Auction weekend closes at + 325,000 EUR - 17,000 EUR for Van der Rhee's Leeuwinnetje

Eight different auctions closed today, Sunday 29th of October, with an excellent average of 1,790 EURO/pigeon. Each auction is briefly summarised below.

October Auction – 48 pigeons – 1,347EUR average

A group of 48 pigeons were put of for auction.
The most expensive pigeon was a double grandchild of New Laureaat x Kleine Jade of Batenburg-vd Merwe; this pigeon was sold for 8,600 EURO.

The pigeons were sold to 12 different countries: Bangladesh (1), Belgium (4), China (11), Columbia (3), Germany (1), Irak (1), Japan (8), Morocco (1), The Netherlands (1), Thailand (1), Trinidad & Tobago (1), Taiwan (14) and the USA (1).

Bruges Barcelona Club – 12 pigeons -  1,545 EUR average

In this auction we had 13 pigeons that were gifted by fanciers who are particularly fond of the Bruges Barcelona Club. These are the most expensive pigeons:

  • Witpan Rivaldo Jr. gifted by Dirk Deroose , sold for 4,200 EUR to Japan
  • Daughter Special One gifted by Batenburg-vd Merwe, sold for 3,800 EUR to Taiwan
  • Inbred Queen Tonnie gited by Frans Bungeneers, sold for 2,100 EUR to Japan.

These 13 pigeons were sold to six different countries: Belgium (3), Germany (1), Great Britain (1), Japan (3), Romania (1) and Taiwan (4)

Beeckmans- Huygh – 7 pigeons - 1,143 EUR average

In this auction we had 1 racing bird and 6 youngsters from their best Gaby Vandenabeele breeders. The most expensive pigeon in this collection was:
Yella, winner of a 1st provincial Chateauroux, was sold to Belgium for 1,700EUR.

The pigeons were sold to four different countries: Belgium (1), China (1), Columbia (2) and Taiwan (3).

A.M van der Rhee – 52 pigeons – 2.288 EUR average

The entire sprint, middle distance and long distance racing team was sold in auction, including many proven breeding and racing birds.
These were the most expensive pigeons:

  • Leeuwinnetje, stock dam for Team Van der Rhee; she goes to China for 17,000 EUR
  • All the best, great racing bird and a son of Leeuwinnetje; he goes to Taiwan for 7,600 EUR
  • Dafne, successful racing dam and winner of a 3 first prizes and 5 second prizes; she goes to Taiwan for 6,200 EUR
  • Mister Perfect, a talented racing bird and winner of 4 first prizes; he was sold to Taiwan for 6,000 EUR

This collection was sold to fanciers from ten different countries: Belgium (3), China (24), Columbia (8), Great Britain (1), Japan (1), The Netherlands (6), Qatar (1), Thailand (1), Turkey (1) and Taiwan (7).

Annick Goeteyn – 12 pigeons – 1,783 EUR average

Annick sold 12 youngsters of her best breeders. These are true collector's items, since her entire breeding team was sold on PIPA a year ago.

These were the most expensive pigeons:

  • Patriek 140, a son of Patriek x Orlandia; he goes to Taiwan for 3,400 EUR
  • Son Tsaby, a son of top breeder Tsaby; he goes to anoteher Belgian top loft for 3,000 EUR

The pigeons were sold to fanciers from five different countries: Belgium (5), China (2), France (1), Great Britain (1) and Taiwan (3).

Jutla Brothers – 16 pigeons – 1,888 EUR average

The Jutla family sold 16 extreme long distance pigeons in auction.
Here are the most expensive ones:

  • Daughter Zwart Goud (Jellema); she goes to a Belgian top loft for 6,000 EUR
  • Son New Laureaat (Batenburg); he goes to Slovakia for 5,400 EUR

This auction attracted quite a few fanciers from Taiwan, as 10 out of 16 pigeons were sold to Taiwan. The other six pigeons will be transferred to Belgium (1), Egypt (1), Iran (1), The Netherlands (1), Poland (1) and Slovakia (1).

John Crehan – 24 pigeons – 1,733 EUR average

No less than 24 direct Hooymans descendants were sold in this Jan Hooymans themed auction. Four of them are proven racing birds of John Crehan (UK).
These are the most expensive pigeons in this auction:

  • Inbred Harry goes to Thailand for 3,200 EUR
  • Olympiade Harry goes to a fancier from Hungary for 2,800 EUR
  • Special Harry goes to Poland for 2,600 EUR

The pigeons in this auction go to 12 different countries: Armenia (2), Belgium (1), China (3), Germany (1), Great Britain (1), Hungary (1), Japan (2), Poland (1), Thailand (6), Turkey (1), Taiwan (4) and the USA (1).

Marcel Sangers- 12 pigeons – 2,029 EUR average

Marcel bred 12 youngsters of his best Dirk van den Bulck and Stefaan Lambrechts breeders specially for this auction.
Here are the most expensive ones:

  • Exclusive, son of Angelina, goes to The Netherlands for 4,600 EUR
  • Galaxy, a daughter of Gold Dust, goes to The Netherlands for 3,400 EUR
  • Mastercard, a son of Gold Dust, goes to the Philippines for 3,400 EUR

The pigeons were sold to the following countries: Belgium (1), China (1), The Philippines (3) , Morocco (1), The Netherlands (3), Portugal (1) and Taiwan (2).