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Auction weekend ends at 498,125 EURO. Average 3,172 EURO / pigeon

The following auctions ended on Sunday April 18: Collectors Items, Jos Martens, Jos Thoné, Pieter Oberholster, Wendela Wiersema, PIPA Breeding, Kemper Pigeons, Dean Pallatt & Ken Easley.

Collector's items - 34 pigeons - 2,262 EURO / pigeon
Children of toppers - often no longer alive themselves - or pigeons from renowned bloodlines that turned out to be fantastic breeders. PIPA makes it a sport to track down these 'collector's items' and to be able to offer them up for auction. This time include direct pigeons from the very best of Gino Clicque, Jan Hooymans, Bart Geerinckx, Jelle Roziers, PIPA Elite Center, Jelle Jellema, Batenburg-Van De Merwe, Verweij-De Haan, Günter Prange, Stickers Donckers, etc. The most expensive sold today is Young Harry Junior. The name already gives it away a bit. A son of Harry Junior. This was sold for an amount of 8,400 EURO.

Jos Martens (NL) - 11 pigeons - 1,045 EURO / pigeon
The icon from South Limburg who won an international classic three times within 10 years. Then it cannot be otherwise that Jos's colony is based on pigeons with a long breath. Today, a number of them were again in an auction where most of the attention was paid to a child of Helios. He was sold for 2,500 EURO. Helios was the International winner from Perpignan in 2018. In total, the 11 pigeons from Jos brought in 11,500 EURO.

Jos Thoné (BE) - 22 pigeons - 1,255 EURO / pigeon
Sachi 282 became the crowd puller in Jos's auction today. A beautiful blue hen from Billy x Sachi. When the auction ended, it stood at an amount of 2,700 EURO. The other youngsters were certainly not without merit. Together they achieved a total amount of 27,600 EURO, which is an average of 1,255 EURO per pigeon.

Martial Maindrelle (FR) - 11 pigeons - 855 EURO / pigeon
Perhaps the most successful French fancier is doctor Martial Maindrelle. Present at the Olympiad on behalf of France from 1999 and owner of a colony of true top racers! Martial selected a group of pigeons for PIPA and opened today with Triple Victory. She is good for three victories and won the title of most expensive pigeon in the auction today. Namely 1,700 EURO. Together with her 10 companions she ended up with a total amount of 9,400 EURO.

Wendela Wiersema (NL) - 8 pigeons - 2,888 EURO / pigeon
Miss Chimay was at the basis of Wendela's auction today. A beautiful checker hen with a great track record. Besides her provincial victory, she claimed numerous honorary prizes. The quality was seen by the buyers who had to fight to get the pigeon in. Ultimately, this resulted in an amount of EUR 11,000. Her son was sold in this same auction for 4,600 EURO and closed the auction as the second most expensive pigeon. A wonderful yield of 23,100 EURO in total for the eight pigeons from Wendela.

PIPA Breeding (BE) - 10 pigeons - 14,920 EURO / pigeon
PIPA Breeding made a wonderful selection especially for this auction. For example, there were 2 direct children of Best Kittel in the auction, but also two children of Best Kittel II. Together with children from Daniel & Junion, it became a great success. The most expensive of the ten was a son of Best Kittel II x Mother Best Kittel, 29,500 EURO was paid for the chequer white flight cock. In total, the auction ended at EUR 149,200.

Kemper Pigeons (DE) - 7 pigeons - 6,143 EURO / pigeon
Kemper Pigeons brought something very special today in an auction of 7 pigeons in total. For example, there were three children of Greipel in his auction, but also a direct son of Kittel. The latter went to its new buyer as the most expensive. He paid EUR 10,600. The second most expensive was a son of Greipel who was sold for 8,600 EURO. In total, the Kemper Pigeons auction raised EUR 43,000.

Dean Pallatt (UK) - 18 pigeons - 1,817 EURO / pigeon
Dean Pallat again auctioned a very unique selection of youngsters from his collection of direct Jelle Jellema breeders. Without a doubt, Dean owns the most precious Jellema collection in the world; from really all toppers, direct children show off in his breeding loft. The long distance matadors who want to strengthen their colony will probably not regret their purchases. A son of Zwart Goud paired with a daughter of Romee produced the most expensive pigeon in today's auction. 3,000 EURO was paid for this chequer cock. The eighteen youngsters achieved a result of 1,817 EURO / pigeon. In total, that means a revenue of 32,700 EURO.

Ken Easley (US) - 28 pigeons - 4,118 EURO / pigeon
Parents of super pigeons and real collectors items from the International world of the One Loft Races were the focus of Ken Easley's auction today. Ken offered a truly wonderful group of pigeons and they were also appreciated. Thus the 28 pigeons headed for a final result of 115,300 EURO. The most expensive pigeons from Ken's auction were;

Puggle - 25,000 EURO
Saad - 16,000 EURO
Mother Puggle - 8,600 EURO
Coco Chanel - 8,000 EURO
Father Puggle - 7,600 EURO