Auction weekend closes at 418,750 EURO. G & B Verkerk have their highest average ever at almost €5,000/YB. And this was not the only record...

It is quite remarkable that both F&J Vandenheede (2,196 EURO/pigeon), G&B Verkerk (4,9360 EURO/pigeon) and Mark Gilbert (3,278 EURO/pigeon) reached heir highest average sale price ever in a young birds' auction.

Derek Rooney – 7 pigeons - 2,864 EURO/pigeon

The auction day kicked off with an auction of Derek Rooney, who was selling his Jan Hooymans collection. His 7 pigeons raised 20,000 EURO. The most expensive pigeon in this auction was a half brother of the legendary Harry, which moved to Japan for 5,200 EURO. A half sister Harry was sold to Japan as well, raising 4,400 EURO. An inbred Harry was sold for 4,600 EURO to China. The 7 pigeons have been sold to China (3), Japan (2), Taiwan (1), and Belgium (1).

Norbert Ally – 6 pigeons - 1,567 EURO/pigeon

Norbert Ally sold a collection of super class pigeons, which attracted quite a number of fanciers. His 6 pigeons were sold for almost 10,000 EURO. The most expensive pigeons in this auction were 2 youngsters of long distance star Neymar, 1st Nat. Montauban & 6th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance, which have been sold for 2,200 EURO and 1,700 EURO. Two pigeons will stay in Belgium, the other four have been sold to Chinese fanciers.

Jos Goessen – 10 pigeons - 1,388 EURO/pigeon

Jos Goessen is an avid collector of Gavy Vandenabeele pigeons, and his palmares shows why. Jos sold 10 youngsters from his best breeders raising 13,875 EURO in total. Fanciers were particularly eager to obtain the last brother of Sagan ever to be sold in auction; he was eventually sold for 2,400 EURO. The pigeons were sold to Taiwan (2), Poland (2), Canada (2), China (1), Romania (1), Belgium (1), and The Netherlands (1).

Kevin Saudoyez – 8 pigeons - 1,059 EURO/pigeon

Kevin Saudoyez is without doubt one of the revelations of the past racing season, winning for instance a 1st Nat. Argenton and a 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB. Kevin sold a group of pigeons in on PIPA for the first time, with a nice average sale price of 1,059 EURO per pigeon. The most expensive pigeon was a nest mate of his 1st Nat. Argenton, which goes to Japan for 2,400 EURO. The other pigeons have been sold to Belgium (4), France (2) and Taiwan (1).

Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede – 14 pigeons - 2,196 EURO/pigeon

The Vandenheede brothers have had another great season, achieving great results in the long distance from day one. This resulted in a highly successful auction as well; it was in fact the best young birds' auction ever for Freddy & Jacques. Their 14 pigeons were sold for more than 30,000 EURO, and the most expensive birds were two youngsters of Miracle Ace x Annelise, which were sold for 7,200 and 5,000 EURO respectively. A daughter of their 1st Nat. Argenton raised 4,400 EURO. The 14 pigeons were sold to China, China (4), Thailand (4), Belgium (4), Taiwan (1) and Germany (1).

Sky Chen – 12 pigeons – 2,900 EURO/pigeon

The ambitious Sky Chen bought several renowned pigeons in Belgium and The Netherlands, and their descendants were now sold in a prestigious auction. The 12 pigeons raised 34,800 EURO, and the eye-catchers of the event were two youngsters of Magic 092, Erik Limbourg's highly renowned pigeon. Paired to the best lines of Bart Geerinckx, Gladiator & Blue Lagoon, his two youngsters were sold for 10,400 EURO and 8,800 EURO. An inbred of Chanel No. 5 was sold for 3,400 EURO. Most pigeons were sold to China (7), with the other pigeons going to Thailand (2), Taiwan (1), Bulgaria (1), and Belgium (1).

Mark Gilbert – 9 pigeons – 3,278 EURO/pigeon

Mark Gilbert raised youngsters from his best pigeons from Barcelona in auction for a spectacular auction. His 9 pigeons were sold for just under 30,000 EURO, which was a major success and marked the highest average sale price ever for his young birds' auctions. The most expensive pigeons were youngsters of Gouden Vleugel; they were sold for 6,200 and 5,600 EURO respectively. Other youngsters of renowned Barcelona pigeons were sold for 4,200 EURO, 3,400 EURO, and 2,600 EURO. The pigeons in this collection were sold to Kuwait (4), England (2), Japan (1), Taiwan (1) and Belgium (1).

Gerard & Bas Verkerk – 28 pigeons – 4,936 EURO/pigeon

Father and son Verkerk had a spectacular event today, as they raised a round of youngsters of their best breeders in their annual auction. They have been organising auctions together with PIPA for the past six years, and this collaboration led to a record-breaking edition this year: an overall revenue of 138,200 EURO for 28 pigeons, with the highest average sale price for a Verkerk young birds' auction so far, despite not having any youngsters of Solange on offer. The most expensive pigeons in auction are the two last youngsters of Magic Amoré that will probably be sold in auction. They have been sold for 16,200 EURO and 15,200 EURO. Bas Favourite, son of Goofy x Expectation, raised 12,400 EURO after two Chinese faniers continued to overbid each other. The youngsters of Eye Catcher, a full sister of Solange and ready to follow in the footsteps of her world famous sister, managed to meet the expectations and were sold for 9,800 EURO and 8,200 EURO. Again, many pigeons were sold to China, with no less than 16 pigeons moving to a Chinese loft. The other pigeons were sold to Taiwan (7), The Netherlands (4) and Belgium (1).

Irmer and son – 83 pigeons – 1,611 EURO/pigeon

We closed the auction weekend with the auction of father and son Irmer, who sold all breeding birds up until 2014, along with a few pigeons of 2015. The 83 pigeons raised 133,700 EURO. The most expensive pigeon was Little Girl, a sister of Special Hen, which was sold for 10,400 EURO. And many other pigeons proved successful: Bomber, grandson Kleine Dirk, 7.000 EURO; Figolina, granddaughter Figo, 5.600 EURO; New Jan, half brother De Jan, 5.700 EURO; Miss Ermerveen, daughter Magic Man, 5.200 EURO. It is remarkable that more than 80% of the pigeons have been sold to China (26) and Taiwan (34). The other pigeons have been sold to the USA (8), Germany (8), The Philippines (4), Belgium (3), Poland (3), Japan (2), Thailand (2), Bangladesh (1), Hungary (1), Italy (1), The Netherlands (1), Romania (1), and Spain (1).