Arie Dijkstra (Oudwoude, NL) excels again this season with 4 teletext prizes and a high number of top references

Arie Dijkstra can look back on an outstanding 2015 season, having won four teletext prizes in his own loft. The high number of performances in other lofts demonstrates the level of quality of the Dijkstra breed once again.

Arie Dijkstra had another highly successful season in 2015

Season after season Arie Dijkstra shows that he is one of the very best fanciers in the Province of Friesland '96. He continued to come into prominence this season, thanks to four teletext prizes. In addition, he won an ace pigeon title old birds in the highly competitive Rayon CCG De Walden. His young birds had a splendid season as well: no less than five young birds finished in the top ten in the Rayon's ace pigeon championship. A number of top breeders came to the fore this season as well, and the high number of top performances shows that the Dijkstra pigeons have been successfully introduced in numerous other lofts. We would like to talk you through some of the most successful racing and breeding pigeons of 2015.

NL13-1581496 Ravi, 1st Zutphen 4697 p. and 10th NPO Orange 861 p.


We start off with the chequered two year old cock NL13-1581496 Ravi, which shows to have the versatility that is characteristic of any Arie Dijkstra pigeon. He managed to win the sprint race from Zutphen (126km) in Entente C in the early season, on 11 April, taking the win against 4,696 pigeons with a velocity of 1668 m/min. Arie was then basketed for the marathon race from Orange in July. The pigeons in his Province were released on the 10 of July at 06:45am. Ravi was clocked at 07:55am the following morning, completing 1022km with a velocity of 916 m/min. It resulted in a 10th prize NPO against 861 pigeons (and an 11th national Sector 4 1,596 p.), as well as a teletext prize. The sire of Ravi, the BE12-4310453 Pancho 453, originates from Chris Hebberecht (Evergem, BE), being a grandson of both the BE99-4262210 Pancho and the BE01-4094638 Champion. Both his grandfathers have won the title of 2nd National ACe Pigeon one day long distance NPO KBDB (in 2004 and 2005 respectively). You can find the pedigree of Ravi here.

NL12-1000939 Mutai, 10th NPO Chateauroux 2809 p.


The national one day long distance race from Chateauroux took place on the 18th of July, a race in which the pigeons from up north had to cover almost 800km. The pigeons of Dijkstra are on top of their game in these demanding races, as was demonstrated by NL12-1000939 Mutai. He arrived back home just over nine and a half hours after the release, achieving a velocity of 1353 m/min. He also won a teletext prize for Arie Dijkstra: a 10th NPO against 2809 pigeons. The sire of Mutai, NL09-4210135 Fjodor, is a grandson of Arie's breeding pair NL01-5163851 De Big Boom x NL01-5163844 Evita. The youngsters and grandchildren of this invaluable breeding pair have won more than 100 first prizes so far. Click here for the pedigree of Mutai. Mutai won the following titles in the course of his career:

1st  Ace Pigeon one day long dist.   Long Distance Club Friesland    2013
1st  Ace Pigeon old birds            Entente "De Eenheid"            2013

NL14-1390503 Mano Manos, 1st Ace Pigeon old birds CCG De Walden 2015

Mano Manos  

The chequered cock NL14-1390503 Mano Manos showed to be a highly consistent performer this season. He managed to win no less than 20 prizes in 2015 (including 15 prizes per ten), which was more than enough to win the ace pigeon title old birds in CCG De Walden. Mano Manos is a son of  NL11-1107215 Octavio. You can find the pedigree of Mano Manos here. Below is a brief overview of his most important titles and his best race results:

1st   Ace Pigeon old birds  CCG  De Walden    2015
1st   Ace Pigeon old birds  P.V. De Dowetille 2015
1st   Varsseveld          (151 km)       109 p.
2nd   Zutphen             (126 km)     1,485 p.
16th  Souppes-sur-Loing   (615 km)     6,892 p. (NPO Province Friesland)
16th  Quiévrain           (360 km)     2,918 p.
20th  Quiévrain           (360 km)     2,367 p.

NL11-1107215 Octavio, a talented new breeder in Arie Dijkstra's pigeon collection

Octavio, a talented new breeder

The sire of Mano Manos, NL11-1107215 Octavio, has become the new rising star in Arie's breeding loft. The sire of Octavio is NL09-4210207 Lionel, another grandson of Big Boom x Evita. That line was successfully combined with a number of top class pigeons of Jules Engels (Putte, BE). Click here for the pedigree of Octavio. Octavio bred the successful Mano Manos, along with several more prize winners:

NL13-1581423 Vito    1st  Quiévrain      2,528 p.
                     2nd  Weert          2,603 p.
NL13-1581342 Valko   2nd  Quiévrain      2,528 p.
                     9th  Weert          2,603 p.
                     10th Sens           1,816 p.
NL14-1390687 Monet   6th  Dutch pigeon final SA Million Dollar Pigeon Race 2015

NL11-1107109 Genesis, sire of 2nd NPO Souppes-sur-Loing 6892 p.

Genesis, grandson Leonardo x Tinkelbel

The wonderful blue white cock NL11-1107109 Genesis turned out to be an exceptionally talented breeder as well and his youngsters appear to have inherited his qualities. His sire NL07-4286023 Boogie (1st Provincial Ace Pigeon 2009 one day long distance FFC and 11th National Ace Pigeon one day long distance fondspiegel 2009) is another pigeon bred from Arie's outstanding stock pair NL05-1857139 Leonardo x NL04-4256369 Tinkelbel. In addition, Genesis is a grandson of Big Boom x Evita (Leonardo's parents). Click here for the pedigree of Genesis. Genesis is the sire of:

NL12-1000973 Oscar    1st St.-Quentin        3,182 p. (5th NPO 12,155 p.)
                      1st Gennep             4,804 p.
NL14-1390594 The 594  1st Souppes-sur-Loing  2,519 p. (2nd NPO  6,892 p.)

Young birds

Arie has proven in 2015 that it is still possible to compete in all the young bird races without being faced with a high number of losses. He started the young bird season in the race from Zutphen in late July with 131 young birds. Seven weeks later, in the national young birds' classic from Reims, he still had a team of 115 young birds ready to be basketed. The following young birds finished in the top 10 in the ace pigeon championship in CCG De Walden:

1st  Ace Pigeon  NL15-1163300 (from a daughter of Okidoki = son Leonardo x Tinkelbel)
5th  Ace Pigeon  NL15-1163169 (from a son of Boogie = son Leonardo x Tinkelbel)
8th  Ace Pigeon  NL15-1163281 (from a son of Big Boom x daughter Okidoki)
9th  Ace Pigeon  NL15-1163235 (from a grandson of Leonardo x Tinkelbel x gr.d. Leonardo)
10th Ace Pigeon  NL15-1163290 (from a son of Leonardo x Tinkelbel)


The list of references keeps getting more impressive. In 2015 it was Jacob Poortvliet (Surhuizum, NL) who came into prominence with his NL14-1394978 Blue Princess, which won the title of 1st National Ace Pigeon one day long distance 2015 in the WHZB/TBOTB competition. Both her parents were bred from direct Dijkstra pigeons, and are closely related to the lines of Leonardo and Tinkelbel. Click here for an overview of the best Dijkstra references in 2014 and 2015.

Closing words

Arie Dijkstra, Leonardo x Tinkelbel and Big Boom x Evita. They sound like the names of the towns that sit along the course of the Elfstedentocht, the famous skating tour in Friesland. Arie has managed to create a pigeon family characterised by great vitality; they perform well under any circumstances. Arie and many other fanciers have been able to take full advantage of his outstanding breed.