Auction weekend closes with an average sale price of almost 2,400 euro. Vermeerbergen-Wilms raises 156,275 EURO with its young birds' team

Three different auctions closed on Sunday, in which a total of 92 pigeons were sold in auction. The 92 pigeons were eventually sold for 218,775 euro in total.

Vermeerbergen-Wilms – 58 pigeons – 2,694 EURO/pigeon
It has been another great racing season for this famous combination, and their impressive achievement in Gueret was the icing on the cake. All of their best young birds were sold in auction. The 1st national Gueret was sold to Taiwan for 30,000 euro, while an outstanding brother of National Wonder (part 2, sale 2) was sold to China for 23,000 euro. The 2nd national Gueret was also sold to China for 22,500 euro. The 3rd and 4th national Gueret will be shipped to Taiwan and China for 9,000 and 10,000 euro respectively. The 58 young birds raised a total of 156,275 euro.

National winners – 15 pigeons – 2,867 EURO/pigeon
A number of very expensive young birds were sold in auction, and the most expensive one was a youngster of Fyther, offered for sale by Ali Obaed and sold to the United States for 10,000 euro. A youngster of New Tours of Rudi De Saer was sold to Taiwain for 6,000 euro, while a daughter of Luc of Bart Geerinckx was sold to China for 5,200 euro. A son of Rudi De Saer's Favoriet went to a Polish fancier for 4,800 euro, and a son of Luc of Bart Geerinckx was sold to China for 4,600 euro. The 15 young birds raised 43,000 euro in total.

Gaston vd Wouwer collection – 19 pigeons – 1,026 EURO/pigeon
Arnold van Zwam was selling 19 original Gaston van de Wouwer pigeons. The most expensive of them was a son of Mieke, which was sold to China for 2,700 euro. A grandchild of Kaasboer will also be transferred to China for 2,100 euro. 13 pigeons in total will be shipped to China, and the 19 pigeons in auction raised 9,500 euro in total.