Auction weekend raises 430,775 EURO or 2,726 euro/bird - PEC 7,492 euro/bird

The following auctions ended last Sunday 1st of March: Youri Deblanc (BE), Kai Er (CN), A.T. Breeding Loft by Hadrien Marsille (BE), Team Van Oss (NL), PIPA Elite Center (BE), F&J Vandenheede (BE) & Extreme Long Distance Auction.

Youri Deblanc (BE) - 8 pigeons - 1,275 euro/bird
Youri Deblanc had a fantastic 2019 season, with several national top 100 finishes, including most notably a 1st provincial Limoges and a 2nd national zone Aurillac, as well as a national victory from Libourne as the icing on the cake. Ten young birds from proven national top ten finishers were sold in a PIPA auction, raising 10,200 euro together. The new owners come from Belgium (4), Great Britain (2), Taiwan (1) and the United States (1).

Kai Er (CN) - 14 pigeons - 2,243 euro/bird
Kai Er owns owns an invaluable collection of Vandenabeele birds, and a group of youngsters from the best birds of this world class breed were sold on PIPA. The young birds from the pairings of New Bliksem x Last Sister Tulle (5,800 euro) and Royal Blue x Grace (7,200 euro) proved the most expensive of the lot; they will be moving to China. The other buyers come from Taiwan (6), Belgium (2), Germany (2), China (1) and The Netherlands (1).

A.T. Breeding Loft by Hadrien Marsille (BE) - 10 pigeons - 1,090 euro/bird
Thierry Aerts sold ten pigeons for this Harry & Cees selection, raising 10,900 euro in total. The most expensive bird was Rury 221, a grandson of both Harry and Rudy. Rury 221 was sold for 2,600 euro to a fancier from Qatar. The other nine pigeons were sold to fanciers from Taiwan (4), Indonesia (2), Argentina (1), China (1) and Portugal (1).

Team Van Oss (NL) - 11 pigeons - 4,155 euro/bird
This small but high quality auction of Team Van Oss had an overall revenue of 45,700 euro, with an average of 4,155 euro/bird. The most popular pigeon was Rocky, winner of a 2nd and 22nd NPO and a grandson of Harry. He was sold to a Chinese fancier for 11,000 euro. Sale 1, Tommy, went to China as well; this NPO winner was worth an impressive 10,000 euro. The remaining nine pigeons go to Taiwan (4), The Netherlands (2), Belgium (1), China (1) and Great Britain (1).

Pipa Elite Center (BE) - 24 pigeons - 7,492 euro/bird
A spectacular group of 24 birds were put up for auction, straight from the core of the PEC breed. We had descendants of the iconic Porsche 911, Golden Prince, Golden Boxster, etc. This collection had an average sale price of 7,492 euro/bird, with an impressive total revenue of 179,800 euro. This auction was a great success, in part thanks to the big stars Golden Porsche 984 and Daughter Golden Prince 386, which were sold for 21,000 euro and 16,000 euro. The two pigeons will soon be breeding youngsters in the United States and Germany. The other 22 pigeons go to China (7), the United States (4), Germany (3), Taiwan (3), Belgium (2), Canada (1), Qatar (1) and South Africa (1).

F&J Vandenheede (BE) - 10 pigeons - 2,520 euro/bird
Youngsters of their best breeding & racing birds

The Vandenheede brothers are one of Belgium's grandmaster. Specially for this PIPA auction they bred pigeons from the best of the best: from Olympic Tygo, Olympic Mercy and many others. The auction had an overall revenue of 25,200 euro. The pigeon with the highest sale price was Mooiboy Satin Tygo 732, a dark chequered cock from Olympic Tygo paired to Wonderful Lady; he moves to Singapore for 4,000 euro. The other pigeons were sold to fanciers from Poland (7), China (1) and Taiwan (1).

Extreme Long Distance Auction - 81 pigeons - 1,575 euro/bird
Fanciers looking for pigeons that could help them raise the bar in national and international races could not have been happier. A number of grandmasters offered for sale an impressive 81 pigeons, which were sold for 127,575 euro in total. The most expensive pigeon goes to Taiwan for 5,000 euro: a pigeon of 'Inbred New Laureaat x Kleine Jade'. Jelle Jellema is the breeder of this pigeon, and his other marathon birds were quite popular as well: he reached an average sale price of 2,746 euro.