Arie Dijkstra (Oudwoude, NL) - descendants of Leonardo x Tinkelbel excel across the globe

As I approach Arie's home I can already spot him sitting in his living room. Arie is not holding a pigeon this time but a guitar. As I enter the house, I spot a book about Pearl Jam. Clearly the Dijkstra family is not only about pigeon racing. Arie is musically gifted, "but I will always be a better fancier than a musician".

Arie Dijkstra holding his NL15-1163199, "Gregor"

The groundwork for this pigeon breed was laid in 1968. Arie's father started keeping pigeons in 1968, and he turned into a fairly successful player in just a few years' time. The breed is based around pigeons of Willem and Piter Beerda. Arie was born in 1966 and he grew up with pigeons; he was visiting his father's loft already at an early age. He is now racing on his own in races of 100 all the way up to 1000km, still using the same set of pigeons. He now has has 40 years of experience and selection under his belt, and we can say that his pigeon breed is now his masterpiece. What we did notice about Arie's pigeons, is that they continue to deliver very talented descendants, not only here but in other lofts as well. These pigeons are excellent breeders indeed.

Leonardo ad Tinkelbel
All of Arie's modern-day top birds are related to Leonardo and Tinkelbel. These two birds were paired for many years, and they bred the now world famous Okidoki in the early days. We are now 11 years later, and this pair is still the cornerstone of Arie's pigeon family. His breeding loft is now home to 10 youngsters of the Leonardo x Tinkerbel breeding pair.

"Okidoki", de eerste van vele cracks uit het koppel Leonardo maal Tinkerbel

Arie is a passionate pigeon fancier who feels very connected to his pigeons. When he walks around the lofts, his pigeons would often sit on his head or shoulders, just for fun or because they hope to get a peanut from him.

The stars of 2018
Three of Arie's pigeons have claimed a title this season, either in the district or in the Friesche Fondclub.
The first of them is NL15-1196199, which is also called Gregor. He became 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon Long Distance Morning Release FFC, after having won three top 10 prizes NPO earlier on. He is quite a star in the long distance. His dam is an inbred granddaughter of the pair Leonardo x Tinkelbel. He is related to "Pancho 453" from his father's side; this cock was obtained from Chris Hebberecht, to be crossed to Arie's own lines. This has been an excellent combination so far!

Click here for Gregor's pedigree, 1st ace pigeon morning release in the Friesche Fondclub.

"Leonardo", the cock in Arie Dijkstra's stock pair

Another eye catcher in the 2018 season was NL17-1579870, a racing hen and winner of the title of 1st Pigeon Champion one day long distance Friesche Fondclub East.
The sire of the 870 is a full brother of "Okidoki", which means she also comes from the pair Leonardo x Tinkelbel. She is a grandchild of the 600 from her mother's side, and this bird is a full sister of none other than Leonardo.

Click here for the pedigree of the NL17-157987.

And that brings us to "Cosmic" NL16-1004303. This hen is a granddaughter of Leonardo x Tinkelbel, and she is this year's 1st ace pigeon old birds in CCG De Walden. Her mother's side shows that another renowned Belgian bloodline has been introduced in this breed, in the form of Gastorina. She is a blue chequered hen with an eye that you can see right through. She is the dam of quite a few top class birds and ace pigeons here, and she comes from Gaston van de Wouwer.
Click here for her pedigree.

"Tinkelbel", the hen in Arie Dijkstra's stock pair

And these three title winners do not tell the whole story, as this team has numerous other birds capable of winning an early prize, and not only in their own loft in Oudwoude. It is hard to keep track of the number of fanciers that have excelled with Arie's pigeons. And this makes it easier for him to determine if an investment has been worth the while; he simply crosses them with their existing breed. Among his most successful introductions are pigeons of Peter Jansen, Chris Hebberecht and Gaston van de Wouwer.

`Pancho 453´, a successful introduction from the loft of Chris Hebberecht. He is the sire of Gregor, which we introduced earlier.

Here is a selection of the most recent references with descendants of the Leonardo x Tinkelbel breeding pair.

  • - 3e Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance NPO
  • - 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon General Lang Province 11
  • - 2nd Provincial Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance Province 11
  • - 3rd Provincial Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance Province 7
  • - 3rd Provincial Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance Province 6
  • - 1st NPO Gien 4,581 p. Prov. 7
  • - 1st + 4th National Sector 4 Quievrain 20,019 p. Prov. 11
  • - 1st Prov. Chimay 16,989 p. Prov. 11

Meanwhile, almost one million euro worth of prize money has been won in various One Loft Races with pigeons coming from the Arie Dijkstra breed.