Arie Dijkstra from Oudwoude (NL): Frisian topper in the races from 500 to 1200 km

King Winter has been temporarily expelled from our country. The ice skates can go back in the cupboard and the Elfsteden fever has disappeared. Rain, rain and more rain. The rivers are overflowing and suddenly everybody has forgotten the winter weather.

It didn’t stop raining during our trip to Oudwoude either. And yes, our knowledge of geography is also being tested. Oudwoude in Friesland, where is that exactly? It is in the north-east of Friesland, hast 839 inhabitants and belongs to the borough Kollumerland. It lies on the northern edge of Wouden, where the landscape turns into salt marshes. To give you a better idea: it is situated about 10 kilometres from the Wadden sea and the Lauwersmeer, not far from the border with Groningen. Oudwoude is the residence of Arie Dijkstra, the current principal person. Arie lives in a characteristic old ‘Woudhuisje’, which was built in 1895. He is a passionate pigeon fancier, whose pigeons have performed formidably for years in the races from 500 kilometres and more. His greatest passion is the long distance and this 44 year old maestro lives for these races. It is time to introduce him to you .

How it all came into being 

For the first years of his life Arie grew up as son of professional soldier Enne Dijkstra in Kollum. Father Enne started with the pigeon sport in 1968 and was always successful, in 1972 he was transferred to Germany and the whole family and pigeons went with him. They were Tournier pigeons from Willem and Piter Beerda. These pigeons also performed very well in Germany. In 1977 the Dijkstra family returned to the Netherlands and settled in Kollumerpomp, situated directly on the Lauwersmeer. That was the moment that Arie also started racing pigeons. They became members in Kollum and once again Tournier pigeons were obtained from Willem and Piter Beerda. And the performances went well, because in 1980 they were included in the provincial championships and had the 5th Best Hen W.H.Z.B. In 1981 they moved to the neighbouring Buitenpost. There they discovered that the Tournier pigeons were also capable of the tough work. They raced six pigeons from Bergerac, which were liberated on Sunday in very warm weather and a north-easterly wind. On the Monday there were only 16 pigeons home from the entire province and the competition was regulatory closed later in the week. Enne and Arie Dijkstra were no less than 1st, 5th, 9th and 15th Formidable! In 1982 and 1983 Willem and Piter Beerda copied them with their Tournier pigeons with a 1st Bergerac of the entire province.

Due to a broken leg from playing football, Arie was able to focus entirely on the pigeon sport. His teachers were his father and Piter Beerda. There came a very good period for Enne and Arie Dijkstra, beginning with the 3rd General Championship not nominated and nominated province Friesland NBvZ and ending with the 1st Union Championship of the NBvZ in 1993. In that last year the majority of the pigeons were sold when father Enne was once again called up as a soldier. During that period Arie was just finishing his ‘Social Geography’ studies. In this context he also did some research for the NPO at the time, including researching the loss of members. It is very ironic that the conclusions of this report have all come out over the last few years. The now graduated Arie was unable to find work in his chosen study, so he switched over to the field of automation. There now followed a period in which Arie worked in the west of the country. During that period father Enne continued to race pigeons. In 2002 Arie was registered as disabled due to crippling headaches and returned to Friesland. There he bought the ‘woudhuisje’ in Oudwoude in 2003, where he still lives. Behind the house there is a beautiful racing loft, the breeding pigeons find their home base in the big shed. And the success soon came. In 2005 for example. 2nd Keizer Multi day long distance from the province and in 2006 2nd Keizer extreme middle distance from the province. Since 2005 Arie has managed to place himself by the first four Keizer Generals of the strong Fries Fond club every year, with as highlight 1st Keizer General in the 2010 season !

