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Auction weekend raises 348,525 EURO, Jelle Roziers (BE) 3,004 euro/bird

The following auctions came to a close on Sunday 23rd of February: Pieter Woord (NL), Deschacht-Denduyver (BE), Luc De Laere (BE), Karlo Van Rompaey (BE), February auction, Philippe Dobbelaere (BE), Jelle Roziers (BE) & One Loft Race Special.

Pieter Woord (NL) - 9 pigeons - 2,256 euro/bird
The first PIPA auction of Pieter & Lauw was quite a success, which was to be expected, with so many top quality bloodlines in their collection. A full sister of Leontine was the most expensive bird in this auction; she went to a fellow Dutchman for 4,000 euro. The total revenue amounted to 20,300 euro, and pigeons were sold to fanciers from Belgium (3), The Netherlands (2), Taiwan (2), France (1) and Great Britain (1).

Deschacht-Denduyver (BE) - 10 pigeons - 675 euro/bird
Deschacht-Denduyer sold ten racing birds in auction, including Super Magic, the most expensive bird of the lot. This 7th provincial ace pigeon is about to move to Taiwan. The remaining birds to go Taiwan (4), Belgium (2), China (2) and Great Britain (1).

Luc De Laere (BE) - 15 pigeons - 1,190 euro/bird
Luc auctioned off a group of youngsters of his best breeding & racing birds, raising 17,850 euro for fifteen pigeons. The most expensive bird was Son Brave Bliksem, which goes to Taiwan for 2,100 euro. The pigeons were sold to fanciers from Taiwan (9), Belgium (4) and China (2).

Karlo Van Rompaey (BE) - 20 pigeons - 2,203 euro/bird
Karlo gained an international reputation thanks to his hattrick, winning three national first prizes from Bourges. Will anyone be able to match this performance one day? After his sensational old birds' auction on PIPA, Karlo made a fresh start in collaboration with PIPA. He promptly added a provincial victory from Gien and Aurillac to his palmares in 2019, mainly thanks to the bloodlines of his 1st Nat. Bourges 18,864 p. Prima Dora and his 1st Nat. Bourges 14,449 p. (fastest of 60,059 p.). Karlo put together a fantastic selection of birds for this online sale, and the most popular bird was sale 1: Prima Hattrick. She is a direct daughter of the aforementioned Hattrick and winner of two first prizes. She moves to Japan for 7,200 euro. The remaining pigeons are going to China (6), Belgium (4), Germany (4), Japan (2), Taiwan (2) and Slovakia (1).

February auction - 35 pigeons - 1,266 euro/bird
Pigeons that did not find a new owner were sold in this non payers auction. Fanciers that were initially overbid got a second chance in this auction, which raised 44,325 euro overall, with a full sister of a 1st National La Souterraine moving to China for 5,200 euro. The 35 pigeons were sold to fanciers from Taiwan (7), Belgium (4), the United States (4), China (3), Germany (3), Japan (2), Poland (2), Malta (2), France (1), Great Britain (1), Iran (1), The Netherlands (1), Slovakia (1) and Turkije (1).

Philippe Dobbelaere (BE) - 10 pigeons - 1,383 euro/bird
Philippe Dobbelaere raised 13,825 euro for his ten young birds, which will be moving to Belgium (5), China (2), Romania (2) and Great Britain (1). The most expensive pigeon was Rocco's Girl 031, which went to a Romanian loft for 3,000 euro.

Jelle Roziers (BE) - 14 pigeons - 3,004 euro/bird euro/bird
This was a very attractive sale for everyone that knows about Queen L's many qualities. This super class breeder has been pivotal in many of Jelle's greatest achievements. Jelle selected a fantastic group of youngsters (mainly) related to Queen L for this special PIPA auction. The event was off to a spectacular start, with two youngsters of the pairing Gust x New Queen L; they are moving to Canada and Germany for 5,000 euro and 7,600 euro. The other twelve pigeons are moving to the United States (5), Germany (3), Canada (2), Poland (2) and China (1).

One Loft Race Special - 74 pigeons - 2,154 euro/bird
A group of OLR specialists were asked to join in on this One Loft Race Special. Many fanciers were eager to participate; they brought together a fantastic collection, resulting in an overall revenue of 159,375 euro. You can tell from the different countries of origin that one loft racing has become a competition with international prestige. The pigeons were sold to as many as 21 pigeons: the United States (14), Taiwan (7), Great Britain (7), Poland (6), China (6), Mexico (6), South Africa (4), The Netherlands (4), Canada (3), Germany (3), Bulgaria (2), the Czech Republic (2), Romania (2), Argentina (1), Bangladesh (1), Belgium (1), Hungary (1), Kuwait (1), Slovakia (1), Thailand (1), as well as Turkey (1).