Auction weekend closes at 363,000 EURO! Flanders Collection raises 3,288 EURO/pigeon, Nico van Noordenne 2,186 EURO/pigeon

8 auctions closed last weekend, in which 180 pigeons were sold for 363,000 EURO in total.

Nico van Noordenne – 108 pigeons – 2,186 EURO/pigeon
The auction of all of Nico Van Noordenne's pigeons from 2009 to 2014 proved a major success, resulting in an average sale price of 2,186 EURO for 108 pigeons, which is quite exceptional! These were the most expensive pigeons:

Torero’s White Boy NL10-1700791: 19,000 EURO, sold to China
BIS duif No Limit of Limited Edition: 14,000 EURO, sold to Taiwan
Amazing 402 NL13-1252402: 15,600 EURO sold to China
Mr. Prima NL10-5000120: 13,000 EURO sold to Taiwan

The 108 pigeons were sold for 236,125 EURO.

Philippe Dobbelaere – 9 pigeons – 983 EURO/pigeon
A few of Philippe Dobbelaere's top class racing birds and young birds from his best breeders were sold in auction, and the most expensive pigeon was Froome, which was sold to Taiwan for 3,000 EURO. Three pigeons were sold to Taiwan, and two were sold to China, Japan and Belgium. The 9 pigeons raised 8,850 EURO in total.

Frederik Leliaert – 10 pigeons – 1,750 EURO/pigeon
Frederik Leliaert made an impressive comeback, winning a national first prize from St. Vincent in his first yearlings' season. His national winner originates from the Dees bloodline, and now was the time to sell a select group of young birds from his best breeders. He paired a number of pigeons after the season especially for this auction, in which 10 wonderful young birds were sold. The most expensive of them was a youngster of his national winner of 2015 (Tarzan), which was sold to China for 3,000 euro. The second most expensive youngster, a brother of Tarzan, was sold to the same fancier for 2,700 EURO. The 10 young birds raised 17,500 euro in total.

Hardy Kruger – 16 pigeons – 1,664 EURO/pigeon
Hardy sold a group of 16 young birds from his best breeders. Sales 1 through 6 were the 6 most expensive pigeons and were sold to one Chinese fancier. The pigeons of Hardy Kruger are particularly suited for One Loft Races, and fanciers in China have started to notice that as well. The most expensive young bird was a son of Bailey (4,000 euro), and two daughters of Black Pearl were sold for 3,200 EURO each. The 16 young birds were sold for 26,625 EURO.

Hendrik Wilpers – 9 pigeons – 2,153 EURO/pigeon
Super class Barcelona pigeons have become rare, and are usually not sold in auction. It explains why the Barca Power auction of Hendrik Wilpers was a big event. This cock, which has won 5 consecutive top prizes from Barcelona, was sold for 9,800 euro to a Taiwanese fancier, who purchased 6 out of 9 pigeons in this auction. The second most expensive pigeon was a youngster of Barca Power, which was sold to Romania for 2,200 EURO. The 9 pigeons raised 19,375 EURO in total.

R&X Verstraete – 11 pigeons – 1.186 EURO/pigeon
This auction drew a lot of fanciers from China and Taiwan, since no less than 8 out of 11 pigeons were sold to these countries. The most expensive pigeon was a youngster of Xtra, which was sold to China for 2,200 EURO. A daughter of Bello was also sold to China, for 2,000 EURO. The 11 pigeons were sold for 13,050 EURO.

Flanders Collection – 8 pigeons – 3,288 EURO/pigeon
This is a great average price for the 6 young birds and 2 original Marcel Aelbrecht pigeons. The most expensive young bird was a youngster of National Lucky Ace, which was sold to China for 7,800 euro. The same fancier also obtained the second most expensive young bird, a youngster of the last son of Albert X Paolo (5,400 EURO). The 8 pigeons raised 26,300 EURO in total.

Brian Bolton – 9 pigeons – 1,703 EURO/pigeon
A few top class pigeons of Brian Bolton were sold in auction, and sale 1 was the most expensive one. This hen won a 3rd Nat. Argenton and was sold to China for 7,600 euro. 6 out of 9 pigeons were sold to Chinese fanciers. The 9 pigeons were sold for 15,325 EURO.