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Auction weekend ends at 283,925 EURO, Nigel Langstaff (UK) 3,364 EURO / pigeon, Alpdag brothers (TR) 3,013 EURO / pigeon

These auctions ended on Sunday 25 October: AT Breeding loft by Hadrien Marsille (BE), Mark Gilbert (UK), Alpdag brothers (TR), Karlo Van Rompaey (BE), Chris Debacker (BE), Decru-Devriendt (BE), Nigel Langstaff (UK) & One Loft Race Special

AT Breeding loft by Hadrien Marsille (BE) - 11 pigeons - 1,273 EURO / pigeon
The young fancier Hadrien Marsille is the satellite loft of AT Breeding Loft. He already managed to impress the youth but also among the seniors and now has a beautiful collection of pigeons. Today 10 youngsters were offered and one performance pigeon. Hadrien brought in a 1st provincial ace pigeon in this auction, which also became the most expensive. This scratch cock changes owner for 2,300 EURO. The new owner is from Taiwan. The other youngsters did more than well and this auction raised a total of 14,000 EURO. The buyers come from the following countries: Belgium (2), China (2), Taiwan (2), South Africa (2), Poland (2) and the Philippines (1).

Mark Gilbert (UK) - 8 pigeons - 1,150 EURO / pigeon
In the Laureaat special there were no fewer than eight double grandchildren of New Laureaat. The English super player Mark Gilbert has become even stronger on the longest distances thanks to the input of the children of New Laureaat. The eight grandchildren were sold today to Taiwan (3), Luxembourg (1), Great Britain (1), Kuwait (1), the Netherlands (1) and Qatar (1). The most expensive pigeon was sold to Luxembourg for 2,500 EURO.

Alpdag brothers (TR) - 8 pigeons - 3,013 EURO / pigeon
The Armando special of the Turkish brothers was again a resounding success. The 8 inbred grandchildren raised a total of 24,100 EURO. The two most expensive in this auction were sold for 5,000 EURO each. Besides being a double grandchild of Armando, they are also grandchildren of a daughter of Nadine and grandchild of Spyder 006. Beautiful couplings that will certainly appeal to buyers from the following countries: Poland (2), China (1), Hungary (1 ), Malta (1), Mexico (1), Taiwan (1) and South Africa (1).

Karlo Van Rompaey (BE) - 12 pigeons - 2,121 EURO / pigeon
After a grandchild of Hattrick won 1st national Chateauroux in 2019 against 33,056 pigeons, this year a grandchild won 1st national Souillac against 7,514 pigeons. A regiment of achievements won by descendants of Hattrick prove the value of this unique pigeon. Today there was an opportunity to purchase a proven son of the Hattrick. Many buyers were interested in this, so that the price eventually became 7,600 EURO. Super Son Hattrick moves to Germany for this amount. The other pigeons move to: Taiwan (5), China (3), Japan (2) and Belgium (1).

Chris Debacker (BE) - 7 pigeons - 1,264 EURO / pigeon
In this auction all exponents of the great Nick, from his best children and double grandchildren etc. An ideal group of pigeons to cross with their own top material. The buyers from Belgium (3), United States (2), Great Britain (1) and Taiwan (1) thought so too. Most of it was paid for two double grandchildren of Nick and a double grandchild of Staf. Staf is considered one of Nick's best children, after his impressive racing career he became a gifted breeder. These were sold for 1,500 EURO.

Decru-Devriendt (BE) - 48 pigeons - 1,303 EURO / pigeon
A life's work came under the hammer today. The combination consisting of Gilbert Devriendt and son Dirk played for years under the name Decu-Devriendt. Gilbert's age (91 years) and his health problems made the successful combination decide to put an end to a long career. The colony was led by AS 87, a blue hammered cock from 2018 with 5 first prizes to his name. No less than 25,000 EURO was paid for this speed demon. AS 87 will travel to France for this amount. A total of 48 pigeons were auctioned and they will look forward to their new owner in the following countries: Belgium (27), Taiwan (6), China (4), United States (4), France (2), Netherlands (2) , Germany (1), Great Britain (1) and Slovakia (1).

Nigel Langstaff (UK) - 21 pigeons - 3,364 EURO / pigeon
An unprecedented collection of Nigel was auctioned this afternoon. Nigel has collected the absolute créme de la créme in the past. Today he auctioned off children of: Harry, Special One and New Laureaat. Of course also children of these pigeons. It was an average of 3,364 EURO / pigeon for 21 pigeons. The most expensive from Nigel's auction became Fontwell Flash Harry. A direct son of the Harry who is already (grand) father of nine first prizes. 27,500 EURO was paid by the buyer from China. The remaining pigeons will disperse as follows: Taiwan (6), Spain (3), Great Britain (2), Belgium (1), China (1), Germany (1), France (1), Hungary (1), The Netherlands (1), Poland (1), United States (1) and South Africa (1).

One Loft Race Special - 41 pigeons - 1,687 EURO / pigeon
Again a selection of super One Loft Race pigeons from known players ended this afternoon. It turned out once again that this discipline is increasingly popular. Many buyers got involved in the auction and strengthened themselves to possibly participate in the one loft races in the future. The most expensive pigeon in the auction was a daughter of Golden Prince. The 2014 National Ace Pigeon has already provided many fanciers with quality and the buyer from China will undoubtedly be pleased with this reinforcement. The buyer paid 7.600 EURO. The other pigeons move to the following countries: Taiwan (8), Turkey (6), United States (5), Great Britain (3), Qatar (3), Poland (3), China (2), Germany (2) , Morocco (2), South Africa (2), Bangladesh (1), Bulgaria (1), Egypt (1), Italy (1) and Kuwait (1).