Auction weekend closes at almost 200,000 EURO! Elzinga Comb. sells 2 youngsters of Esmee for over 12,000 EURO – Top prices of 7,000 EURO – 6,000 EURO – 6,000 EURO – 5,800 EURO – 5,200 EURO – 5,200 EURO – 5,200 EURO – 5,000 EURO - …

Nine auctions closed this weekend, which we will briefly discuss below. The overall revenue was 195.425 EURO.

Elzinga combination – 12 pigeons – 2,025 EURO/pigeon
The combination of father & son Elzinga has been really successful in recent seasons, and this showed in the auction as well. Almost all youngsters were sold for a higher price compared to last year's auction, which had an average sale price of 1,500 EURO. This year's eye catcher and stock breeder Esmee had two youngsters in auction, which were sold for 7,000 EURO AND 5,200 EURO to a Dutch fancier. The 12 pigeons were sold for 24,300 EURO.

Scheele brothers – 12 pigeons – 1,213 EURO/pigeon
Jaap and his father wer selling a number of special old birds, along with a group of young birds from their best breeders. The most expensive pigeon was sale 1, top class racing bird Lewis, which was sold to China for 4,600 EURO. The 12 pigeons were sold to 6 different countries: The Netherlands (5), Japan (3), China (1), Canada (1), the U.K. (1) and Taiwan (1). The 12 pigeons raised 14,550 EURO in total.

Dempsey Dong – 20 pigeons – 2,025 EURO/pigeon
All pigeons of Dempsey Dong will go to China, Taiwan & Japan! The 20 youngsters of top class pigeons Bulldozer, Sissi, Sponge Bob and others were sold for 40,500€, and the most expensive ones were two youngsters of Bulldozer. They were sold to China for 6,000 EURO and 5,800 EURO.

Jespers-Van der Wegen – 11 pigeons – 1,609 EURO/pigeon
This auction's sale 1 was also the most expensive pigeon; this provincial winner was sold to Taiwan for 5,200 EURO. The full sister of 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB young birds 2015 Super Ricka has been sold to China for 2,900 EURO. The 11 pigeons sold in auction raised 17,700 EURO and they were sold to China (5), Belgium (3), Taiwan (2) and Japan (1).

Chris Hebberecht – 13 pigeons – 1.327 EURO/pigeon
After another highly successful season Chris Hebberecht sold 13 youngsters from his best breeders on PIPA. The most expensive one was a youngster of Champion, sold for 6,000 EURO. It is remarkable that 4 pigeons have been sold to France; the other pigeons have been sold to Belgium (4), China (3), Taiwan (1) and The Philippines (1). The 13 young birds raised 17,250 EURO.

Performance pigeons – 14 pigeons – 1,673 EURO/pigeon
In this auction we had a group of outstanding racing birds coming from different top lofts. The racing birds of Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede were sold for 6,500 EURO, and 3 racing birds of Benny Steveninck were sold for 6,800 EURO. The 14 pigeons raised 23,425 EURO in total, and they will be shipped to China (7), Japan (3), France (2) and Taiwan (2).

National Winners – 27 pigeons – 1,365 EURO/pigeons
The 27 young birds bred from national winners raised 36,850 EURO in total. The most expensive pigeons were 3 youngsters of Rudi De Saer, and they were sold for 5,200 EURO (youngster of Antonio - Taiwan), 5,000 EURO (youngster of New Tours - Taiwan), and 4,000 EURO (youngster of Favoriet, Germany). The two youngsters of Norbert Ally's Neymar were sold for 3,400 EURO to Belgium. In the end the 27 youngsters were sold to 11 different countries: Belgium (9), Poland (4), China (3), Taiwan (3), USA (2), Bangladesh (1), Germany (1), France (1), Portugal (1), Japan (1) and The Netherlands (1).

Jos Goessen – 10 pigeons – 1,345 EURO/pigeon
After his best season ever Jos Goessen sold 10 young birds bred from his best racing birds and breeders, in what was his very first online auction. A youngster of Sagan goes to The Netherlands for 2,800 EURO, and the two youngsters of Argenton were sold to one German fancier for 1,900 and 1,800 EURO. The second youngster of Sagan was sold to China for 1,700 EURO. The 10 pigeons were sold for 13,450 EURO, and they will go to Germany (2), China (2), The Netherlands (2), Belgium (1), Egypt (1), Taiwan (1) and France (1).

Derycke-Schieman – 9 pigeons – 822 EURO/pigeon
In this auction we had 9 pigeons from the best breeders of Derycke-Schieman, who claimed victory in the 2014 race from Gien with a pigeon bred from the best Vandenabeele bloodlines. A youngster of Gabriela was sold to China for 1,300 EURO. The 9 youngsters were sold for 7,400 EURO and they will be shipped to China (4), USA (2), Sweden (2) and The Netherlands (1).