Auction weekend closes at 349,250 EURO – PIPA Elite Center 13,170 EURO/YB – Jelle Roziers 3,583 EURO/YB

Even though we are getting close to the end of the auction season, we continue to see highly successful auctions on PIPA. Today we had an overall revenue of 349,250 EURO for 96 pigeons, or an average of no less than 3,638 EURO per pigeon.

Jelle Roziers – 6 pigeons – 3,583 EURO/pigeon
A select group of youngsters from this Antwerp based top loft was sold exclusively on PIPA. The auction proved a great success with an impressive average of 3,583 EURO per youngster. The most expensive youngster was a brother of Seven Junior, which went to a Belgian loft for 5,000 EURO. Two other youngsters were sold for 4,000 EURO: a sister of Seven Junior (sold to Bulgaria) and a half brother of Seven (sold to China). The six youngsters raised 21,500 EURO in total and were sold to fanciers from Bulgaria (2), China (1), Belgium (1), Kuwait (1), and Germany (1).

PIPA Elite Center – 10 pigeons – 13,170 EURO/pigeon
This auction had one of the highest averages ever for a young birds' auction, with 13,170 EURO per YB. The most expensive youngster was the last brother of "Porsche 911" ever to be sold; he will be shipped to Slovakia for 31,000 EURO. His nest sister and thus the last sister ever to be sold in auction, is going to China for 27,500 EURO. The two youngsters of "Porsche 911" are going to one and the same Chinese fancier for 13,200 and 13,000 EURO respectively. The ten youngsters were sold for 131,700 EURO overall, and will be shipped to China (5), Slovakia (2), Japan (1), Belgium (1), and Iraq (1).

Ludo Claessens Collection – 40 pigeons – 2,863 EURO/pigeon
Even though Ludo Claessens quit pigeon racing in 2008 his pigeons are still in high demand worldwide. Guido did not sell pigeons very often and yet many fanciers have been particularly successful with his bloodlines. It explains why this auction was such a major success, with an overall revenue of 114,500 EURO for 40 pigeons. The most expensive pigeon is a daughter of Zwaardje, which was sold along with Zwaardje, another direct daughter of the famous Jonge Supercrack. They have been sold to a Chinese fancier for 6,800 EURO. More than 50% of the pigeons will be shipped to China (22); the rest of the lot is going to Taiwan (5), France (5), South Africa (3), Columbia (3), Morocco (1), and Slovakia (1). 

Collector’s Items – 13 pigeons – 2,208 EURO/pigeon
This year's final Collector's Items auction had 13 pigeons on offer. These included a youngster of Esmee of T&T Elzinga, which goes to The Netherlands for 5,400 EURO. The second most expensive pigeon is a half sister of Miss Joice, which goes to Romania for 3,600 EURO. The third most expensive pigeon was an inbred Bliksem, bred by Herman Beverdam and sold to an Iranian fancier for 3,400 EURO. The 13 pigeons are going to Iran (3), China (2), Belgium (2), The Netherlands (1), Morocco (1), Iraq (1), Taiwan (1), USA (1) and Romania (1). The overall revenue for this auction was 28,700 EURO.

Peter Janssen – 7 pigeons – 2,729 EURO/pigeon
Peter Janssen had already sold his breeding birds in auction in December, and the last youngsters that were bred from these breeders were now offered for sale as well. The most expensive youngster was a full sister of Muller, which goes to Japan for 5,200 EURO. The second most expensive pigeon is a youngster of Muller x Miss Dolce Vita, which goes to China for 4,000 EURO. The 7 youngsters raised 19,100 EURO in total, and will be shipped to China (3), Japan (1), Slovakia (1), The Netherlands (1), and The USA (1).

June Auction – 20 pigeons – 1,688 EURO/pigeon
This was another auction with pigeons that had not been paid for, and the most expensive pigeon was a younster of Tsaby x Kim 1 of Geert & Annick Vanrenterghem, which will be shipped to Taiwan for 7,600 EURO. The second most expensive bird is a double grandchild of New Laureaat x Kleine Jade, which goes to China for 5,000 EURO. The third most expensive pigeon is a son of Super Prins of Gino Clicque, he has been sold to a Taiwanese fancier for 4,800 EURO. The 20 pigeons were sold for 33,750 EURO in total, to fanciers from Taiwan (5), Belgium (4), Germany (2), Colombia (2), USA (1), and Iran (1).