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Auction Roger Debusschere, The ‘Royal Collection’ from Lokeren, Champion-maker up to national level.

Whoever follows the pigeon sport closely knows that the ‘stuntman’ from Lokeren… so as Roger Debusschere is ubiquitously called… is still searching for the very best out the international pigeon sport to populate his colony… his ‘Royal Collection’.

A ‘never ending story’… but just as much a search that lies at the basis of countless success in his own loft, and in numerous other lofts. Because we must also admit to Roger Debusschere … every year he allows his fellow sportsmen to reap the fruits of his ‘investments’. Not everybody is able to inject the necessary capital in order to build up and retain a fruitful ‘orchard’. That is why many fanciers make grateful use of plucking the fruit of this infinite life's work… to take advantage of the ‘rich fruit’ that this high-yielding ‘orchard’ has already produced. Whether is concerned middle distance pigeons of the calibre ‘Ludo Claessens’ or Royal Barcelona blood out the 3 Barcelona-musketeers that the ‘Royal Collection’ houses, these being… the ‘Etterbak’, the ‘Triple Silver Barcelona’ and the ‘Barcelona crack’… people always found the right reinforcements. The 2009 sport season closed its doors for definite a week ago, the first titles are just out of the closet… or once again there are new ‘National Titles’ won, with pigeons originating from the noble breeding source Roger Debusschere. Take a look:
1° National Champion ‘Small Middle Distance’ Youngsters KBDB 2009: Matthias De Witte from Belsele.
3° National Ace pigeon ‘Grand Distance’ KBDB 2009 by Daniel Verstichel from Nazareth.

The 3° Nat. Ace pigeon by Daniel Verstichel is also a direct Roger Debusschere pigeon, born and bred in the ‘Royal Collection’. In the meantime Matthias De Witte has also confirmed that 5 pigeons who were responsible for winning him his ‘national’ title, had the ‘Royal Collection’ blood flowing through their veins! These are nails with very ‘big heads’! Credentials where so many have only dreamt about … and which furthermore underlined the luxury of ‘top talent’ in the ‘Royal Collection’!
Noble  blood and ideal material to cross with your stock… that wasn’t only proved in 2009 but also the last 3 seasons with top credentials in the middle distance to the ‘toughest long distance classics’… so as
-1st Prov. Ace pigeon Middle Distance Youngsters 2008 by Matthias De Witte
-1st Prov Argenton 4.624 p  in 2007 by De Vriese-Steveninck
-1sts Nat Argenton Zone A 2007 by De Vriese-Steveninck
-1st Prov Bourges 7.706 p in 2007 by Marc Van Haute
-28th Nat Souillac 6.475 p in 2006 by Gerard Serraerens
-30th Nat Barcelona 12.612 p in 2007 by Gerard Serraerens
Winner ‘Bronze Vleugel’ Barcelona: Louis Van Paesschen…
Who knows… next year we can add your name to this prominent list?

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