Arie Dijkstra (Oudwoude, NL) is having another highly successful racing season

Arie Dijkstra won his first teletext prize of the new 2017 season last weekend. This adds to a total of three victories so far this season, and meanwhile Fausto is showing to be another very promising racing bird.

Arie Dijkstra amid his feathered friends

High tide

The old birds' season is nearing its apotheosis. There are numerous demanding middle distance races and NPO one day long distance races coming up in the next few weeks, and the national competition has taken off as well with the race from St. Vincent. And this is the time of season when Arie Dijkstra is at his best; he is always ready for the most important races on the calendar. Last weekend we had the sprint teletext race from Weert, where Arie was close to winning his second victory in the province this season. He had to settle for second instead, which is still a confidence inspiring achievement of course. In fact, the team from Oudwoude has been in great shape all season, winning for instance three first prizes in the CCG De Walden competition. Click here for their best results of 2017 so far. Let's take a look at the stars of this loft:

Gennep 1st CCG De Walden 2771 p.

The 2017 racing season took off on 15th of April, with the sprint race from Gennep scheduled in Province 11 Friesland '96. Arie Dijkstra showed to be all set for 2017 by claiming victory in CCG De Walden against 2771 pigeons. His winning bird was NL16-1004210, which finished in 8th place in the entire province of 21,289 pigeons. This one year old cock is a descendant of breeding pair NL11-1107215 Octavio x NL12-1000966 Manou, two pigeons with a proven record in the breeding loft. Manou is a daughter of the iconic one day long distance pigeon NL07-4286205 Okidoki.

NL11-1107215 Octavio, sire of NL16-1004210 1st Weert 2771 p.

NL12-1000966 Manou (daughter of Okidoki), the dam of NL16-1004210 1st Weert 2771 p.

Wijchen 1st CCG De Walden 1379 p.

The team celebrated its second victory of 2017 in the sprint race from Weert in the last weekend of May, won by NL16-1004265. The sire of this 16-265 is NL15-1163187, which became 8th Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Entente C in 2016. The dam of the winner in Wijchen is NL15-1163300 Reva.

NL16-1004265, 1st Wijchen CCG De Walden of 1379 p.

Weert 1st District 2 Province Friesland ’96 3375 p.

And the most appealing victory of 2017 so far has been won by NL15-1163294 Fausto. this cock wins the sprint race from Weert in District 2 in Province Friesland '96 against 3375 pigeons. It was also Arie's first teletext prize this season, since Weert was oficially a sprint teletext race. Fausto also claims a second prize against 10,292 pigeons.

NL15-1163294 Fausto, 2nd sprint teletext race Weert 10,292 p.


Fausto, the winner of the race from Weert, is proving to be the relevation of this season. He has won five top 15 placings so far against an average of 2,870 pigeons. He won several top results in 2016 as well:


10-06    Weert        229 km    1 - 3375 p. ( 2 – 10292 p.)
22-04    Weert        229 km    6 - 4333 p. (43 - 20353 p.)
06-05    Heusden-Z.   255 km    7 - 2505 p. (78 - 20820 p.)
27-05    Wijchen      164 km   10 - 1379 p.
15-04    Gennep       179 km   15 - 2771 p. (62 - 21289 p.)


23-04    Weert        229 km    2 – 7929 p. ( 3 - 20388 p.)
14-05    Quiévrain    360 km    9 - 3521 p. (99 - 17025 p.)
17-09    Duffel       267 km   11 - 2403 p.
16-04    Deurne       205 km   27 - 8512 p. (56 - 21116 p.)

Fausto is a son of NL12-1000965 Vince, which is in turn a descendant of Okidoki, 2nd National Ace Pigeon one day long distance in 2008. The dam of Fausto is BE12-6023410 Gastorina, which comes directly from Gaston van de Wouwer (Berlaar, BE). Gastorina is a granddaughter of the renowned Kaasboer (BE98-6335690), Gaston's world famous breeder. Click here for the pedigree of Fausto.

NL12-1000965 Vince (son of Okidoki), sire of Fausto

BE12-6023410 Gastorina (granddaughter of Kaasboer), the dam of Fausto

To be continued

We will see next week if Arie Dijkstra will continue to deliver after an already very succesful start to the 2017 season, which has now well and truly started. We are quite confident he will.