, while a youngster of Sky Fighter of Andreas Drapa goes to a Chinese fancier for 4,000 euro. The 62 pigeons raised 68,900 euro in total.

Geert Vanrenterghem – 12 pigeons – 2,892 EURO/pigeon

This is an impressive average for Geert & Annick Vanrenterghem. In this auction we had 3 racing birds and 9 young birds. The two most expensive pigeons were sale 1 and 2: D'Eus (sale 1) was sold to China for 9,200 euro, and Durango (sale 2) was also sold to China for 10,200 euro. The most expensive young bird was a youngster of Tsaby 1, the grandfather of Gaby Vandenabeele's Super Romeo. He was sold to Taiwan for 2,200 euro. The 12 pigeons raised 34,700 euro in total.
Thibaut-Boons – 11 pigeons – 2,205 EURO/pigeon

The star in this auction was the Olympiad Pigeon, sale no. 1, which has been sold to Bart Geerinckx for 5,200 euro. The most expensive young bird was a full sister of 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB '14, which was sold to Sebastien Casaert for 4,200 euro. The young birds were quite popular as well: they were sold for 2,900 euro, 2,200 euro, 2,400 euro and 2,000 euro. The 11 pigeons raised 24,250 in total.

Roger Debusschere – 12 pigeons – 963 EURO/pigeon

Twelve young birds of Roger Debusschere's most renowned breeders were sold in auction. The most expensive of them is a youngster of Smart Louie, which was sold to China for 1,800 euro. Six pigeons were sold to Chinese fanciers, and the 12 pigeons sold in auction have raised 11,550 euro.