Auction weekend 267,525 EURO! Jelle Jellema 3,533 EURO/youngster – DVV 11,200 EURO for breeding pair – Cleirbaut-Van Riet 11,400 EURO, 10,400 EURO, 8,000 EURO, 8,000 EURO,… for their best racing birds

Nine auctions closed this weekend, raising 267,525 EURO for 141 pigeons. Each auction is briefly discussed below.

Jelle Jellema – 9 pigeons – 3,533 EURO/pigeon
This is another great result for the Jelle Jellema young birds' auction. He organised another PIPA auction in late 2015, wich had an average of 3,300 EURO. He did even better this time, with an average of 3,533 EURO per youngster. The most expensive young bird was a youngster of New Laureaat x Romee, which goes to Romania for 9,200 EURO. A youngster of New Laureaat x Silvie goes to Slovakia for 6,200 EURO. A youngster of Special One x Kleine Jade goes to Japan for 4,600 EURO. The 9 young birds raised 31,800 EURO and they will go to The Netherlands (3), Romnia (2), Japan (1), France (1), Slovakia (1) and Great Britain (1).

Benny Steveninck – 9 pigeons – 2.289 EURO/pigeon
As every season Benny Steveninck sold a group of young birds from his best racing birds of the past year. These young birds raised 20,600 EURO. The most expensive ones were a youngster of Yamina, which goes to China for 3,400 EURO, and a youngster of New Lucky 77, which also goes to China for 3,200 EURO. All pigeons were sold to China or Taiwan, except for sale 1, which goes to Germany.

Cleirbaut-Van Riet – 24 pigeons – 2,655 EURO/pigeon
The auction of Cleirbaut-Van Riet was a major success, with 24 racing birds being sold for 63,725 EURO. The most expensive pigeon was Diamond Gaston, 5th Best Racing Bird as a young bird in 6 national races in 2014; he goes to China for 11,400 EURO. The Super 524, winner of 3 national top 5 prizes in the zone, was sold to Taiwan for 10,400 EURO. The 24 pigeons have been sold to Taiwan (9), China (5), Ireland (3), Japan (2), Great Britain (2), Denmark (1), Romania (1) and Belgium (1).

De Vroe Van Gaver Vandeputte – 14 pigeons – 1,729 EURO/pigeon
After their most successful season ever the combination sold the parents of their winner of the OLR Kuznica Poland; they were sold together to Kuweit for 11,00 EURO. The 14 pigeons raised 24,200 EURO overall, and we noticed that several young birds have been sold to five different Belgian top lofts. The 14 pigeons have been sold to Belgium (9), China (2), Kuweit (2) and The Philippines (1).

Ronny Menten – 7 pigeons – 1,586 EURO/pigeon
Seven original Albert Derwa pigeons have been offered for sale by Ronny Menten. The most expensive one was a youngster of De Zoon, which goes to Spain for 2,300 EURO. The 7 pigeons raised 11,100 EURO overall, and they were sold to Belgium (3), Spain (2), Great Britain (1) and Japan (1).

Daniel van Ceulebroeck – 8 pigeons – 2,019 EURO/pigeon
A great average price for 8 young birds of Daniel van Ceulebroeck. In this auction we had 4 youngsters of Remy, which have been sold to Taiwan, China and Slovakia for 3,800 EURO, 3,600 EURO, 2,900 EURO and 2,400 EURO. The 8 pigeons raised 16,150 EURO and they were sold to Taiwan (3), China (1), Slovakia (1), France (1), Belgium (1) and The Philippines (1).

Crehan & O’Conner – 20 pigeons – 1,895 EURO/pigeon
The English top lofts sold 20 original Jan Hooymans pigeons, which were sold for 37,900 EURO. The most expensive pigeon was an inbred grandchild of Harry, which goes to China for 4,000 EURO. The 20 pigeons go to Japan (7), China (3), Belgium (3), Taiwan (2), Poland (2), Italy (1), France (1) and Morocco (1).

Belgian Top Lofts – 40 pigeons – 1.216 EURO/pigeon
The idea behind this auction is that PIPA invites a number of Belgian top lofts to sell youngsters from their best pigeons on PIPA. These were the most expensive ones: a youngster of top class pigeon Ronaldo (Hugo Vlaeminck) goes to an Antwerp top loft for 5,000 EURO. A youngster of Justine Bliksem (Luc De Laere) goes to Poland for 4,400 EURO. The 40 youngsters were sold for 48,650 EURO overall, and they will be going to Belgium (14), Taiwan (11), Spain (4), China (3), Morocco (3), Germany (1), Japan (1), Poland (1), Turkey (1) and the United States (1).

Best of Czech Republic – 10 pigeons – 1,340 EURO/pigeon
This was the first time that fanciers from the Czch Republic had a change to sell their best pigeons in auction. It was a great collection of pigeons that was sold for 13,400 EURO overall. The most expensive pigeon was Sale 3 of Paseka & Truhlar, a 1st Prov. against 4,049 pigeons. He was sold to China for 3,800 EURO. The 10 pigeons were sold to China (6) and TAiwan (4).