Appie Dunnink - Staphorst (NL) has no fear.

Appie Dunnink has a proverbial apple tree in his pigeon loft. He has taken care of the ‘tree’ for years, together with his wife Ellis. And every year it gives them the best ‘fruit’; light chequer or slate coloured.


With which they distinguish themselves from all the others; they are quicker! Pigeons of an exceptional class which are produced from the proverbial apple tree. Who doesn’t know the saying “Sell the fruit, but not the tree…”, but this sentimentality is no longer applicable to Appie Dunnink. The tree will flower somewhere else next year. The father of the fruit will be uprooted and planted in new unknown ground.
It is ‘the stone red Walter’ who has brought the juice from the roots to the leaves. The tree flowered for many consecutive years and produced the following fruits :

The stone red Walter is father of :

 1st  Ablis NPO 552km against 10725 pigeons
1st  Boxtel          against 17075 pigeons
1st  Boxtel          against 13903 pigeons
1st  Boxtel          against 12855 pigeons
1st  Duffel          against 3353   pigeons
1st  Heteren         against 3694   pigeons
3rd   Morlincourt    against 6700   pigeons
4th   Lommel         against 9101   pigeons
10th  Pommeroeul     against 15791 pigeons

Appie Dunnink from Staphorst has built up a stock of pigeons which all relate back to the orchard. Pigeons with the characteristic that they can achieve first prizes in races varying from 150km to 550km. By luck in the lottery you speak of a fluke. If you have a pigeon like ‘the red Walter’ under your roof, then you have the jackpot. It is no coincidence that so many descendants of this pigeon show that they can race. With such a marvellous breeder, you have certainty. From that moment on you control the lottery. Anyone who has worked out the odds, can see that the odds of winning a first prize in a race are a lot higher with youngsters out ‘the red Walter’ .

And more grew in the Dunnink orchard :

 Black Power x the blue 566 is the other tree, out this couple stems the
1st Morlincourt National against 7053 pigeons 07-1268042
1st Ace pigeon youngsters district south prov. 10           08-2107877 

Appie has no regrets with his decision to sell these proven breeding pigeons. The tree will also be pruned further with the sale of :

The late Slate, father of the 

 1st champion pigeon youngsters prov.10 district 8 ’06     06-16586660
1st champion pigeon late races prov. 10 district 8 ’09  09-1735703
1st Strombeek     against 1916 pigeons 

Miss Bea, mother of the 

 1st Arras   against  2058 pigeons
3rd  Lommel  against 10937 pigeons
11th Arras   against  1483 pigeons
11th Lommel  against  2989 pigeons 

Miss Boxtel, mother of the 

 2nd Duffel     against 2332 pigeons
2nd St-Truiden against 3062 pigeons
6th Boxtel     against 3136 pigeons
Miss Boxtel raced 1st against 13903 pigeons 

Miss Ablis, 06-1658553

 1st Ablis NPO  against 15791 pigeons
10th Pommeroeul against 15791 pigeons
15th, 18th,24th,63rd, etc 

Appie is often away from home as he works as a lorry driver. His wife Ellis therefore has to do most of the work, caring for the pigeons. Appie likes to come home after every trip. Just like the Dunnink pigeons. They soon come home after the liberation, with which Appie manages to win the competitions. Appie and Ellis are well aware that they will be saying goodbye to very good breeders. Parting with them, and carrying on with enough descendants of these pigeons, which have already proved they are from good stock.  Appie has planted enough young trees to grow further with new shoots.
Grafted from the old stock, the orchard in Staphorst will soon flower again .