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Auction weekend ends at 283,650 EURO in total, Jelle Roziers (BE) 4,360 EURO / pigeon, Mike Ganus (US) 3,517 EURO / pigeon

These auctions ended on Sunday 7 March: JP Palm, Klaas & Rik Van Dorp, Jos Cools, Roger Mylle, Jos & Lars Vercammen, Etienne Meirlaen, Stijn & Jeroen Rans, Jelle Roziers & Mike Ganus

JP Palm (BE) - 7 pigeons - 1,114 EURO / pigeon
A nice mix in the JP Palm auction resulted in a total proceeds of 7,800 EURO. It was La Chateauroux that yielded the most. Her title of provincial ace pigeon did her no harm, she is exchanging owners for the amount of 1,700 EURO. Inbred Othello was also appreciated by buyers. This hen won three first prizes and was sold for 1,500 EURO. Among the youngsters, a son of Olympic Bourges was sold as the most expensive, his new owner paid 1,400 EURO.

Klaas & Rik Van Dorp (NL) - 7 pigeons - 1,207 EURO / pigeon
De Kleine Jan is by far the most famous pigeon at Klaas & Rik van Dorp. There was a unique opportunity to be able to acquire something for the last time from the cock that was born in 2004. It was therefore no surprise that one of those two was also sold as the most expensive. 2,100 EURO were paid for the blue white pen hen. In total, the auction raised 8,450 EURO.

Jos Cools (BE) - 10 pigeons - 1,270 EURO / pigeon
In this auction 10 youngsters from the best breeders such as from Cher Ami, the top racer Primos and of course from both the latest superstar Remco and his mother. Jos is a well-known name in the Tienverbond and he does that with a class colony. Half Remco 725 made the difference in his auction, this beautiful blue cock with a striking eye can prove himself to his new owner who paid 2,600 EURO for him. In total, the ten youngsters were sold for an amount of 12,700 EURO.

Roger Mylle (BE) - 101 pigeons - 1,158 EURO / pigeon
It was a big blow to the pigeon world when Roger Mylle passed away at the beginning of August 2020. He was playing once more a super season, as everyone was used to in recent years. Long distance and extreme long distance were the chosen fields of action for the Mylle pigeons. Roger managed to reach the national podium in 2019 as 14th Nat. champion KBDB, and he achieved the 9th Nat. with super-bird Bagatelli, Ace Pigeon Long Distance and Extreme Long Distance JL KBD. A year earlier, he had already won with Ata the title of 5th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance and Extreme Long Distance JL KBDB. In that same year, he had also won with Pau-Joël the 1. Best Perpignan pigeon in Belgium over 2 years (PIPA ranking) in 2018, something that he had already previously achieved with "St. Vincent". Although Roger wasn’t there anymore to see this for himself, it was clear that his pigeon family paid a posthumous tribute to their deceased owner by classifying themselves as 9th Nat. champion Long Distance Jl KBDB, 13th General champion KBDB and 21st Nat. champion Extreme Long Distance KBDB, in 2020.

The life's work figuratively came under the hammer yesterday. It turned out to be a wonderful reward for Roger Mylle's life's work. The auction raised a total of 117,000 EURO.
The stars of the auction were:

Bagatelie - 9th National Ace pigeon - 9,000 EURO

Alfred - winner 41st and 49th International - 5,200 EURO

Achilles + De St. Vincent - 1st International St. Vincent - 4,800 EURO

Jos & Lars Vercammen (BE) - 18 pigeons - 3,144 EURO / pigeon
A beautiful inbreeding coupling resulted in a great offer in the Jos & Lars auction. Lot 1.01 was namely a son of Mustang coupled to his excellent granddaughter Fanta. It became the star of the auction, for an amount of 7,200 EURO it was sold. Lot 1.02 was not too much inferior. The full brother of sale 1 ended up with a wonderful amount of 6,200 EURO. Another number of trendsetters in the auction were a daughter of Olympic Elektro (5,400 EURO), daughter La Donna (5,200 EURO) and daughter Milan (5,000 EURO). In total, the auction raised EUR 56,600.

Etienne Meirlaen (BE) - 10 pigeons - 2,350 EURO / pigeon
The annual Yelena special was mouth-watering again for the interested buyers. Yelena's most famous children were of course 1st Int. Narbonne winner and super breeder Monar… the 3rd & 12th Nat. Montauban winner and top breeder Montali… 5th, 10th and 73rd Nat. winner De Montauban. Generations further on, new stars such as All In One (7th Nat.Ace pigeon KBDB), Grandson Yelena (Olympiad pigeon 2018), Olympic Monar (1st extreme long distance 3 prizes 2018), Diamond Anita (1st Nat.Ace pigeon extreme long distance), VIPPau (1st Nat. Grand Distance Pigeon 3 Int. Races), Yelena's Ace (1st Prov & 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2020) around the corner.

Etienne made beautiful pairings for PIPA so that 10 double grandchildren Yelena were available. It was a success, the most expensive was sold for 4,000 EURO and the auction raised a total of 23,500 EURO.

Stijn & Jeroen Rans (BE) - 11 pigeons - 1,336 EURO / pigeon
We can undoubtedly call specialists on the marathon Stijn & Jeroen. An extremely strong colony ensures successes every year. Of course we really got to know them after their dream victory over Barcelona with their Jef. In the auction there was enough choice for the enthusiast to strengthen their loft. They did that and paid a total of 14,700 EURO for 11 youngsters. The most coveted pigeons were a son of their National Perpignan winner and a cock inbred to the Jef. 2,200 was paid for both.

Jelle Roziers (BE) - 5 pigeons - 4,360 EURO / pigeon
This New Queen L special kicked off with a son of New Queen L, paired to Whity Bart. Of course we know Whity Bart as the father of Seven, among others, who became best young bird in Belgium. Perhaps the best that Jelle can offer. Called New Queen Seven, the group of youngsters led to an average of 4,360 EURO / pigeon and brought in 9,000 EURO itself. In total, the auction ended at 21,800 EURO.

Mike Ganus (US) - 6 pigeons - 3,517 EURO / pigeon
Again a unique group of youngsters that Mike managed to put together for PIPA.

- 2 children Strainmaker x Blue Diamond, parents of Said In Spun Silver 2nd final SAMDPR
- 2 children Sun City x Margo's Treasure, parents of Laura Is A Big Winner Today, 1st final SAMDPR
- 1 child of Said In Spun Silver 2nd final SAMDPR x Halover 1st final SAMDPR
- 1 child of Premier My Price x Laura Is A Big Winner Today, both 1st final SAMDPR

The daughter of Said In Spun Silver x Halover became the most expensive pigeon in the auction. For 5,200 EURO she can help her new owner to strengthen the colony. In total, the auction ended at an amount of 21,100 EURO.