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Auction weekend comes to a close; Team Hooymans (NL) 3,220 euro/bird, Jos Vercammen (BE) 2,813 euro/bird, Cor de Heijde (NL) 2,567 euro/bird

The following auctions came to a close on Sunday 8th of March: Lubomir Kubacek (CZ), Alexandre Margris (FR), Jos Thoné (BE), Canion-Sobkowiak (BE), Dirk Van Dyck (BE), team Hooymans (NL), Jos & Lars Vercammen (BE), Maarten Huijsmans (NL), Cor De Heijde (NL), Van Ouwerkerk-Dekkers (BE) & Davy Tournelle (BE).

Lubomir Kubacek (CZ) - 9 pigeons - 833 euro/bird
Baron, winner of six top ten finishes in important competitions, proved the most popular bird. This talented bird excelled in races of between 300 and 600km, and he is now moving to Japan, with a sale price of 1,500 euro. The nine pigeons of Lubomir were sold for 7,500 euro overall, to fanciers from Germany (5), China (2), Japan (1) and The Netherlands (1).

Alexandre Margris (FR) - 9 pigeons - 961 euro/bird
An online auction with an Olympiad Pigeon, in this case Olympic Rosalie, will always draw special attention. This wonderful blue racing cock was the most expensive pigeon of his collection; she is moving to Poland for 1,500 euro. The other birds were sold to pigeon lofts from France (3), Taiwan (2), Belgium (2) and Slovakia (1).

Jos Thoné (BE) - 14 pigeons - 907 euro/bird
The incredible Jos Thoné started his auction with the sale of Indiana, winner of a 1st and 2nd provincial, and she was a particularly popular bird, with a sale price of 1,700 euro. Jos's pigeons were sold for 12,700 euro overall, to pigeon fanciers from China (4), Belgium (2), Iraq (2), Switzerland (1), Germany (1), Italy (1), Japan (1), Portugal (1) and the United States (1).

Canion-Sobkowiak (BE) - 8 pigeons - 719 euro/bird
In this auction, which was centered around 'De Vierzon', we had two fantastic racing birds on offer. A sister of De Vierzon was the most expensive bird, together with racing bird Mosaique 621. The eight pigeons were sold for 5,750 euro overall, to fanciers from Taiwan (4), Kuwait (2) and Belgium (2).

Dirk van Dyck (BE) - 16 pigeons - 2,544 euro/bird
This Dirk van Dyck auction was truly brilliant, with an impressive average sale price of 2,544 euro/bird. This auction was packed with descendants of Di Caprio, alongside some of Dirk's own champions. It resulted in an overall revenue of 40,700 euro. And sale 1 and 2 received the highest winning bird - two youngsters of Queen paired to a son of Di Caprio. They were sold for 4,800 euro and 4,600 euro, to China and Germany. The remaining birds went to China (4), Belgium (3), Poland (3), Germany (1), The Netherlands (1), Portugal (1) and Taiwan (1).

Team Hooymans (NL) - 10 pigeons - 3,220 euro/bird
In this dedicated auction we had a group of direct youngsters of the very best racing birds of Team Hooymans NL on offer. We had for instance the very first daughter of Eva; she was sold to a Taiwanese fancier. The auction's overall revenue amounted to 32,200 euro. The new owners come from Taiwan (7), China (1), Indonesia (1) and Pakistan (1).

Jos Vercammen (BE) - 8 pigeons - 2,813 euro/bird
Jos Vercammen opened this auction with his favourite bird, a direct son of Mustang. This fabulous cock was the most expensive bird of this auction; he goes to Taiwan for 7,000 euro. The auction had an overall revenue of 22,500 euro. The pigeons are moving to Poland (6), Sweden (1) and Taiwan (1).

Maarten Huijsmans (NL) - 10 pigeons - 1,245 euro/bird
Maarten Huijsmans was once again impossible to beat in the sprint and middle distance in 2019. It resulted in his fifth consecutive podium placing in the national championships NPO. He sold a group of youngsters of his best racing & breeding birds, and Maarten, his favourite bird, had the highest sale price. He was sold to a Belgian fancier for 2,000 euro. The other buyers come from Germany (2), France (2), The Netherlands (2), Belgium (1), China (1) and Macau (1).

Cor De Heijde (NL) - 6 pigeons - 2,567 euro/bird
The six marathon pigeons of Cor de Heijde were sold for 15,400 euro overall. The most popular pigeon was sale 1, a daughter of not one but two national winners. This pigeon went to Japan for 4,000 euro. The remaining five birds are moving to The Netherlands (3), Taiwan (1) and Romania (1).

Van Ouwerkerk-Dekkers (BE) - 11 pigeons - 1,805 euro/bird
Poco Barcelona was the star of this collection: as many as six of his youngsters were sold in this exclusive auction. The 11 pigeons were sold for 19,850 euro overall, and the most expensive bird was of course a daughter of Poco Barcelona. She goes to a Dutch loft for 5,200 euro. This was all in all a fantastic auction for the fanciers from Brasschaat. The pigeons were sold to fanciers from Belgium (6), The Netherlands (2), Italy (1), Romania (1) and Taiwan (1).

Davy Tournelle (BE) - 9 pigeons - 1,228 euro/bird
Descendants of the Tïesto dynasty were front and center in this limited auction of middle distance star Davy Tournelle. The most expensive young bird was a youngster of Tevez, one of Tiësto's fabulous youngsters. This Junior Tevez 412 goes to Taiwan for 2,200 euro. The pigeons were sold for 11,050 euro overall, to fanciers from Pakistan (3), Poland (2), Taiwan (2), Belgium (1) and China (1).