Auction weekend ends: F & J Vandenheede (BE) achieve top average of 4,650 EURO / pigeon

The auctions ended on Sunday 23 August: Derby Arona One Loft Race, F & J Vandenheede and the August auction

Derby Arona One Loft Race - 109 pigeons - 1,141 EURO / pigeon
In the fast growing world of one loft racing, Derby Arona is a firm name. The prestigious showdown achieved status as the toughest one-loft race in the world with many miles of flight over water. The auction offered a nice mix from all regions of the world. The winning pigeon, bred by Douwe and Peter Soepboer, was also classified first in the ranking of the most expensive pigeons today. It was sold for an amount of 10,200 EURO. Its new owner is from Kuwait.

Behind him there was still a battle for a grandchild of the New Laureaat, this blue white cock hen classified 12th in the final. Her new homeland will be China. The Chinese buyer paid EUR 10,000. An overview of the origin of the buyers of this auction: China (31), United States (18), Taiwan (13), Belgium (8), Great Britain (6), France (5), Qatar (4), Mexico (3), Poland (3), Romania (3), Bangladesh (2), Germany (2), Hungary (2), Ireland (2), Kuwait (2), the Netherlands (2) and Austria (1).

F & J Vandenheede - 6 pigeons - 4,650 EURO / pigeon
It was miraculous what happened in the national races of Limoges and Brive in recent weeks. Both times the entire podium was taken up by the pigeons from Freddy and Jacques. A spectacular season and a mouth-watering colony. Very strong in width and at all distances. Today their auction ended, pigeons related to the national top pigeons. It was a resounding success. The average per pigeon ended at 4,650 EURO and the six pigeons brought in 27,900 EURO in total. The most expensive pigeon comes from the National Ace pigeon 'Miracle Ace'. Coupled with a granddaughter of De Kaasboer, they produced Suspense. This scratch cock steals the show today by being sold for 10,200 EURO to China.

The remaining 5 buyers come from: Poland (4) and China (1).

August auction - 21 pigeons - 1,843 EURO / pigeon
You could call it happiness in an accident for the interested bidders. Because some bidders may overplay their hand and do not pay for the purchased pigeons, PIPA puts these not bought pigeons up for auction several times a year. The auction in August was also filled with a few very interesting pigeons. For example, another son of Zwart Goud and New Laureaat came up for sale. Founders of many marathon lofts. In the end, most of the attention went to a grandson of New Harry and Harry at the same time. This blue cock was sold for no less than 10,000 EURO to the lucky new owner from Taiwan.

The other buyers came from the following countries: Belgium (7), the Netherlands (3), Taiwan (3), China (2), Germany (2), France (2) and Great Britain (1).