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Auction weekend comes to a close: Mike Ganus (USA) 4,583 euro/bird, Jan Hooymans (NL) 2,980 euro/bird, Stefaan Lambrechts (BE) almost 70,000 euro for 42 youngsters

The following auctions ended on Sunday 22nd of March: Jelle Van Sterthem (BE), Jespers-Vanderwegen (BE), Comb. Nijboer (NL), BDS-team (BE), Roger Debusschere (BE), Jan Hooymans (NL), Arie Dijkstra (NL), Stefaan Lambrechts (BE), March auction, Best of USA (US) & Chris Hebberecht (BE).

Jelle Van Sterthem (BE) - 10 pigeons - 1,590 euro/bird
Jelle started his auction with the invaluable Stonne, winner of a 2nd National Tours of 28,311 pigeons. Stonne was sold to a Chinese fancier for 8,400 euro. The pigeons were sold for 15,900 euro overall, and they attracted particular interest from Asia; they went to China (7), Taiwan (2) and Japan (1).

Jespers- Vanderwegen (BE) - 7 pigeons - 764 euro/bird
The Jespers-Vanderwegen combination auctioned off a select group of birds, with a notable link to their national winner Justin. Herman's favourite bird was also the most popular pigeon of this auction, with a sale price of 1,200 euro. The new owners come from Taiwan (4), Belgium (1), Germany (1) and the United States (1).

Comb. Nijboer (NL) - 34 pigeons - 1,904 euro/bird
This was quite an appealing auction, with such stars as Amazing 04, Kygo, Macy, Twin 18, etc. Quite a number of fanciers were interested in obtaining one of these pigeons, and we saw numerous bids coming in for top breeder Amazing 04. The happy new owner comes from China, with a winning bid of 12,600 euro. The 34 pigeons were sold for 64,725 euro overall, to fanciers from Taiwan (13), China (10), The Netherlands (7), Bangladesh (2), Germany (1), Japan (1) and Qatar (1). 

BDS-team (BE) - 7 pigeons - 929 euro/bird
Team BDS sold 7 gems from their Van de Wouwer pigeons and their best racing birds/ace pigeons. They were sold to fanciers from Belgium (5), Taiwan (1) and South Africa (1). The auction had an overall revenue of 6,500 euro, with the most expensive pigeon being a direct son of their 5th national ace pigeon long distance. This bird went to a Belgian loft for 1,600 euro.

Roger Debusschere (BE) - 14 pigeons - 786 euro/bird
Only the best is good enough for Roger Debusschere. In this unique auction, Roger offered for sale an exclusive group of descendants from his impressive collection of national and international race winners and ace pigeons. The majority of these birds went to the Asian continent, including his most expensive bird: a daughter of his 1st national Perpginan. She goes to the land of the rising sun, Japan, for 1,100 euro. The other buyers come from Taiwan (4), Belgium (4), France (2), China (1), Japan (1) and Romania (1).

Jan Hooymans (NL) - 10 pigeons - 2,980 euro/bird
Jan's auction took off with a beautiful son of Beauty Harry. This yellow-eyed bird was also the most expensive bird in this selection, moving from The Netherlands to Taiwan for an impressive 7,000 euro. This was another very successful pigeon auction for Jan, with an average sale price of 2,980 euro/bird. The ten pigeons were sold for 29,800 euro overall, to pigeon fanciers from Taiwan (7), Germany (2) and Belgium (1).

Arie Dijkstra (NL) - 15 pigeons - 957 euro/bird
In this auction we had 15 youngsters on offer, and the most expensive bird was a double grandchild of the world famous Leonardo. This blue coloured pigeon was sold to Slovakia for 1,700 euro. Arie's pigeons, which are particularly known for their great results in OLR races, will be proving their worth in the following countries: the United States (5), Belgium (2), Denmark (2), Slovakia (2), China (1), The Netherlands (1), Qatar (1) and Romania (1).

Stefaan Lambrechts (BE) - 42 pigeons - 1,618 euro/bird
This collection of 42 youngsters had an average sale price of 1,618 euro/bird. Sales 1 & 2 were in highest demand; they were sold to China for 4,200 euro and 5,600 euro respectively. Seven more pigeons went to China. The auction had a total revenue of 67,950 euro. 

March Auction - 10 duiven - 2,133 euro/bird
Fanciers that had failed to obtain their favourite bird were given a second chance. This was a varied collection of birds, racing from sprint to extreme long distance pigeons. The auction had an average sale price of 2,133 euro/bird, and Sterre Laureaat 298 proved the most wanted pigeon. This hen, bred by Batenburg-vd Merwe, was sold to a Japanese fancier. The other buyers come from China (2), Belgium (2), Germany (1), Poland (1), Turkey (1), Taiwan (1) and the United States (1).

Best of USA (US) - 27 pigeons - 2,010 euro/bird
Our 'Best of USA' had already been a major success last year, and the same goes for this year's auction, with an impressive 54,275 euro. This was in part thanks to an impressive average revenue for Mike Ganus's birds: 4,583 euro/bird. His most expensive pigeon in this auction was Magic Mike, a beautiful looking bird that was sold to China for 9,600 euro. The second most expensive bird is Gold Piece, which went to the same Chinese loft for 5,000 euro. Overall, seven pigeons went to China and America. The remaining 13 birds are moving to Taiwan (3), Germany (2), Belgium (1), Canada (1), the Czech Republic (1), Great Britain (1), Ireland (1), Iran (1), Morocco (1) and Macau (1). 

Chris Hebberecht (BE) - 6 pigeons - 1,567 euro/bird
The exponents of the fantastic Ike did really well in this auction: the six pigeons were sold for an impressive 9,400 euro. Brother Lord and Son Black Ike were the two most expensive birds, being sold to Taiwan for 2,900 euro and 2,200 euro. Three other birds went to France, and the last one was sold to a Japanese loft.