Auction weekend closes with an average price of 2,314 EURO per pigeon – Benny Steveninck gets an average of 4,000 EURO per young bird

Six different auctions closed this weekend, in which a total of 65 pigeons were sold. The total revenue for all 65 pigeons amounted to 150,450 euro, resulting in an average sale price of 2,314 euro per pigeon.

Benny Steveninck – 15 pigeons – 4,000 EURO/pigeon
As every year, Benny Steveninck offered for sale a select group of young birds from his best breeders. This year’s edition proved another success story, with an overall revenue of 60,000 euro. The most expensive pigeon was sold to China for no less than 10,600 euro. It was the third pigeon in auction, and it was a brother of the 1st national Limoges. The second most expensive pigeon was a sister of Sun, and she was sold to China as well for 6,800 euro. A total of 15 pigeons were auctioned, and 11 of them were sold to China or Taiwan.

Alfons Klaas & Hans Paul Esser – 9 pigeons – 2,517 EURO/pigeon
This auction was centered around the invaluable ‘Fantoom’, the sire of ‘Purday’, arguably one of the most successful One Million Dollar Race pigeons ever. Purdey was eventually sold to an American fancier for 8,600 euro. Seven pigeons were sold for a total of 22,650 euro.

Crehan & O’Conner – 13 pigeons – 2,338 EURO/pigeon
A number of flown Jan Hooymans raced by the English top loft of Crehan & O’Conner were offered for sale. The most expensive pigeon was a grandchild of Harry & Dolce Vita, which was sold to Kuweit for 4,200 euro. Another grandchild of Dolce Vita paired to a sister of Harry was also sold to Kuweit for 4,000 euro. The auction raised no less than 30,400 euro for 13 pigeons.

Team Burggraaf – 13 pigeons – 931 EURO/pigeon
The 13 pigeons in auction all originated from the same sire, which is a super class son of the old ‘Supercrack 69’ of Ludo Claessens. This auction raised 931 euro per pigeon on average, with a total revenue of 12,100 euro for 13 pigeons. Seven of them were sold to Taiwanese fanciers.

Markus Ernst – 4 pigeons – 2,900 EURO/pigeon
In this auction we had four national top 21 finishers from Marseille 2015. The 2nd and 6th national Marseille were both sold to China for 3,000 euro. However, the most expensive pigeon turned out to be the 9th national Marseille, sold to China for 4,400 euro. Three pigeons will be shipped to China, the fourth one will be transferred to Taiwan. The four pigeons were sold for a total of 11,600 euro.

Luc Waldack – 11 pigeons – 1,245 EURO/pigeon
Luc Waldack was offering for sale a group of breeding pigeons that he had initially purchased on PIPA, but which he was forced to sell again due to health reasons. This group of 11 pigeons was sold for a total of 13,700 euro. The most expensive pigeon was Magali, a pigeon bred and raced by Eddy Didden; she was sold for 2,400 euro.