Auction Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race ends at 285,000 EURO

The first auction of the new auction season immediately ends with a great result, averaging 1,317 EURO for 217 pigeons, a total of 285,750 EURO.

The VFWCPR was in its third edition last year with another prize pool of more than 1 million US Dollars, each year the race becomes a lot more popular. Last year around 3,700 pigeons entered the race. According to the organization, everything indicates that this will be a lot more in the coming season. You can still send birds for the next edition, more info on

In this auction all pigeons that had won prize money were offered. Below is a list of the most expensive pigeons:
“Bethe 1” - Klingbiel (ZA) - 112th in the final, 1st place hotspot 5, 3rd place hotspot 4 - 20,500 EURO - Sold to China
"Marple" - Rolf Berger (DE) - 1st in the final - 16,200 EURO - Sold to the USA
“African Rocket” - Greg Team (SK) - 1st ace pigeon & 1st overall ace pigeon - 15,200 EURO - Sold to the USA
“Fridus 675” - Gerard Koopman (NL) - 5th in the final - 12,400 EURO - Sold to the Netherlands

The countries to which most of the 217 pigeons were sold are the USA (76) and China (36).