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Auction weekend comes to a close; Mike Ganus (US) 5,943 euro/bird, Kamerhuis Brothers (NL) 4,750 euro/bird, Homma Brothers 2,531 euro/bird

The following auctions ended on Sunday 26th of April: Kamerhuis Brothers (NL), Homma Brothers (NL), DVV Pigeons (BE), Philippe Dobbelaere (BE), Alpdag Brothers (TR), Alfons Klaas (DE), Norbert Ally (BE), Performance Pigeon auction, Hubert & John Debaene (BE), Mike Ganus (US) & April auction.

Gebroeders Kamerhuis (NL) - 6 pigeons - 4,750 euro/bird
For the next several years, the two brothers Herbert and Harald Kamerhuis will be inevitably associated with Caballero. They decided to auction their talented cock on PIPA, alongside his sire and four youngsters. And that went quite well: the pigeons were sold for 28,500 euro. Caballero is moving to a Dutch loft with a sale price of 15,400 euro. The other five birds were sold to the United Arab Emirates (2), China (2) and Germany (1).

Gebr. Homma (NL) - 8 pigeons - 2,531 euro/bird
The Steggerda Brothers offered for sale a select group of pigeons with a lot of potential. A son of their top breeder Maldini was the most expensive bird of the lot; this blueband cock was sold to a Taiwanese fancier for 5,800 euro. He and the other seven pigeons were sold for an excellent average sale price of 2,531 euro. The overall revenue was 20,250 euro. The new owners come from the following countries: Taiwan (4), China (2) and Saudi Arabia (2).

DVV Pigeons (BE) - 7 pigeons - 1,279 euro/bird
Johan Devroe and Rudi Vandeputte had something rather special on offer for this auction: they sold their successful breeding cock 'Son Antonio', as well as an inbred son. And it was no surprise that this talented breeder was also the most popular bird. The two pigeons were sold for 3,600 euro and will soon be put to the test in China. The other birds in this collection are moving to China (2), Belgium (2), The Philippines (1) and Taiwan (1).

Philippe Dobbelaere (BE) - 7 pigeons - 1,743 euro/bird
Philippe sold a select group of young birds and a proven racing bird from his best bloodlines on PIPA. This racing bird, Celine, had the highest winning bid; she goes to a Chinese fancier for 7,200 euro. The auction's total revenue amounted to 12,200 euro. The other six pigeons stay closer to home, since they were sold to Belgian fanciers.

Alpdag Brothers (TR) - 20 hens - 1,735 euro/bird
Armando, Porsche 911, Golden Prince,… These bloodlines were all included in this auction of the Alpdag Brothers. And the pigeon with the highest sale price was a grandson of Golden King and Armando, which was sold for 3,600 euro to a Taiwanese loft. The other pigeons were sold to fanciers from Belgium (8), Great Britain (2), Turkey (2), Canada (2), China (1), Germany (1), Japan (1), The Netherlands (1), Poland (1), Slovakia (1) and Taiwan (1).

Alfons Klaas (DE) - 9 pigeons - 1,806 euro/bird
He is Germany's One Loft Race specialist, and his most famous pigeons are Victor and Purdey. Most of the pigeons in this auction come from these very bloodlines. Sale 1, a son of Purdey, was the most expensive bird of this collection; he went to Kuwait for 5,000 euro, where he will be put to good use in the breeding loft. An inbred grandson of Birdy was sold to Taiwan for 4,000 euro. The auction raised 16,250 euro overall, and the buyers come from Qatar (2), the United States (2), Kuwait (1), The Netherlands (1) and Taiwan (1).

Norbert Ally (BE) - 20 pigeons - 1,683 euro/bird
Norbert Ally sold as many as 20 wonderful young birds in this auction. Fanciers tried to obtain a pigeon from the man who claimed victory in Angôuleme with a 17 minute lead until the very last minute of the auction. The most expensive pigeon was Stefan's favourite racing bird: a full brother of New Schumi. He was sold for 5,600 euro to a Chinese loft. The remaining 19 pigeons are moving to China (7), Belgium (5), The Netherlands (2), Taiwan (2), France (1), Morocco (1) and Slovakia (1).

Performance Pigeon Auction - 24 pigeons - 1,008 euro/bird
Every season PIPA hosts a number of auctions in which super class racing birds from renowned lofts are offered for sale. We came up with another group of talented racing birds that were picked for this specific auction, featuring race winners and national champions. Fanciers were particularly eager to obtain a seven year old breeder of Leo Heremans, and the winning bid came from a Chinese fancier. The other 23 pigeons will soon be on their way to Belgium (12), Taiwan (5), China (2), Japan (1), The Netherlands (1), The Philippines (1) the United States (1) and Poland (1).

Hubert & John Debaene (BE) - 6 pigeons - 1,633 euro/bird
The international classics' specialists offered six eye-catching young birds fors ale, including two youngsters of a 1st International Perpignan. As was to be expected, these two youngsters were the stars of the show. They went to Japan and Belgium, for 3,400 euro and 2,600 euro respectively. The remaining four pigeons go to Great Britain (2), Taiwan (2) and Belgium (1).

Mike Ganus (USA) - 7 pigeons - 5,943 euro/bird
Racing cock Wolverine featured prominently in this Hyper Exclusive One Loft breed of Mike Ganus! Wolverine is a direct Filip & Norbert Norman from Abraham, a talented son of Zorro and the sire of a 1st final Million Dollar Race 2008. Mike Ganus was extremely successful with his descendants, and many of his colleagues were well aware of that. Quite a number of fanciers were hoping to obtain something special today, and the seven pigeons were sold with an impressive average of 5,943 euro/bird. The beautiful blueband son of Wolverine, which is also Mike's favourite, proved the most expensive bird. He moves to Poland for 8,400 euro, while his sister was sold for 7,200 euro. The auction was a big success, and we reckon the new owners will be very happy with their investment. They come from the United States (2), Canada (1), Germany (1), Kuwait (1), Poland (1) and Qatar (1).

April auction - 20 pigeons - 1,756 euro/bird
Our monthly auction had some particularly valuable birds on offer once again, and many fanciers wanted to seize the opportunity. One of the diamonds in this auction was a son of Southfield Hugo of Mark Gilbert. He won himself a 1st National Perpignan and a 1st National Barcona, and he was paired to a daughter of New Laureaat. His son was sold for 5,400 euro, and proved the most expensive bird in this April auction. The new owner comes from Taiwan. The other 19 pigeons went to fanciers from Taiwan (6), the United States (3), Great Britain (2), Japan (2), Bangladesh (1), China (1), Belgium (1), France (1), Poland (1), Qatar (1) and Romania (1).