Anthony Maes (Waregem, BE) has a great 2016 season with many highlights after an already exceptional 2015

Anthony achieved great results in 2015 with a 1st and 3rd Provincial Ace Pigeon KBDB Longer Middle Distance Old Birds, and his 2016 season was equally successful; his most important result this season was without doubt a 1st National Argenton, won by the outstanding Sero Sero.

Anthony and Chantal Maes

After their already impressive 2015 season Anthony and Chantal Maes surprised us again in 2016. Among their best results this season are a 1st National Argenton and three provincial first prizes. Click here for some of their best results of 2016. Most of their results can be attributed to Papillon and Sero Sero, two highly talented pigeons that proved particularly successful in recent years.

BE13-3002971 Papillon, 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance Old Birds

The most prominent racing bird of 2015 was Papillon, a pigeon with a truly astonishing palmares:

25/04/15 Clermont      Provincial 8,382 p. 64th
09/05/15 Fontenay      Provincial 9,261 p. 79th
17/05/15 Tours         Provincial 5,697 p.  2nd
30/05/15 Bourges I     Provincial 2,365 p.  1st
06/06/15 Châteauroux I Provincial 3,078 p.  1st
13/06/15 Guéret        Provincial 1,769 p. 14th

This racing hen won two provincial first prizes and a second provincial prize in just four weeks' time. She did great in the race from Guéret as well, and it was decided to no longer basket her after that race. At that moment she was holding a first place in the PIPA ranking for best old birds in the nationals with three prizes. She eventually finished in 9th place simply because she was no longer raced. Papillon showed her potential in her first year as an old bird, meeting the high expectations of the fanciers. She is in fact a daughter of Broer Sonja (BE04-3144281) x Beauty 847 (BE11-3168847), two outstanding breeding birds that have each bred quite a few excellent descendants. Broer Sonja is the sire of:

De Vechter 484/08:   An excellent racing bird and the sire of ’t Fontenaytje (BE-12-3041634) 
                     1st Zone Châteauroux 4,503 p. (1st Prov. 3,469 p.)
Den Bordeaux 241/11: 1st Prov. Bordeaux 854 p. (18th Nat. 5,480 p. and 23rd Int. 10,622 p.)
't Basserke 821/10 : 5th Prov. La Chatre 2,815 p. and 18th Prov. Blois 3,683 p. 
                     the dam of 606/12 Rostje (16th Prov. Argenton 3,024 p.
                     and 25th Prov. Blois 3,317 p.)

Broer Sonja, from the breed of Charles Matthys (Houtave, BE), comes from Jonge Valère x Toursduivin. The dam of Jonge Valère is 977/97, a granddaughter of a 2nd Nat. Limoges. Toursduivin was a great racing bird with many top results in smaller races on her palmares. Beauty 847, the dam of Papillon, originates from Bonten Provinciaal 261/06 x Pootie 627/07. Bonten Provinciaal is the dam of Favorietje (BE11-823) and two provincial winners, as well as the grandfather of the best two yearlings of 2015: the 001/14 and the 002/1. This 002/1 won a 3rd Prov. Bourges 1,415 p., a 10th Prov. Clermont 5,879 p., a 24th Prov. Limoges 5,879 p. and a 71st Prov. Châteauroux 5,063 p. His nest brother 001/14  did not miss a single prize in 2015.
Bonten Provinciaal, the sire of Beauty 847, is a great racing bird and winner of a 2nd Tours 421 p., a 4th Orléans 261 p. and a 7th Orléans 844 p. He is a son of Sonja, winner of several top przies and a sister of the sire of Papillon. This makes Papillon an inbred hen. Beauty 847 has bred quite a few talented descendants; two youngsters of 2015 have done quite well so far:

003/15: 1st Clermont 739 p., 28th Fontenay 710 p. and 21st Fontenay 502 p.
127/15: 4th Pontoise 150 p.,  5th Pontoise 254 p. and 6th Pontoise 460 p.

Click here for the full pedigree of Papillon.

