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Auction weekend ends at EUR 1,344,625, average EUR 3,704 / pigeon

These auctions ended on Sunday and Monday: Jan Hooymans (NL), Gebroeders Homma (NL), Norbert & Stefan Ally (BE), Verweij-De Haan (NL), Wojciech Handerek (PL), January auction, collectors items, Freialdenhofen & Sohn (DE), Jos Martens collection & John Debaene (BE).

Jan Hooymans (NL) - 13 pigeons - 1,946 EURO / pigeon
Carnival OLR, a well-known OLR in South Africa. A series of OLR pigeons in the Jan Hooymans auction, allied to a number of pigeons that have proven themselves in the one loft race in South Africa. The group was headed by Harry Silver Birdy. Her father is a son of Harry and already bred a few very good pigeons on the OLR, among others. Including a 3rd final place in Victoria Falls and a 5th place in Pattaya. The mother became 1st ace pigeon in the Carnival OLR. Harry Silver Birdy was sold for EUR 3,200, making it the most expensive of the auction that raised EUR 25,300 in total.

Gebroeders Homma (NL) - 9 pigeons - 1,472 EURO / pigeon
One last chance in this auction of the Homma brothers. The last son ever sold online from Maldini was sold for no less than 3,000 EURO, making it the most expensive in their auction, which was mainly built around Maldini. The sisters of Nadien, their 2nd national ace pigeon short distance WHZB, did well and finished at 1,800 EURO and 2,000 EURO. In total, the auction raised EUR 13,250.

Norbert & Stefan Ally (BE) - 193 pigeons - 5,288 EURO / pigeon
Most of the attention this weekend went to the fantastic auction of Norbert & Stefan Ally. An exceptionally good colony of pigeons built with passion. And that had not escaped the buyers. Not entirely illogical with big names like New Neymar, Angouleme Vooruit and Schumi Junior. The auction ended at 11:00 and when the last pigeon was sold at the end of the afternoon, the counter reached a total of 1,020,525 EURO. A great milestone for Messrs Ally.

Below is a brief summary of the cracks from the auction:

New Neymar - 202,000 EURO
Angouleme Ahead - 104,000 EURO
Neymar Junior - 80,000 EURO
Son Schumi Junior + Schumi Junior - 45,500 EURO
Sister Belle - 33,000 EURO
New Schuma - 31,500 EURO
Gueretje - 31,000 EURO
Almost Angouleme II - 25,000 EURO
Treasure - 15,000 EURO Beauty 248 - 13,200 EURO
Den 117 - 10,800 EURO

Verweij-De Haan (NL) - 18 pigeons - 2,150 EURO / pigeon
The breeding loft of Michel Verweij and Peter de Haan is now known and praised for their tough pigeons. No distance is too far for these pigeons and they do excellent breeding. Many fanciers believe that this is a welcome addition to their own loft. This was also evident during this auction. With an average of 2,150 EURO / pigeon, the auction raised a total of 38,700 EURO. Not entirely unexpectedly, a Milos child was the most expensive, with EUR 8,000 a wonderful result.

Wojciech Handerek (PL) - 10 pigeons - 1,185 EURO / pigeon
The Polish grandmaster Wojciech Handerek conquered the world with his Dakar. Dakar became an Olympiad pigeon with the best coefficient since Brockamp's Euro Diamond and it is precisely these bloodlines that predominate in the pedigree of Dakar. He also bred excellently over several generations and, together with Olympiad pigeon Karin, is the absolute star of the loft. New élan comes mainly through the Bliksem lines of Vandenabeele and purchases from Hugo Batenburg, where in particular the bloodlines of icon New Laureaat were acquired. His most expensive pigeon in the auction was a child from Dakar with a daughter of Armando as mother. A hen from a beautiful pairing, for which 2,500 EURO was ultimately paid for.

January auction - 29 pigeons - 1,984 EURO / pigeon
Buying a wonderful asset on PIPA and shortly after having to face (financial) setbacks; it may be a reason to eventually cancel the purchase. And unfortunately, PIPA's trust towards buyers is also sometimes betrayed, especially by bidders who may overplay their hand and do not give up when their purchase has to be settled. Pigeons that do not change owner as a result, are offered again in this "non-payer auction". In the January edition, the second chance to buy a son of the Golden Prince from Gino Clicque was fully utilized. This resulted in a final amount of EUR 12,200. Together with his other partners in the auction, they raised a total of 57,525 EURO.

Collector's items - 63 pigeons - 2.099 EURO / pigeon
Pigeons that are still talked about many years after their top performances… or whose descendants conquered the world by excelling in every corner. It all came together in a collector's item auction where a number of special ones took the lead. The three most expensive pigeons from the auction were the following:

Goofy Catcher - 8,400 EURO
Son New Laureate - 6,000 EURO
Double Kaasboer - 5,800 EURO

Freialdenhofen & Sohn (DE) - 12 pigeons - 1,292 EURO / pigeon
The great collection of National winners and Cup winners that the German Freialdenhofen family has built up has its origins in that masterful stock breeder Forrest Gump. Among other things, descendants of this tyrant were central to the auction. In this way an inbred grandson became the cream of the crop in this auction. A beautiful colorful exponent of Forrest Gump itself was sold for an amount of 3,200 EURO. The 12 pigeons were sold today for a total amount of 15,500 EURO.

Jos Martens collection - 10 pigeons - 1,880 EURO / pigeon
A collection of Jos Martens pigeons from Jos his best racing and breeding icons offered by a third party was one of the auctions that ended on Monday. An auction in which a full brother of Helios became the most expensive. He exchanged owners for 3,200 EURO. The simple calculation tells us that the total amount of this auction is 18,800 EURO.

John Debaene (BE) - 6 pigeons - 1,825 EURO / pigeon
In the Belgian marathon world, the name of John Debaene sounds like a bell! This craftsman knows how to peak on the International classics like no other. In 2019, it was the International victory over Perpignan in particular that exploded the headlines with superlatives as the crown on an impressive career. John offered the very best he can offer. Namely a daughter of his Magic Perpignan and a full sister of his Magic Perpignan. They stole the show today by being sold the most expensive in John's compact auction. The buyers paid EUR 2,800 for the daughter and EUR 4,000 for the sister of Magic Perpignan.