A.P. Overwater (Strijen, NL) takes the 1st National on a tough Bergerac

Extreme long distance legend A.P. Overwater takes the 1st National on the tough edition of Bergerac against 12,023 pigeons of 17th June. This wonderful achievement was on account of his pied cock 'De Turbo Hunter'.
A.P. holding De Turbo Hunter together with his wife Ria.

Due to the expected tough conditions the afternoon release from St. Vincent was moved to Bergerac (shorter distance) and it was decided to release in the morning instead. The reason for this were amongst others the high temperatures in the South of France, which could reach as high as 40 degrees Celsius in the afternoon. At 7:15AM, the 12,023 pigeons were released with a temperature of 30 degrees, a clear sky and hardly any wind. The expectations of a tough race would become reality. The winner reached an average speed of 1,167 m/min and only 87 of the 12,000 pigeons reached speeds above 1,000 m/min. The winner was clocked in Strijen at the famous A.P. Overwater. 

A.P. is a well-known figure in the International extreme long distance scene. In the past he has won 2x 1st National and had the 1st Ace Pigeon Barcelona across 4 years (2015-2018) with his Barcelona Turbo. He races ±170 pigeons (old birds and yearlings). A.P. his preferred races are the ZLU races, but now and again he will basket an afternoon release race as well. The pigeons are first raced on widowhood, whereafter they are paired and raced on eggs or a youngster of 5 days on the extreme long distance races. 

NL19-1629848 De Turbo Hunter, 1st National Bergerac (853 km) 12,023 pigeons

The arrival of De Turbo Hunter was quite remarkable. Friday evening A.P. had prepared his lofts, water, feed, and set everything in place for the arrival of his pigeons. He was playing on the swings with his grandsons when Mario Wijnen called to congratulate A.P with his early pigeon. A.P. didn't understand, but Mario said "you have a pigeon clocked on Compuclub Live". A.P. went to look in his lofts, and there he was...De Turbo Hunter. The winner was basketed on 5 day old youngsters which after arrival he immediately went to. He had been raced every week, also on the long distance from which he came back very well. Father of De Turbo Hunter is super breeder NL11-844 . This NL-844 is a.o. father of: 

3rd Nat. Narbonne '17
24th Nat. Agen S2 '16
37th Nat. Agen '17
42nd Nat. St.Vincent '18
48th Nat. Marseille '17
62nd Nat. Barcelona '20
63rd Nat. Perigueux '18
65th Nat. Pau '18
96th Nat. Pau '19

Grandmother of De Turbo Hunter is The Night Lady. She herself won 1st National Agen S2 against 3,357 pigeons with a 2 hour lead on nr. 2. Besides grandmother of De Turbo Hunter (1st National Bergerac) she is mother of The Lady Turbo (1st National Dax S2). She is both mother and grandmother of National winnners. The Night Lady was paired to Levi (Aat Kuyt). Levi won 1st National St. Vincent ZLU and 4th National St. Vincent NPO S2. 

The Night Lady, mother and grandmother of 2 National winners.
The Lady Turbo, 1st National Dax S2

What's next?

After the release of the Bergerac pigeons at 7:15, The Turbo Hunter arrived in Strijen at 19:26:10 across a distance of 853km. He was 52 m/min faster than the runner-up. The first large victory of the season has been reeled in. Now that the ZLU races start this weekend, A.P his favorite discipline, this victory might be a prelude for a beautiful and successful season.