BE13-3079100 Sero Sero, 3rd Prov. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance Old Birds

A second important pigeon in this team is Sero Sero. He was a summer youngster of 2013 so he only did a few training flights. However, he quickly showed his potential as a yearling, winning a 2nd Clermont 203 p., a 39th Provincial Chateaudun 3,101 p. and most importantly a 4th National Châteauroux of 21,515 p. And he set the bar even higher in 2015:

09/05/15 Fontenay       Provinciaal  9,261 p.  23rd
17/05/15 Tours          Provinciaal  5,697 p.   7th
13/06/15 Guéret         Provinciaal  1,769 p.   3rd
28/06/15 Argenton I     Nationaal   12,187 p.  31st
11/07/15 Châteauroux II Provinciaal  1,441 p. 116th
18/07/15 Tours          Provinciaal  1,416 p.   6th

These results eventually allowed him to become 3rd Provincial Ace Pigeon KBDB Longer Middle Distance. In contrast to Papillon (who was transferred to the breeding loft), Sero Sero was raced again in 2016. It was a risky decision but things really worked out for Anthony, as you can tell from Sero Sero's achievements this year:

24/04/16 Arras                          81 p.   2nd
01/05/16 Clermont                      245 p.  32nd
10/06/16 Châteauroux II National    25,126 p.  28th
25/06/16 Argenton       Provincial   2,644 p.  39th
09/07/16 Argenton       National     9,228 p.   1st (fastest of 21,644 p.)

Sero Sero comes from a son of Staf (Chris Debacker through Vermeulen-Dujardin) x Katy (from 806/05 x Sonja 238/04). Staf won the title of 3rd Prov. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance YLs for Chris. Breeding pair 805/05 x Sonja has been one of the best breeding pairs ever in the lofts of Anthony and Chantal. Click here to read more about the pedigree of Sero Sero. The pair 806/05 x Sonja are not just the parents of Sero Sero; they have also bred the following prize winners:

Bonten Provinciaal 261/06:    2nd Tours 421 p., 4th Orléans 261 p. and 7th Orléans 844 p.
                              Grandfather of 1st Ace Pigeon Papillon
De Witten 656/09:             Sire of Blanchke 
Den Braven 655/09:            2 x 1st Provincial Blois
Zero Twee 602/09:             6th Prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB
Emilia 832/11 (Rino Verheye): Breeding hen and the dam of top class racing bird 479/14 Hercules for Verheye
                              (1st Prov. Chateaudun 1,267 p. and 4th Prov. Chateaudun 3,316 p.)

A son of Sero and Sero and Papillon was raced for the first time this season, and he managed to win 6 prizes in 8 races, including:

 4th Pontoise 309 p. (and 14th Provincial 17,902 p.)
 3rd Pontoise 567 p. (and 124th Provincial 10,712 p.)
33rd Brionne  309 p.
42nd Pontoise 316 p.

Sero Sero and Papillon are without doubt the two leading names in the lofts of Anthony and Chantal, but there are several more successful pigeons in this team. It would be impossible to include each one of them, but we will be discussing a few of them in detail.

BE09-5000788 Rapido

Rapido managed to win 2 second provincial prizes in just 14 days. His palmares includes a 5th Ablis 185 p., 8th Ablis 315 p., 4th Orléans 402 p., 2nd Prov. Poitiers 1183 p., 21st Blois 1215 p. and 2nd Prov. Bourges 775. He then developed into an exceptional breeding bird, and he is now the sire of:

BE13-3046222 Triple Two:   6 x top 50 provincial of about 3,000 pigeons
BE13-3002893 De Vechter:   21st Provincial Fontenay     9,261 p.
                           36th Provincial Chateauroux  3,078 p.
                           46th Provincial Montlucon    1,167 p.
                           18th Provincial Chateauroux  1,441 p.
BE15-3007027 Het Touriske:  5th Provincial Tours        5,313 p.
                           12th Provincial Bourges        750 p.
                            9th Fontenay                  325 p.
                           66th Provinciaal Tours       6,083 p.
                           22nd Fontenay                  371 p.
BE14-095 (as a YB 8 pr.)    8th Fontenay                  736 p.
                           31st Provincial Chateauroux  4,003 p.
                           26th Provincial Argenton     4,732 p.
BE15-3007117 Pursang:       1th Clermont                  187 p.
                            2nd Fontenay                  191 p.
                            9th Pontoise                  150 p.
                            4th Fontenay                  119 p.
                            6th Fontenay                  248 p.
                           14th Fontenay                  143 p.
BE16-099 (as a YB 9 pr.)    2nd Brionne                   309 p.
                           20th Pontoise                  316 p.
                           40th Fontenay                  544 p.
                           47th Pontoise                  526 p.
                           73rd Pontoise                  569 p.

