Auction weekend closes at 220,450 EURO! Jan Keen sells Bullet & Super Michael 2 for 10,200 EURO each!

Five different auctions closed on Sunday, raising 220,450 euro in total. This is an overview of every auction.

Collector’s Items – 45 pigeons – 1,943 EURO/pigeon
A few times a year we offer a group of older youngsters of famous pigeons for sale in our Collector’s Items auctions. This auction had a number of very special pigeons, and the most expensive of them was a son of Rudy (Gaby Vandenabeele) from 2009, which was sold to Japan for 7,200 euro. A son of Paulien (Albert Derwa) of 2011 was sold to Taiwan for 4,600 euro, and a sister of Laura (Gaston van de Wouwer) will also be shipped to China for 4,600 euro. This group of 45 pigeons raised 87,425 pigeons in total.

Black Sea One Loft Race – 10 pigeons – 1,395 EURO/pigeon
The Rumanian One Loft Race had a Belgian winner this year, with Cyriel & Dirk Martens claiming first place. The first, second and third pigeon in the final were sold for 2,200 euro, 2,800 euro and 2,600 euro respectively. Five pigeons will be shipped to China, two to Taiwan, and one to Germany, Portugal and Belgium. The 10 pigeons sold in auction raised 13,950 euro in total.

Jan Keen – 29 pigeons – 1,899 EURO/pigeons
The average sale price for this auction increased by an impressive 800 euro in the final hour of this auction, eventually resulting in an average price of 1,899 euro! The two top class racing birds Bullet & Super Michael 2 were both sold to the same Taiwanese fancier for 12,000 euro each. The 29 pigeons raised 55,075 euro, and no less than 20 of them will be shipped to Taiwan.

Mark Gilbert – 18 pigeons – 1,153 EURO/pigeon
Every year this English top class loft auctions a group of young birds from its best extreme long distance pigeons. The most expensive young birds were two youngsters of Golden Barcelona, which were sold to two English fanciers for 2,500 euro and 2,400 euro. A group of 18 young birds were sold for 20,750 euro in total, and 11 of them will be transferred to England and Ireland.

Wilson Dekens – 29 pigeons – 1,491 EURO/pigeons
Wilson Dekens has been one of the leading names in the long distance in Flanders for many years now. He sold 29 old birds in auction on PIPA, including his top class racers and breeders. The 29 old birds were sold for 43,250 euro. The most expensive pigeon was Monti, which was sold to a Belgian top loft for 5,600 euro, followed by the outstanding breeding hen Dochter Jordy 310, which was sold to Taiwan for 4,800 euro.