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Auction weekend raises 270,675 EURO overall. Daniel Bucaciuc (BE) 2.883 EURO/duif, Ronald Traas (NL) 2,577 euro/bird

The following auctions came to a close on Sunday 27th of September: Team Valya & Rosen Dobrevi (BG), September auction, Dean Pallatt (UK), Marc De Cock (BE), Vitor Picanco (PT), Daniel Bucaciuc (BE), Ronald Traas (NL) & Ron Hillcoat (UK).

Team Valya & Rosen Dobrevi (BG) - 9 pigeons - 1,522 euro/bird
The biggest sensation of Vaya and Rosen Dobrev is Miss Kriss. She was one of the eye-catchers in the Million Dollar race of 2019, winning a 6th spot in the final and taking home 20,000 US dollar. She is a crossing of the fantastic bloodlines of Black Pearl and Hardy Krüger, the Acy genes through Bart Geerinckx, the Porsche 911 strain of the PEC, and the Bliksem dynasty of Vandenabeele. The parents of Miss Kriss were both offered for sale and they were the most wanted pigeons of this auction. They were sold together in BIS, raising 8,000 euro. This auction attracted fanciers from Bulgaria (4), Belgium (1), Germany (1), Great Britain (1), Morocco (1), Mexico (1) and Taiwan (1).

September auction - 24 pigeons - 1,606 euro/birds
It happens occasionally that fanciers overplay their hand by purchasing pigeons they cannot actually afford. Every season, PIPA hosts a number of auctions to sell these pigeons a second time. This edition had a spectacular start with a son of 1st International Barcelona 2018, Floyd. This beautiful racing cock was sold for 4,600 euro to a fancier from Great Britain. But the most expensive bird of this auction was Harry's Vita 572, a grandchild of Harry that was bred by Pieter Veenstra. This granddaughter of Harry was sold for 6,200 euro, again to a British fancier. The other pigeons are moving to China (4), Poland (4), Belgium (3), Taiwan (3), Germany (2), Great Britain (2), the United States (2), Austria (1), France (1), Indonesia (1) and Turkey (1).

Dean Pallatt (UK) - 15 pigeons - 1,773 euro/bird
Dean Pallatt offered for sale a fantastic group of young birds. Dean has a full brother of Silke (winner of a 1st National Barcelona 2020) in his collection, and he sold 3 young birds of this blue cock. The two most expensive birds in this collection are in fact bred from this cock. He was paired to a daughter of Silke and to a 1st International Pau, and the two youngsters were sold for 3,200 euro each, to fanciers from Belgium and Great Britain. And we had several more pigeons on offer that sparked the interest of marathon fanciers from across the globe. The auction raised 26,600 euro, with pigeons being sold to fanciers from Great Britain (4), Taiwan (4), Belgium (1), France (1), The Netherlands (1), Romania (1), Saoudi Arabia (1), the United States (1) and South Africa (1).

Marc De Cock (BE) - 10 pigeons - 1,370 euro/bird
We had a group of youngsters of Mr. Tulle, Rockefeller, Bold Eagle and some other renowned pigeons on offer. These pigeons are praised for their both racing and breeding potential. The most wanted pigeon in this small-scale auction was a youngster of Bold Eagle. She was sold for 2,200 euro to a fancier from Germany. The other 9 pigeons will be moving to Belgium (6), Germany (1), Romania (1) and the United States (1). The 10 pigeons were sold for 13,700 euro.

Vitor Picanco (PT) - 12 pigeons - 1,452 euro/bird
We asked Vitor Picanco if he was interested in selling his best breeding and racing birds in auction. Vitor agreed, and he came up with a group of 12 fantastic pigeons. His pigeon family consists in large part of pigeons of Gaby Vandenabeele, which Vitor has been really successful with. However, the most expensive pigeon of his collection was a grandchild of the world famous Euro Diamond. This blue colored cock called Bugatti Veyron was sold for 2,700 euro to a fancier from South Africa. The other 11 pigeons from Vitor's collection will be moving from their sunny home country to China (7), Taiwan (3) and Japan (1).

Daniel Bucaciuc (BE) - 18 pigeons - 2,883 euro/bird
Daniël gained an international reputation with the help of Mr. Fantastic, his 1st National Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB 2017. Daniël created a group of top class breeders around his great star. A number of youngsters of Mr. Fantastic were sold in auction, alongside a selection of birds that Daniël had obtained over the years, including a daughter of Armando, perhaps the most famous pigeon worldwide. This daughter of Armando was sold to a fancier from Germany for 15,000 euro. The second most expensive bird was a full brother of Bonte Crack, 1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB 2019. He goes to The Netherlands for 6,400 euro. Together with the other 16 pigeons, this collection raised 51,900 euro overall. The new owners come from Romania (6), Germany (3), Taiwan (3), Belgium (2), The Netherlands (1), Pakistan (1), Qatar (1) and the United States (1).

Ronald Traas (NL) - 26 pigeons - 2,577 euro/bird
It was Ronald Traas who hosted this auction, packed with some of the very best extreme long distance bloodlines of today. He surrounded himself with numerous renowned bloodlines over the years. One fancier from Great Britain was particularly eager to obtain some of these pigeons; he purchased a son of Sumerian Fighter and a daughter of New Laureaat for 9,200 euro and 7,600 euro. The auction's overall revenue amounted to 67,000 euro, and the pigeons are moving to The Netherlands (5), Great Britain (5), Belgium (4), Poland (3), Germany (2), Bulgaria (1), China (1), France (1), Japan (1), Romania (1) , Trinidad and Tobago (1) and Taiwan (1).

Ron Hillcoat (UK) - 21 pigeons - 1,990 euro/bird
This special auction featured some of the best Heremans bloodlines, straight from Leo Heremans and the Eijerkamp family. We had direct Heremans pigeons from the bloodlines of Beauty Bolt (1st prize breeder), Olympic Sperwer, Bolt and Jan Roeper on offer, as well as some very exclusive direct Eijerkamp birds from the legendary Rossi, and pigeons from Olympiad stars Nieuwe Olympiade, Olympic Leo, Olympic Hans and New Euro. These pigeons are often difficult to obtain, which explains why many fanciers were interested in obtaining one. The most wanted pigeon was a daughter of Nieuwe Olympiade, a 3 year old chequered hen that will soon be on her way to China. The other pigeons were sold to fanciers from Bangladesh (4), Great Britain (4), China (3), The Netherlands (2), Pakistan (2), Iraq (1), Poland (1), Qatar (1), Taiwan (1) and the United States (1).