Auction Schoors-De Waele (Adegem, BE): a top class breed built around the golden Louis Van Loon bloodlines

It is for the first time in their long pigeon racing career that the trio Schoors-De Waele will be selling pigeons in a public auction. They are selling their entire team of successful racing birds from 2019 and older.

The Schoors-De Waele trio did not hesitate to work together with PIPA for the very first online auction of their successful pigeon racing career. This renowned Belgian loft consists for 75% of pigeons of pigeon champion Louis Van Loon.

Pigeon fancier Louis Van Loon is well known across the world, he was incredibly strong in both the middle distance and one day long distance in Belgium for years. He was in fact so strong that many clubs wanted to keep him out: he was often banned from local competitions because he was deemed too strong. He claimed numerous provincial and national victories, and his Van Loon breed became an internationally renowned pigeon family. His fantastic achievements caught the attention of a lot of fanciers, and many of them have visited his lofts in Poppel, hoping to find new reinforcements. And several fanciers have found what they were looking for among the top class pigeons of Louis Van Loon, including the Eijerkamp family from Brummen (NL), Gerard Koopman from Ermerveen (NL), as well as ... Schoors-De Waele.

Schoors-De Waele seized their chance in 1999, investing in four Louis Van Loon pigeons from Poppel. Two of them would eventually develop into fantastic stock breeders in their lofts in Adegem: Blauwen Van Loon and Geschelpt Van Loon 492. These are two breeding superstars that laid the foundation for a long series of top results, also at national level: they won a 1st Nat. Montluçon of 14,230 old birds in 2014 (with National Derby) and a 1st Nat. Argenton of 19,858 yearlings in 2018 (with National Looney), and they claimed several national titles as well: 1st General Champion of Belgium KBDB 2003, 2nd General Champion of Belgium KBDB 2010 and 3rd General Champion of Belgium KBDB in 2009. As you know, it takes a top class pigeon family to win so many great results. It is clear that the world class Louis Van Loon family shines through. These pigeons are notoriously strong in the best racing conditions: clear blue skies or races into a headwind. In other words, this is an auction of one of Belgium's leading pigeon families of this century.

Up for auction: the powerful breeding team and their terrific racing team, or all pigeons from 2019 and older

Auction starts: 8 February 2021 - Auction ends: 21 February 2021

The eye-catchers of this auction

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Silver Tulle BE17-4078583

2. Nat Tulle 6,206 p. ’19 – 1. Prov 1,381 p.
30. Prov Issoudun 4,269 p. ’19
17. Prov Chateauroux 1,806 p. ’19
75. Prov Gueret 2,228 p. ’18
194. Prov Bourges 5,662 p. ’20
225. Prov Chateauroux 4,185 p. ’18
3. Chevrainvilliers 238 p. ’19


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Diamond Limoges BE15-4020885

6. Nat Limoges 7,274 p. ’18
15. Nat Limoges 9,661 p. ’19
28. Nat Brive 9,132 p. ’17
38. Prov Argenton 3,079 p. ’19
21. Prov Bourges 1,963 p. ’16
91. Prov Brive 2,043 p. ’18
98. Prov Argenton 2,654 p. ’16

Titels KBDB

1. General Champion of Belgium KBDB 2003

2. General Champion of Belgium KBDB 2010

3. General champion of Belgium KBDB 2009

National victories

2018: 1. Nat. Argenton 19,858 YLs  - fastest of 31,683 pigeons (National Looney, 50% Van Loon)

2014: 1. Nat Montluçon 14,230 Olds - fastest of 33,528 pigeons (National Derby, 75% Van Loon)

1997: 1. Nat Argenton 2,185 YLs (Argenton Duivin)

Provincial victories

2019: 1. prov Tulle with Silver Tulle (2nd national)
2018: 1. prov Argenton met National Looney (1st national)
2016: 1. prov Limoges olds with 646/14
2015: 1. prov Chateauroux olds with Van Loon 759
2014: 1. prov Montluçon olds with National Derby (1. national)
          1. prov Montluçon yearlings
2013: 1. prov Marseille with Marseille Primus
2011: 1. prov Orleans olds with Provincial Louis
          1. prov Orléans yearlings with Provincial Louis
2010: 1. prov Libourne yearlings with De Libourne
          1. prov Chateauroux yearlings with Terminator
2009: 1. prov Argenton olds with Bleske Derby
2007: 1. prov Tours olds with Superderby
1997: 1. prov Argenton yearlings with Argenton hens (1st national)
1995: 1. prov Brive olds with Brive
          1. prov Brive two year olds with Brive
1992: 1. prov Brive young birds with Carmen

Zonal victories (zone A)

2018: 1. national zone A Argenton yearlings with National Looney
2015: 1. national zone A2 Chateauroux old birds with Van Loon 759
2014: 1. national zone A1 Montluçon old birds with National Derby
2014: 1. zonal zone A1 Guéret young birds with 445/14
2013: 1. zonal zone A1 Chateauroux old birds with National Derby
2013: 1. national zone A1 Chateauroux young birds with National Star
2013: 1. national zone A1 Guéret young birds with National Star

Top results in other lofts

2016: Dobbelaere – De Buck: 1. Nat. Zone A Limoges + 1. Prov Limoges (50% Schoors – De Waele)
2015: De Bruycker – De Craene: 1. National La Souterraine (50% Schoors – De Waele)