Basis pigeons

Arie’s breeding loft consists of 35 breeding couples. Of these, 20 are proven breeding coupes, in other words they have produced two or more good racing pigeons. The other 15 couples have still to prove themselves. The current basis consists of :

  • Tournier pigeons via Willem and Piter Beerda .
  • The blood of the ‘Oude Bange’ from the Gebr. Janssen. In 1980 Arie and Enne borrowed a grandson of this world pigeon from Piter Beerda, from which they bred the necessary goods .
  • In 1994 pigeons were obtained from Steven van Breemen, which were pigeons out a crossing Enne Dijkstra x Desmet Mathijs .
  • In 2001 there came eggs from Jos and Jules Engels, Putte (B) out the line of ‘Den 231’. In 2003 there also came Engels pigeons out the same line from Anton Ruitenberg, Zwolle .
  • In 2003 they obtained Tournier pigeons once again. Now from Jelle Jellema, whose basis pigeons also generally consist of Tournier pigeons via Piter Beerda .

They always breed back to the old Tournier basis. So is the ‘Oude Belg’ from Piter Beerda, a direct Tournier, and still very much present in the strain .

  • New acquisitions over the last few years are: 1st National Poitiers from Jelle Jellema – a half-sister of ‘Amoré’ from C. & G. Koopman and a full sister of ‘Dolce Vita’, the wonder hen of Pieter and Gea Veenstra .

The above mentioned pigeons are crossed with the line of ‘Okidoki’, the current top pigeon from the loft of Arie Dijkstra. This ‘Okidoki’ was 2nd National Ace pigeon 1-day long distance, won 2 x a 2nd NPO and a 3rd NPO and is a son of the current top breeding couple ‘Leonardo’ x ‘Thinkelbel’. This super couple produces three or four very good children every year .

The passion of  Arie Dijkstra

Arie has been passionate about the pigeon sport since he was a child. During his military service in ’t Harde he visited the former great master Jac. Wolff in Wezep several times per week, with whom he spoke a great deal about the pigeons. When you talk to Arie about the pigeons the passion and enthusiasm is very clear. You can see in the loft that he spends a lot of time caring and coaching his pigeons. He says: ‘The character of the pigeons is very important to me. And that begins with the youngsters. I have tranquil pigeons, pigeons from other lofts clearly have to acclimatise here. I clean the lofts regularly whilst the pigeons are still present. That is good for making the pigeon calm. I soon see if a pigeon is feeling ill or behaves in a different manner. I am resolute in selecting by health and hate pigeons with airway problems. At the moment I have a strong and healthy stock of pigeons. I didn’t visit a vet to check the droppings for ten years. Medically I limit myself to treating them once or twice a year for tricho, the compulsory paramixo-vaccination and treatment for lice. Maybe I will visit Nanne Wolff more often in the future for a preventive control’. And why the preference fort eh long distance? ‘Nowadays the short work is over with too quickly to really be able to enjoy it. Extreme middle distance and multi day long distance races are beautiful’ says Arie, who is a member of P.V. ‘De Koerier’ in Buitenpost. In the past he was active as chairman of the Friesian Fond club and as treasurer of the Friesian Champions day. Partly through the crippling headaches, which he still has from time to time, he no longer has a function on the governing board .    


Lofts and loft stock 

The loft stock consists here of :

  • 35 breeding couples
  • 45 racing couples, divided into 28 racing couples for the programme races and  17 racing couples for the multi day long distance races. The first two multi day long distance races are raced with a nest, the everything is raced in total widowhood due to the large amount of work. The programme pigeons are always raced in total widowhood .
  • 120 youngsters for own use, wherefrom they usually start the racing season with 105. At the end of the season there are usually about 90 to 95 youngsters over, which implicates that they don’t lose many .           

The breeding pigeons are housed in the shed. The most important breeding pairs sit in boxes in the attic .

The racing pigeons live in a beautifully big racing loft, which is divided into a few sections. Behind all these sections there is a large corridor. The high roof ensures plenty of oxygen. The loft is dry. When Arie mops up after his pigeons have bathed in the loft then it is dry within the hour .

