Auction weekend raises 226,850 EURO in total - Jelle Jellema 4,489 EURO average

Seven auctions closed this Sunday, raising 226,850 EURO overall for 112 pigeons, or well over 2,000 EURO per pigeon. See below for a brief report of each auction.

Pedro Simão Delgado Teixeira Rodrigues – 6 pigeons – 2,700 EURO/pigeon
In this auction we had 6 original Van Loon pigeons, and the most expensive one is Sale 1, which goes to Taiwan for 5,200 EURO. The 6 pigeons raised 16,200 EURO in total, and will be shipped to Taiwan (2), France (1), Iraq (1), Canada (1), and Bulgaria (1).

Greg Team – 14 pigeons – 2,475 EURO/pigeon
After two consecutive days of unparallelled achievements, with a 2nd and 3rd prize in the Great Algarve Derby and the Golden Algarve respectively, the weekend could not possibly get any better for the Greg Team. The auction was understandably a great success with an average sale price of 2,475 EURO. A few parents and grandparents of the winners from Algarve were offered for sale as well. The most expensive bird was the dam of the 2nd prize winner Great Algarve, a daughter of Arie Dijkstra's Big Boom; she was sold for 5,400 EURO. The second most expensive pigeon is a son of Gunter Prange's 261, which was sold for 5,200 EURO. The 14 pigeons raised 34,650 EURO in total.

Johan Hamilton – 26 pigeons – 805 EURO/pigeon
In this South-African collection of Kitchenbrand pigeon we had one youngster of Birdy, which was sold along with several grandchildren. The Birdy youngster was the most wanted pigeon and was sold to Romania for 4,000 EURO. The 26 pigeons raised 20,925 EURO in total, and have been sold to Taiwan (8), The United Kingdom (5), Colombia (3), South Africa (3), The Netherlands (2), China (1), Kuweit (1), Romania (1), Thailand (1) and the USA (1).

Luc De Laere – 11 pigeons – 1,809 EURO/pigeon
Every year Luc De Laere auctions a small group of youngsters and racing birds on PIPA. A fine selection of birds was sold again this season, with an overall revenue of 19,900 EURO for 11 pigeons. The most expensive one was a young bird with a fine palmares (sale 4), which will be going to China for 3,600 EURO. The 11 pigeons have been sold to fanciers from Taiwan (6), USA (2), China (1), The Netherlands (1) and Romania (1).

Victoria Falls – 36 pigeons – 2,099 EURO/pigeon
Last year saw the first edition of the Victoria Falls, which quickly became one of the biggest One Loft Races worldwide with a guranteed 700,000 US Dollar worth of prize money. PIPA was honoured to organise their first online auction, which was a major success. The most expensive pigeon is the 3rd prize winner in the final and winner of 50,000 US Dollar (from Michel Wouters), which has been sold to the USA for 7,800 EURO. The second most expensive pigeon is the 4th Ace Pigeon of Jochen & Nadine Hünten from Germany; it goes to China for 7,400 EURO. The 36 youngsters raised 75,575 EURO together, and will be shipped to China (10), USA (8), Ireland (4), Germany (3), Colombia (2), Mexico (2),  South Africa (2), Kuweit (1), Saudi Arabia (1), Thailand (1) and Taiwan (1).
The winners of the 2nd edition of Victoria Falls, for which the preparatory races will start soon, will be sold in auction on PIPA as well.

Joel Verschoot – 10 pigeons – 1,920 EURO/pigeon
This was Joel Verschoot's most successful young birds' auction so far, and he deserves it after such a brilliant season! He has an average of almost 2,000 EURO, which is a great result. The most expensive youngster is a sister of JIP, 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB 2016 Long Distance Yearlings, which was sold to a Belgian loft for 2,700 EURO. The 10 youngsters will be shipped to lofts in Belgium(8), Romania (1) and Brazil (1).

Jelle Jellema – 9 pigeons – 4,489 EURO/pigeon
2017 was another great season for Jelle Jellema, who wins a 2nd National Barcelona and a 2nd International Perpignan this year. No wonder his online auction attracted numerous fanciers. His most expensive young bird is a youngster of Kleine Jade, which goes to Germany for 8,000 EURO. The second and third most expensive pigeons were sold for 6,000 EURO each: a youngster of Romee, which stays in The Netherlands, and a youngster of Miss Gijsje, which goes to Japan. The 9 youngsters raised 40,400 EURO and will be going to Taiwan (3), The United Kingdom (2), The Netherlands (2), Germany, (1) and Japan (1).