Auction weekend closes at 357,700 EURO – National winner Bourges sold for 41,500 EURO – Frans Bungeneers 4,686 EURO/pigeon

Thee auctions closed this Sunday, which we briefly discuss below. The overall revenue for the three auctions was 357,700 EURO.
Frans Bungeneers – 7 pigeons  – 4,686 EURO/pigeon

This was the very first online auction for Frans Bungeneers, and it was a very successful event! The most expensive young bird was sale 7, which goes to a Belgian fancier for 9,000 EURO. Many renowned fanciers from Belgium and The Netherlands placed a bid, showing their appreciation for the exceptional results of Frans Bungeneers in recent years. The auction closed with an overall revenue of 32,800 EURO. The 7 pigeons were sold to The Netherlands (3), Belgium (1), Taiwan (1), Japan (1), and Spain (1).

John Crehan – 22 pigeons – 3,259 EURO/pigeon

This English top loft has been on top of their game in recent seasons with their direct Jan Hooymans pigeons. A selection of their most renowned pigeons are sold on PIPA every year, and this year's auction consisted of quite a few talented racing birds as well, including a grandchild of Harry & Cees. This pigeon was also the most expensive bird in auction; it has been sold to China for 7,800 EURO. The 22 pigeons raised 71,700 EURO overall, and they were sold to Taiwan (8), China (4), Japan (4), USA (2), UK (1), Belgium (1), The Netherlands (1), Italy (1).

Roger Debusschere – 148 pigeons – 1,711 EURO/pigeon

This is an exceptional result for Roger Debusschere, who sold 148 pigeons with an impressive 1,711 EURO/pigeon, raising 253,200 EURO in total. The eye-catcher was a 1st National Bourges YBs of Louis Van Paesschen, which goes to China for 41,500 EURO. The second most expensive pigeon was a brother of Chipo, which goes to China as well, for 10,400 EURO. The 148 pigeons were sold to the following countries: China (56), Taiwan (33), Belgium (12), Japan (9), Hongary (5), Romania (5), Germany (5), USA (5), Portugal (4), Poland (3), The United Kingdom (3), Mexico (2), The Netherlands (2), France (1), Canada (1), Slovakia (1) and Turkey (1).