The quiet season 

Last season they also raced the late races in widowhood instead of with a nest. Conclusion: there was hardly any difference in the performances. Directly after the last race the pigeons were separated and all the pigeons underwent a selection. They are let out for a few weeks, then they remain inside. They soon start moulting and nature can take its course. In the autumn of 2010 they treated the pigeons for the first time for paratyphoid with a  trimetopinsulfa cure from vet Nanne Wolff out Wezep. At the beginning of 2011 they were checked out and were completely clean. Arie Dijkstra mixes his own feed. As basis he uses Breed/Sport Excellent from Wielink. To this he adds cardy – white dari – katjang – vicia – paddy and hemp. According to Arie it resembles a kind of Wal Zoontjens mixture. During the moulting period and in the winter extra barley and paddy is also given. Throughout the year the pigeons are given a nibbling seed mixture consisting of weed – flax – white seed – parakeet seed – katjang – hemp and cardy. At the beginning of December the pigeons receive their paramixo-vaccination. The breeding pigeons are coupled in the middle of December. At the end of January the racing pigeons are coupled. The 2nd round of eggs from the breeders are placed under the racing pigeons. They breed again with the better racing pigeons. The racing pigeons for the multi day long distance are separated after brooding for four days with the 1st brood and are later coupled again, so that they can be raced with a nest for  the first two long distance races. The programme pigeons are in widowhood from the middle of March. They don’t lay eggs twice. The hens are usually taken away earlier, so that the cocks can raise the youngsters alone for the last few days. When the youngsters are 24 days old they are weaned. When the racing pigeons are brooding for the first time they are let out. The build-up of the training is done very carefully for the first two weeks. Cocks and hens are let out for an hour every day for two weeks. After two weeks the training is sharpened to finally result in the trainings intensity of: cocks one and a half hours in the morning and an hour in the afternoon, hens two hours in the afternoon. In the second week of March the pigeons are taken away five times to a maximum distance of 50 kilometres. In the first training race of the province ( Heino, distance 95 kilometres) everything is basketted. They are then sometimes also trained during the week. Basically all the pigeons are basketted weekly after the first race. From March Arie starts with his drinking water cure. He prepares 20 litres of water in the Friday. In this water there is also garlic and onion and 10 dessertspoons of herbs from Natural. He leaves this overnight and this water is given to the pigeons on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. This drinking water is given up to and including September !

The racing season 

During the racing season the pigeons are entered for the programme races every week. A pigeon is only kept home in exceptional circumstances. The pigeons never get to see each other before being basketted! The pigeons are given their three day herb cure every week. With the extreme middle distance in mind the pigeons are given a five day cure for tricho after the 3rd sprint race. The feed is the same as described above by the moult, with extra barley being added to the feed in the sprint races. From the 1st middle distance race the barley is removed. Starting in March Top Energy Oil from DHP is added to the feed every two weeks, along with lecithin. This is sometimes combined with fruit syrup with vitamins and minerals. During the extreme long distance the pigeons are also given an extra nibbling seed mixture with an average of 15 to 20 peanuts per day on Tuesday and Wednesday prior to the day of basketting. On Thursday afternoon at 14h00 nibbling seeds once again with a few peanuts. If it is a fast race then maybe this is all too much, but by a tough extreme middle distance race, don’t forget this is one of the longest distances, then this extra energy is necessary!

The overnight pigeons receive a similar preparation, but there is a difference in the timing. Between the overnight races they are not basketted very often. They then have a super sprint race or are trained alongside the youngsters. These overnight pigeons are usually given three multi day long distance races. In 2010 Arie made an exception with one pigeon, which promptly raced 4/4 .


The game with the youngsters is not considered very important here. The care is the same as by the old racing pigeons. At the end of March Arie begins with darkening and from the middle of July lighting is used until the end of the late races. Arie tries to do well in the NPO races. This leaves him more time and the races with the old pigeons have practically ended. The youngsters are trained eight times by Arie himself to a maximum of 50 kilometres. From the 5th race onwards the youngsters are raced naturally. The selection is mainly based on the results achieved in the NPO races 


Time flies when you are talking to a man like Arie Dijkstra. Everything indicates that we are dealing with a real top fancier here. And a man with ambitions. The title of 1st Keizer General from the Friesian Fond club in 2010 was a great aim which has been achieved. Shining in the NPO races and National races are his mission! I am convinced that we are going to hear a lot more about him over the next few years. Thank you for this fine interview .


