Auction weekend closes with a solid average price of 2,300 euro / pigeon for 62 pigeons. Janssen brothers collection: 5,425 euro / pigeon

Seven small auctions closed this season, and each of them saw high average sales prices, resulting in an overall average price of 2,299 euro/pigeon this weekend, or a total of 142,550 euro for 62 pigeons.

Alfons Klaas – 11 pigeons – 1,955 EURO/pigeon
The last auction to end today was that of Alfons Klaas, who achieved his highest average sale price on PIPA so far: just under 2,000 euro per pigeon. His most expensive pigeon was a top quality racing bird: his 3rd prov. Ace Pigeon (sale 1) was sold to Taiwan for 7,000 euro. The second most expensive pigeon was Blue Bolt, a son of super breeder Mr. Bolt, which was sold to a Chinese fancier for 2,900 euro. 11 pigeons have been sold for a total of 21,500 euro.

Josh Riley – 8 pigeons – 5,425 EURO/pigeon
This was the most successful auction this weekend in terms of average price. Josh Riley from Ireland had auctioned 8 breeders of the Janssen brothers, generating an impressive 43,400 euro. The most expensive pigeon was a daughter of Septemberman of 2009, which was sold to China for 9,000 euro. Irma, a top quality hen of 2008, was sold to China for 6,600 euro. Four pigeons have been sold to Chinese fanciers, two to the United States, and one to Germany and Switzerland.

Wout Spierings – 16 pigeons – 1,394 EURO/pigeons
This auction consisted of all pigeons of Wout Spierings that originate for at least 50% from Ludo Claessens. The most expensive pigeon was super class racing bird The Opinionated (4th NPO Argenton), sold to China for 3,800 euro. Miss Vedette, another top class racing bird, was sold to Kuweit for 2,900 euro. In fact, no less than 7 pigeons were sold to Kuweit. 16 pigeons have been sold, raising 22,300 euro in total.

Ali Obaed – 12 pigeons – 1,938 EURO/pigeons
PIPA agent Ali Obaed sells a group of young birds from his breeding collection in Western Europe twice a year, combined with a number of older breeders. Four young birds were sold for 2,500 euro each: two youngsters of Black Magic (1st int. Perpignan) of Erik Limbourg were sold to The Netherlands and Great Britain, a youngster of Wittekop Gladiator x Sister Solange was sold to The Netherlands for the same price, and a youngster of Fyther was sold to Belgium for 2,500 euro. The most expensive old bird was a six year old daughter of Lucky 848, which was sold to China for 3,200 euro. A total of 12 pigeons have been sold for 23,250 euro.

Jorge Martin Rodriguez – 2 pigeons – 2,550 EURO/pigeons
Two special racing birds from Tenerife were sold in auction. Tenerife Ace, which was the fastest over 1,000km, mostly across the water, was sold to Japan for 3,600 euro. The second top racer was sold to Thailand for 1,500 euro.

Miguel Aguas – 6 pigeons – 2,088 EURO/pigeons
This top fancier from Portugal sold a number of breeders originating from Belgian top lofts. A daughter of Rudy born in 2011 was sold to China for 8,000 euro. The six pigeons were sold for a total of 12,525 euro.

Peter de Meyst – 7 pigeons – 2,068 EURO/pigeons
A collection of second handed extreme long distance pigeons of Peter de Meyst. The number one pigeon was a youngster of New Laureaat, sold to Taiwan for 5,200 euro. A son of New Witbuik was sold to an English fancier for 2,600 euro. Seven pigeons were sold in auction, raising a total of 14,475 euro.