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Another successful streak for Gino Clicque (Wevelgem, BE)

Superstar Gino Clicque has been on a roll in recent weeks, before moving to an even higher gear in the first weekend of August. From sprint to extreme long distance: he was outstanding across the board.

The superstar from Wevelgem is renowned for his outstanding results across all competitions but his achievements on 1st of August are still something else. That weekend, an incredible 28 pigeons finished in the national top 100! This is a display of strength we have probably never seen before, especially since his racing birds not only excelled at national level, they were also very strong in the shorter distance competitions.

It all started with the younger generation, with the young birds of Gino Clique being basketed for a race from Pontoise (207 km):

Pontoise : 1-2-5-7-8-10-11-12-13-14-15-18-21-24-30-35-37-41-48-49-51-52-56-56-58-59-... / 748 p. (66 pr./136 b.)

The other young birds from 2020 were basketed for a middle distance race from Blois (383km). This was the first important young birds' event in West Flanders. This was a first step towards the popular national races that are coming up. As it turned out, this race suited the Clicque racing birds particularly well:

Blois : 1-2-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-13-17-18-24-25-26-27-28-30-32-42-46-48-54-64-68-... / 861 p. (68 pr./154 b.)

After these first few successes, all eyes were on the race from Souillac (670km). And as the first pigeons arrived home, it quickly became clear that something special was about to happen. An impressive 57 pigeons per ten were clocked in the yearlings' race! On top of that, he had 3 birds in the top ten, and an impressive 20 birds in the national top 100 of 7,514 pigeons! This is an astounding result, difficult to put into words. Gino Clicque already had an excellent international reputation but he will become an even greater legend after this performance. The majority of his one year olds appear to be related to Golden Prince, Red Flip, New Gaby, Piraat, Prince Rudy and others. Let's take a look at his fantastic results:

Souillac yearlings: 2-4-10-20-22-23-28-29-33-44-49-51-53-69-71-74-77-92-96-100-... / 7,514 p. (87 pr./159 b.)

A pigeon loft packed with nothing but super class racing birds is any fancier's dream but it is not a realistic prospect, except in the case of the Clique loft. For the pigeon family from Wevelgem, having a collection of nothing but champions could become a reality one day, with so many talented bloodlines on board. Their fantastic results in the national race from Souillac speak for themselves. We take a look at the pedigrees of some of his strongest yearlings that day:

Golden Prince: a stock breeder that can be found in the pedigree of many of Clicque's best birds

And as if the incredible performance of Gino's team of yearlings was not enough, the old birds were quite exceptional in said race from Souillac as well: Gino had basketed 46 racing birds, 16 of which claimed a prize per 10 at national level, resulting in dazzling 35% prize percentage. And just like their one year old teammates, the old birds also claimed several national top 100 places. Gino Clique even claimed another national top ten result as well.

Souillac olds : 8-22-47-69-92-98-164-185-220-226-... / 6,668 p. (25 prizes with 46 birds)

Needless to say, many of his best old birds are related to some world class bloodlines. After all, Gino's breeding loft, consisting of a collection of highly gifted breeding birds, has become a reference across the globe.

Prince Rudy: another phenomenon both as a racing and breeding bird for team Clicque

And as if these fantastic results were not enough, his team also excelled in the extreme long distance. Even the international classic from St. Vincent (865 km) was not too long of a distance for Gino's pigeons. In temperatures of around 40 degrees Celsius in France, and after a trip of several hours, they claimed another top result at national level, with a 52nd and 80th St. Vincent national of 3,083 pigeons.

Red Flip: another renowned breeding hen in the lofts of Clicque
Devil Prince: himself a national winner and now the breeder of several talented racing birds

The dust has settled after a fantastic weekend of racing, and his opponents are assessing the damage, but we think Gino does not intend to rest on his laurels. The season is now well under way, and with his team clearly being in great shape, we think it will be just a matter of time before we see another spectacular result from them. Clicque stands for success, both with the old birds, the yearlings and the young birds. And they can excel in any competition: sprint, middle distance, long distance or extreme long distance. Does it get any better than this?