 • 1st Keizer general Friesian Fond Club
• 1st General Not nominated Friesian Fond Club
• 1st Champion Not nominated Multi day long distance (incl. Orange) Province Friesland ‘96
• 1st Keizer Multi day long distance National Basketting centre
• 1st Champion Not nominated Multi day long distance National Basketting centre
• 1st Pigeon champion Multi day long distance National Basketting centre
• 1st General Old Nominated district “De Wâlden”
• 1st Champion Nominated Middle distance district “De Wâlden”
• 1st Champion Not nominated 1-day long distance p.v. “De Koerier”
• 1st Champion Nominated 1-day long distance p.v. “De Koerier”
• 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th  Pigeon champion 1-day long distance p.v. “De Koerier”
• 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th Ace pigeon Old p.v. “De Koerier”
• 1st Champion Not nominated Middle distance p.v. “De Koerier”
• 1st Champion Nominated Middle distance  p.v. “De Koerier”
• 1st Champion Nominated Late races p.v. “De Koerier”
• 1st General Nominated p.v. “De Koerier”
• 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 8th and 9th Pigeon champion Late races p.v. “De Koerier”
• 4th National Champion “1 day Fondspiegel” Cat. 8
• 3rd Champion 1-day long distance NPO races Province Friesland '96 


“Leonardo” is a son of “De Big Boom” x “Evita” and “Tinkelbel is a daughter of  “De Lichte Morlincourt” x “Daughter Dikke Blauwe”. “The Lichte Morlincourt” is a son of “The Late v.d. Strik”, which is then a full brother of  “The Big Boom ”.

NL07-4286205, “Okidoki”:

 • 2nd National Ace pigeon 1-day long distance Wie Heeft Ze Beter 2008
• 2nd National Ace pigeon 1-day long distance NPO 2008
• 1st Morlincourt 1.620 p.
• 1st Ablis 2.186 p.
• 1st Orléans 1.930 p.
• 2nd NPO Ablis 9.296 p.
• 2nd NPO Orléans 6.469 p.
• 3rdNat. Morlincourt 7.053 p.
• 47th NPO Duffel 19.262 p.
• 53rd NPO Chantilly 13.247 p.
• 81stNPO Arras 18.112 p  . 

NL07-4286023, “Boogie”:

 • 1st Ace pigeon Old Friesian Fond Club 2009
• 1st Ace pigeon 1-day long distance Friesian Fond Club 2009
• 1st Chateauroux 261 p.
• 10th NPO La Ferté s-Jouarre 13.350 p.
• 26thNat. Frankfurt a.d. Oder 4.757 p.
• 26th NPO Chateauroux 1.418 p.
• 44th NPO Ablis 11.946 p.
• 82ndNPO Pithiviers 8.510 p.  

“Tinkelbel” is with “Leonardo” and “Elrond” (brother “Leonardo”) now already grandparent of :

 1st Forchheim, End Race Sauerland Derby (One loft Race) 2010
4th Wroclaw, End Race International German Open (One Loft Race) 2009
1st Ablis                   802 p.        7th Provincial         Rekkem         19.409 p.
1st Hasselt                 382 p.      18th NPO/National        Blois           1.112 p.
1st Arras                   343 p.      19th NPO/National        Troyes          7.543 p.
1st St. Quentin             142 p.      20th NPO/National        Troyes          7.543 p.
1st Signy-Signetz           132 p.      39th NPO/National        Sens            6.740 p.
1st Troyes                  127 p.      46th NPO/National        Sens            8.610 p.
1st Sezanne                 124 p.      52nd NPO/National        Ablis          11.945 p.
1st Sezanne                  68 p.      62nd NPO/National        Sezanne         8.822 p.
2nd Pithiviers              176 p.      63rd NPO/National        Blois           1.112 p.
2nd Troyes                  127 p.      64th Provincial          Boxtel         10.848 p.
2nd Menen                   103 p.      64th NPO/National        Sezanne         8.822 p.
2nd Sezanne                  68 p.      67th NPO/National        Blois           1.956 p.
3rd Arras                   330 p.      80th NPO/National        Troyes          6.871 p.
3rd Pommeroeul              194 p.      95th NPO/National        Sens            6.740 p.
3rd Sezanne                 124 p.      97th NPO/National        Blois           1.112 p .

