Auction weekend closes at 217,400 EURO, Cor de Heijde 5,788 EURO per youngster, Gino Clique 2,129 EURO per youngster, top prizes including 15,200 EURO and 11,600 EURO

Six different auctions closed this weekend selling 126 pigeons. Together they raised 217,400 EURO.

Cor de Heijde – 8 pigeons – 5,788 EURO/pigeon
This was the first online auction ever for Cor de Heijde, and it was a big success with an average sale price of 5,788 EURO/pigeon, makign this the most successful young birds' auction on PIPA in terms of average sale price. See our milestones page:

The 8 pigeons raised 46,300 EURO in total. The most expensive young bird was a youngster of Don Michel, sold to Iraq for 15,200 EURO. The 2nd and 3rd most expensive pigeons were two youngsters of the St. Vincent pair, and they were sold to two different Taiwanese fanciers for 5,600 EURO. In this auction 3 pigeons were sold to Taiwan, 3 to Japan, 1 to England and 1 to Iraq.

Roger Debusschere – 30 pigeons – 1,915 EURO/pigeon
This is a great success for a collection of 12 original Gaby Vandenabeele pigeons and 18 young birds bred by Roger Debusschere himself, from his direct Gaby pigeons. The 18 young birds were sold with an average price of 1,436 EURO per young bird! No less than 19 out of 30 pigeons were sold to China and Taiwan. The remaining 11 pigeons were sold to Egypt, France, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Poland, South Africa and the USA.

Alexandre Margris – 57 pigeons – 984 EURO/pigeon
One of the best players in France sold his pigeons on PIPA. The eye-catcher was Olympiad Pigeon Real de Lou, which has been sold to China for 11,600 EURO. The 57 pigeons were sold to 12 different countries: France (18), China (17), Taiwan (13), Bangladesh (2), Belgium (2), Egypt (2), Japan (2), Germany (1), The Netherlands (1), Norway (1), Thailand (1) and the U.K. (1). These 57 pigeons raised 56,100 EURO, or just under 1,000 EURO on average.

Gino Clicque – 12 pigeons – 2,129 EURO/pigeon
This is a great result for the West Flemish champion Gino Clicque, who sold 12 young birds for 25,550 EURO. The most expensive young birds were 3 youngsters of Golden Prince; they were sold to England (4,200 EURO), Taiwan (4,000 EURO) and Belgium (3,800 EURO). Six out of 12 pigeons will stay in Belgium, and were sold to different Belgian top lofts. The remaining six pigeons go to the U.K. (3), Japan (2) and Taiwan (1).

Int. winners Cooper & Freialdenhofen – 7 pigeons – 2,000 EURO/pigeon
G&C Cooper and Freialdenhofen raised exactly 2,000 EURO per pigeon for 7 young birds. The most expensive young birds came from G&C Cooper: one of Farmer George goes to the Philippines for 3,400 EURO and one goes to Taiwan for 3,200 EURO. The 7 young birds raised 14,000 EURO overall.

WHZB/NPO/TBOTB – 12 pigeons – 1,500 EURO/pigeon
In this auction we had 12 young birds from six Dutch top lofts. The most expensive young birds came from Pieter Veenstra and Boudewijn Pouw: a grandchild of Dolce Vita, Harry & Mr. Blue was sold to Taiwan for 3,200 EURO, while a sister of a 1st National Ace Pigeon WHZB of Boudewijn Pouw was sold to Japan for 2,500 EURO. The 12 pigeons raised 18,000 EURO in total.