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Auction weekend ends; Sangers Pigeons (NL) 2,855 EURO / pigeon, Etienne Meirlaen (BE) 1,746 EURO / pigeon

These auctions ended on Sunday 30 May: May Auction, Etienne Meirlaen (BE) & Sangers Pigeons (NL).

May auction - 13 pigeons - 2,577 EURO / pigeon
A second chance for people who missed the mark the first time. The monthly auction with pigeons that were not paid for various reasons will be auctioned for a second time. In the edition of the month of May there were 13 pigeons that collectively yielded 33,500 EURO. The most expensive pigeon was Double New Kim 700. This checker cock from a brother New Kim x sister New Kim was sold for 5,400 EURO.

Etienne Meirlaen (BE) - 13 pigeons - 1,746 EURO / pigeon
With Yelena's Ace, Etienne once again has a new star in the sky. She won the title of 2nd National Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance in 2020. She also became 2nd International Ace Pigeon European Cup 2020. A great talent of which two children were sold today. They finished at 3,200 EURO and 2,700 EURO. In total, Etienne's auction brought EUR 22,700, which equates to an average of EUR 1,746 / pigeon.

Sangers Pigeons (NL) - 11 pigeons - 2,855 EURO / pigeon
Sangers Pigeons has a beautiful collection of pigeons with Gold Dust as the leader. This pale hen, who is a sister of Kittel, has already produced many champions. She inherits great and today a son of hers stole the show in the Sangers Pigeons auction. He ended up as the most expensive in the auction, the buyer pays 9,000 EURO for him. Together with the remaining ten, the auction ended with a total amount of EUR 31,400.