133rd NPO/National        Signy-Signetz        8.664 p.
135th Provincial          Hasselt             19.149 p.
147th NPO/National        Sezanne              7.549 p.
156th Provincial          Boxtel              10.848 p.
171st NPO/National        Signy-Signetz        8.822 p.
176th Provincial          Rekkem              17.429 p.
191st Provincial          Menen               10.160 p.
193rd NPO/National        Signy-Signetz        8.664 p . 


NL09-4210205, “Ramses”

 • 1st Ace pigeon Old p.v. De Koerier 2010
• 1st Menen 2.687 p.
• 20th NPO Menen 8.946 p.
• 21st NPO Sens 6.740 p.
• 27thS. Prov. Pommeroeul 6.804 p. 

NL08-4200302, "Stone"

 • 1st Hazeldonk 1.996 p. (1st - 129 p. /45th NPO 9.525 p.)
• 6th Chateauroux 261 p. (53rd NPO 1.418 p.)
• 9th Frankfurt a.d. Oder 643 p. (63rd Nat. 2.483 p.)
• 12nd Blois 251 p. (44th NPO 1.112 p.)
• 21st Sens 1.508 p. (62nd NPO 6.740 p.)
• 29th La Ferté s-Jouarre 5.120 p. (51st NPO 13.350 p.)
• 46th Troyes 1.830 p. (134th NPO 7.543 p.)
• 47th Isnes 2.062 p. (210th S. Prov. 8.810 p.)
• 66th Pithiviers 1.885 p. (272nd NPO 8.510 p.)
• 74th Duffel 1.321 p. (282nd S. Prov. 5.698 p.)
• 93rd Isnes 2.254 p. (318th S. Prov. 6.544 p.)
• 110th Ablis 4.173 p. (218th NPO 11.946 p.)
• 118th Boxtel 5.776 p. (233rd S. Prov. 10.848 p.)
• 118th Meer 2.467 p. (774th S. Prov. 10.501 p.)
• 118th Sezanne 3.158 p. (329th NPO 8.822 p.)
• 120th Hasselt 3.115 p. (943rd Prov. 24.923 p.)
• 126th Deventer 1.603 p. (548th S. Prov. 8.019 p.)
• 151st Menen 2.162 p. (817th NPO 8.936 p.)
• 186th Sens 1.774 p. (671st NPO 7.854 p.)
• 192nd Pommeroeul 2.579 p. (782nd NPO 20.672 p.)
• 2nd Ace pigeon Old district De Wâlden 2010
• 7th Ace pigeon 1-day long distance Friesian Fond Club 2009
• 9th Ace pigeon 1-day long distance Friesian Fond Club 2010
• (In 2010: 18x prize and within two years in the 1-day long distance13x raced 13x prize,)
• - Son of stock couple “The Big Boom” x “Evita”  

NL09-4210157, "Julius"

 • 1st Meer 2.467 p. (18th S. Prov. 10.501 p.)
• 1st Deventer 375 p. (161st S. Prov. 8.019 p.)
• 5th Pommeroeul 4.038 p. (16th S. Prov. 7.698 p.)
• 6th Hasselt 5.784 p. (28th Prov. 22.031 p.)
• 14th Hazeldonk 1.996 p. (122nd Prov. 9.525 p.)
• 16th Strombeek 2.142 p. (33rd S. Prov. 4.172 p.)
• 16th Pommeroeul 1.638 p. (52nd S. Prov. 6.804 p.)
• 33rd Boxtel 5.776 p. (71st S. Prov. 10.848 p.)
• 85th Duffel 2.808 p. (127th S. Prov. 5.216 p.)
• 63rd Hedel 3.274 p. (226th S. Prov. 7.007 p.)
• 89th Zutphen 2.631 p. (586th S. Prov. 10.704 p.)
• 110th Hasselt 4.083 p. (213rd Prov. 19.149 p.)
• 156th Boxtel 4.880 p. (677th Prov. 21.579 p.)
• 183rd Boxtel 2.633 p. (908th Prov. 23.536 p.)
• 2nd Ace pigeon Sprint p.v. De Koerier '10
• 3rd Ace pigeon Sprint ccg De Wâlden '10
• 3rd Ace pigeon Late races p.v. De Koerier ‘10
• (In 2010: 13x prize, wherefrom 7x by the best 1%)
• - Zoon van “Lance” x “Het Strikje 729”. 
 “Het Strikje 729” is a new super breeding hen and daughter of “The Big Boom” x “Evita". 

