Arie Dijkstra (Oudwoude, NL) is the proud owner of world class pair Leonardo x Tinkelbel

Arie Dijkstra can rely on a breeding pair of unprecedented quality, as their descendants have been winning an impressive number of national and international prizes in 2014.

Arie Dijkstra

The name of Arie Dijkstra is often associated to that of Leonardo and Tinkelbel, the pigeons that make up his illustrious breeding pair. Okidoki is another pigeon that springs to mind when hearing the name of Arie Dijkstra: this NL07-4286205 is the most famous descendant of his renowned pair. Many fanciers were greatly impressed with the achievements of Leonardo and Tinkelbel’s youngsters and grandchildren throughout 2013, but the list of achievements of 2014 is possibly even more astounding.

The pair

Arie’s top pair consists of the blue coloured cock NL05-1857139 Leonardo, which is a son of NL01-5163851 Big Boom paired to NL01-5163844 Evita. Leonardo inherited most of his breeding qualities from his two parents, and his youngsters and grandchildren have already won over 100 first prizes! The dam of this highly successful Leonardo x Tinkelbel pair is the blue coloured hen NL04-4256369. You can find an overview of their best descendants here.

NL05-1857139 Leonardo

NL04-4256369 Tinkelbel

In their home loft

The races from Quiévrain and Bergerac were particularly successful for the fancier from Oudwoude, which illustrates that the pigeons of Arie Dijkstra are suited for any distance. In the race from Quévrain (360km) on 17 May a double first prize was won in CCG Walden of province 11 Friesland ’96, in a race against 2528 pigeons. The national race from Châteauroux, one of Arie’s main goals this season, had been cancelled, and so he decided to prepare his pigeons for Bergerac instead. Pigeons were released on the 1st of August at 1 o’clock in the afternoon for this long distance race, and the 10 pigeons that Arie had basketed did perform as expected. Many pigeons arrived home in short succession on Saturday, and Arie was the first fancier to have three consecutive prizes in the Northern Union. This was his overall results:

01-08 Bergerac (1023 km) 6811 p.:  33–34–43–192–246–422 (6/10)
Times of arrival:                  11:03–11:04–11:09–11:49–11:59–12:20

Arie finished in 33rd with his NL12-1000943 Prodigy, while taking a 34th place with the hen NL12-1000958 L.A. Woman. Both these pigeons are grandchildren of Leonardo x Tinkelbel. Click here for the pedigree of Prodigy. Click here for the pedigree of L.A. Woman. Arie did particularly well in the ace pigeon championship one day long distance Entente in category C: his blue coloured hen NL12-1000897 Dalida claimed the ace pigeon title, and other Dijkstra pigeons finished in 3rd, 7th (Prodigy) and 9th position. Dalida, a grandchild of Big Boom x Evita (the parents of Leonardo), was also first Ace Pigeon General Lang

Dalida, ace pigeon one day long distance and ace pigeon general Lang

National references

Two great-grandchildren of Leonardo x Tinkelbel have been able to take a provincial first prize in the province of Friesland ’96 this season: Jacob Poortvliet (Surhuizum, NL) took a 1st prize NPO from Sens (8269 p.) with NL12-1004610 Blue Thunder, and the young team of the Homma brothers (Steggerda, NL) were successful with a descendant of this pair as well, winning a young birds’ race from Sittard (16,739 pigeons) on the 17th of August. Their loft is home to NL09-1255291 Nesta, an invaluable breeding bird and a son of Leonardo x Tinkelbel.

One loft races

The most talked about achievements of 2014 are without doubt the impressive results in a number of important one loft races, which continue to increase in popularity. The most renowned pigeon fanciers are eager to basket young birds from their best bloodlines for these races. We saw in 2014 that descendants of Leonardo x Tinkelbel were quite competitive in these races as well: this pair’s grandchildren have won two cars, and a grandchild of Okidoki did the same.

South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race

Jan Hooijmans from Kerkdriel (NL) has made history in the final race in South Africa, finishing in 43rd (3478 p.) and winning a Mercedes Benz with his NL13-1395493 Typhoon, a descendant of two exceptional breeding pairs. His grandparents are Leonardo x Tinkelbel of Arie Dijkstra and Jonge Bliksem x Dirkje, a great breeding pair from Jan Hooijmans’ own collection.

Derby Arona Tenerife

Erik Reijnen (Alphen) claimed victory in the Derby Arona with a grandchild of Arie’s golden pair, which once again demonstrates that these pigeons can perform well in any circumstance. Erik also won a car in Car Race 2 (Gran Canaria) on 27 February with NL13-1319812 General Comrade. Click here for the pedigree of General Comrade. The semi final took place on 13 March, and the pigeons had to fly from Fuertaventura to Tenerife, crossing the ocean. Erik won another car in this race thanks to his NL13-1319738 Arabel, a grandchild of Okidoki. Click here for the pedigree of Arabel. You can find an overview of the achievements of all Leonardo x Tinkelbel descendants in One Loft Races here.

To conclude

It is quite exceptional to see a breeding pair play such a profound role as that of Leonardo and Tinkelbel. Arie Dijkstra knows he is fortunate to have these two breeders in his collection, and his task will be to look after the precious descendants of this unique bloodline. Click here to take a look at the most impressive references and Arie's best results in 2014.