Auction weekend closes at 374,000 EURO – Jellema 120,000 EURO for 37 youngsters – Golden Algarve 104,000 EURO

Eight auctions closed this Sunday, selling 176 pigeons for an overall revenue of 374,100 EURO or 2,125 euro/pigeon.

Golden Algarve – 32 pigeons – 3,259 EURO/pigeon
The first 30 pigeons of the final plus the first five ace pigeons of the Golden Algarve 2017 were put up for auction. The overall revenue amounted to 104,275 EURO for 32 pigeons. The most expensive of them was the 1st ace pigeon of Syndicate Lofts UK, which goes to South Africa for 16,000 EURO. The second most expensive pigeon was the winner of the final race, and this bird goes to the United States for 14,4000 EURO. The 32 pigeons were sold to fanciers from the USA (10), Taiwan (8), China (6), Germany (3), The Netherlands (1), Poland (1), Turkey (1) and South Africa (1).

Roger Debusschere – 64 pigeons – 982 EURO/pigeon
Roger Debusschere sold 64 pigeons, mainly young birds, raising 62,825 EURO in total. The most expensive youngster was Maxima, first prize winner from Bourges; she goes to Germany for 4,000 EURO. The 64 pigeons were sold to Taiwan (12), Columbia (11), China (10), Belgium (10), Hungary (3), Poland (3), The USA (3), Romania (2), Germany (2), France (2), Canada (1), Croatia (1), Japan (1), The Netherlands (1), and Turkey (1).

Jos Cools – 10 pigeons – 1,350 EURO/pigeon
It was for the second consecutive season that Jos Cools raised a group of youngsters from his best breeders. The most expensive youngster is a full sister of Speedy, which goes to China for 4,200 EURO. The 10 pigeons raised 13,500 EURO in total, and will be shipped to China (5), The United Kingdom (2), Canada (1), Germany (1) and Taiwan (1).

Kristof Mortelmans – 8 pigeons – 1,725 EURO/pigeon
The 8 youngsters of this extreme long distance champion were sold to two countries: 4 to Belgium and 4 to Poland. The auction was a great success, with an average of 1,725 EURO for 8 Mortelmans youngsters. The two most expensive youngsters are the two sisters of Red Ace, which are going to a Belgian loft: they were sold for 2,800 and 2,400 EURO each. The eight youngsters raised 13,800 EURO in total.

Dirk Deroose – 8 pigeons – 2,438 EURO/pigeon
In the wake of an oustanding 2017 season Dirk Deroose had his highest average sale price ever in a young birds' auction: an impressive 2,500 EURO for 8 youngsters. The most expensive youngster is a full sister of a 2nd National Ace Pigeon KBDB Long Distance Yearlings 2017, which goes to China for 5,200 EURO. Three pigeons will be shipped to Belgium, two to China, and one to Japan, Poland and Taiwan. The overall revenue for the 8 pigeons is 19,500 EURO.

Jelle Jellema – 37 pigeons – 3,238 EURO/pigeon

Jelle Jellema has really made a name for himself in recent years, and this showed again in today's auction, in which a group of 37 youngsters were sold for an average of 3,238 EURO per young bird, or an overall revenue of 119,800 EURO. The two most expensive youngsters are two sons of Kleine Jade, one going to The Netherlands for 8,800 EURO, the other sold to Saudi Arabia for 8,400 EURO. A daughter of Romee was sold to a French fancier for 6,200 EURO, making her the third most expensive pigeon in auction. The 37 youngsters were sold to the following countries: The Netherlands (14), The United Kingdom (6), Taiwan (6), Germany (3), Japan (2), Romania (2), Denmark (1), France (1), Saudi Arabia (1) and Slovakia (1).

Chris Hebberecht – 6 pigeons – 1,367 EURO/pigeon
Chris Hebberecht sold 6 youngsters from his best breeders, and the most expensive one is a daughter of Edison, which goes to an American fancier for 2,400 EURO. The remaining five youngsters are moving to Taiwan (2), Germany (2) and Belgium (1). The six youngsters raised 8,200 EURO in total.

Mark Gilbert – 11 pigeons – 2,927 EURO/pigeon
Arguably the most successful pigeon loft in Great Britain is that of Mark Gilbert, who sold 11 breeders of his middle distance loft in auction. A six year old daughter of Harry proved the most valuable: she was sold for 8,400 EURO. The 11 pigeons raised 32,200 EURO in total, and will be shipped to China (3), Taiwan (2), Argentina (2), the USA (2), France (1) and Serbia (1).