NL09-4210207, "Lionel"

 • 1st Boxtel 5.776 p. (1st S. Prov. 10.848 p.)
• 1st Blois 129 p. (11st NPO 1.112 p.)
• 13rd Menen 2.162 p. (193rd NPO 8.936 p.)
• 24th Sens 1.774 p. (67th NPO 7.854 p.)
• 32nd Sens 1.508 p. (84th NPO 6.740 p.)
• 43rd Wavre 1.294 p. (204th Prov. 13.421 p.)
• 78th Meer 2.467 p. (576th S. Prov. 10.501 p.)
• 156th Troyes 1.830 p. (430th NPO 7.543 p.)
• 217th Morlincourt 2.234 p. (397th NPO 4.109 p.)
• 259th St. Quentin 3.766 p. (877th NPO 13.165 p.)
• 261st Boxtel 4.880 p. (961st Prov. 21.579 p.)
• 271st Isnes 2.256 p. (2107th NPO 19.797 p.)
• 297th Pommeroeul 4.038 p. (594th S. Prov. 7.698 p.)
• 380th Hasselt 4.083 p. (659th Prov. 19.149 p.)
• 15th Ace pigeon 1-day long distance “Northern Union”. (In 2010: 15x prize, wherefrom 10x by the best 10%)
• - Son of “Conan“ x “Aphrodite“. “Aphrodite” is the new super talent for the breeding loft. 
  She is a daughter of “The Big Boom” x “Evita”  

NL09-4210138, "Pearl"

  1st Sens 1.508 p. (5th NPO 6.740 p.)
• 14th Strombeek 2.142 p. (31st S. Prov. 4.172 p.)
• 18th Boxtel 4.880 p. (207th Prov. 21.579 p.)
• 25th Duffel 1.025 p. (183rd S. Prov. 4.727 p.)
• 34th Boxtel 5.776 p. (72nd S. Prov. 10.848 p.)
• 40th Hasselt 4.083 p. (77th Prov. 19.149 p.)
• 42nd Wavre 1.294 p. (200th Prov. 13.421 p.)
• 64th Duffel 1.186 p. (232nd S. Prov. 5.219 p.)
• 96th Heteren 3.412 p. (396th Prov. 28.959 p.)
• 104th Pommeroeul 1.634 p. (326th S. Prov. 4.510 p.)
• 152nd Deventer 1.603 p. (608th S. Prov. 8.019 p.)
• 153rd Hazeldonk 1.996 p. (560th NPO 9.525 p.)
• 154th Hedel 3.274 p. (426th S. Prov. 7.007 p.)
• 305th Zutphen 2.631 p. (1462nd S. Prov. 10.704 p.)
• 367th St. Quentin 3.766 p. (1301st NPO 13.165 p.)
• 445th Hasselt 5.784 p. (992nd Prov. 22.031 p.)
• 1st Ace pigeon Late races p.v. De Koerier 2010
• 2nd Ace pigeon Old p.v. De Koerier 2010
• 3rd Ace pigeon Super Sprint district De Wâlden 2010
• 4th Ace pigeon Sprint p.v. De Koerier 2010
• (In 2010: 19x prize)
• - Daughter of “Ramon” x “The Engels 67”. “Ramon” is a son of “The Late v.d. Strik” x “Daughter the Grey Orléanske”. 
   “The Late v.d. Strik” is a brother of “The Big Boom”