Rapido is also the grandfather of Jerommeke (Luc Delaere), 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon KBDB Longer Middle Distance 2016.

BE11-3168823 Favorietje

Favorietje is Anthony's favourite breeding hen. She is a full sister of Beauty 847, the dam of Papillon. This is not really a surprise, judging by the results of her youngster:

BE14-3006002 De Crack:  3rd Provincial Bourges       1,415 p.
                        1st Fontenay                   209 p.
                       10th Clermont                 5,879 p.
                       29th Provincial Limoges       1,364 p.
                       20th Provincial Tulle         1,028 p.
                       77th Provincial Chateauroux   5,063 p.
                        6th Provincial Bourges       2,500 p.
                       45th Provincial Tulle         1,306 p.

De Crack is also the sire of Argentonneke (BE16-084), 1st Provicial Argenton 4,595 p.

BE14-3006002 De Crack

BE14-3006001 De Wittekele:  15th Provinciaal Tulle        1,306 p.
                            12th Provinciaal Bourges      1,415 p.
                            81st Nationaal Jarnac         4,167 p.
                           251st Nationaal Limoges       13,493 p.
                           322nd Nationaal Brive          5,962 p.
                           125th Provinciaal Brive        1,330 p.

De Wittekele has not missed a single prize in the national races so far.

BE14-3006002 De Wittekele

BE15-044 Topper:  16th Provincial Compiègne    16,457 p.
                 110th Provincial Pontoise     12,885 p.
                  75th Provincial Pontoise      8,904 p.
                  81st Provincial Pontoise      5,784 p.
                  64th Provincial Argenton      1,907 p.
                  46th Provincial Chateauroux   1,159 p.
                  18th Fontenay                   710 p.

This year she became the dam of BE16-129, winner of seven prizes, and BE16-130, winner of six prizes, including a 2nd Provincial Chateauroux 3,594 pigeons.

BE11-3070111 Dochter Rudy

And finally we have the breeding hen Dochter Rudy. She is a direct Gaby Vandenabeele and the dam of quite a few top class racing birds:

BE12-075 De Montauban:  34th National Montauban     5,935 p.
                       475th National Brive         6,842 p.
BE13-877 De Libourne:   93rd Provincial Tours       3,831 p.
                        86th National Libourne      3,238 p.
                       227th National Jarnac        3,879 p.

De Libourne is also the sire of Het Zitterke, 8th National Ace Pigeon YBs KBDB 2015.

BE14-3006041 Bolleke:  37th Provincial Tours       5,697 p.
                        6th Provincial Argenton    2,644 p.
                       49th Provincial Tours       2,463 p.
                      338th National Chateauroux  25,126 p.
                       51st Provincial Tours       4,478 p.
                       21st Provincial Tours       2,122 p.
                       59th Provincial Tours       3,831 p.
BE12-3041627 De Souillac Rudy:  11th National Souillac   3,641 p.
                               105th National Limoges   18,390 p.
                               138th National Cahors     7,140 p.
                               224th National Guéret     3,318 p.
                               128th Provincial Limoges  2,953 p.
                                49th Provincial Tulle    1,053 p.

Closing words

Many years ago Anthony and Chantal were considered to be one of the rising stars in pigeon racing, as we saw their racing team improve dramatically over the years. Among the team's highlights are the title of 1st and 3rd Prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB Longer Middle Distance Old Birds in 2015 with Papillon and Sero Sero. 2016 was a memorable season as well with a 1st National and 3 provincial first prizes. They have a highly talented pigeon breed, and we are confident that they will continue to achieve great results in future seasons.