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Another important victory on Vierzon for the combination Casaert-Sénéchal (Russeignies, BE)

Just one week before the start of the national competition, the interprovincial race from Vierzon was on the schedule. For sure a great opportunity for various lofts eager to test the condition of the pigeons despite the very bad weather of the last weeks.

The combination Casaert-Sénéchal (that we won't introduce anymore) added another great victory to its name with a 1st place against 6.133 old pigeons, 13 years exactly after the victory of 'Palme d'Or' ('Amalia') on the same race. On Vierzon, they don't just won the 1st place because the whole performance was quite excellent, good enough in order to be trustful for the coming weeks:

18/05 Vierzon (403 km) 
6.133 old pigeons:
1-12-15-18-25-26-32-35-46-72-76-77-90-93-95-... with 41 prizes per 10 & 53 prizes from 79 pigeons
3.109 yearlings:
10-46-51-73-89-90-... with 26 prizes per 10 & 38 prizes from 121 pigeons

Let's meet the 2 years old winning hen christened 'Kate'.

- 'Kate' (BE22-4150247)

1. Vierzon Iprov 6.133 p.
2. Argenton prov  1.329 p.
   38. National 15.210 p.
14. Orléans 1.871 p.
23. Ecouen 1.459 p.
25. Toury 611 p.
34. Pont 1.060 p.

Her pedigree is quite impressive since her 4 grandparents are famous worldwide. Her father 'Little Prince' was bred from the pairing of 'Prince Porsche' (super racer & grandfather of the 1. national Limoges & 1. national Souillac) & 'Little Star' (1. National Acebird GMD KBDB for Bart Geerinckx) while her mother is a daughter of the 'Golden Prince' (1. National Acebird long distance Fond KBDB for Gino Clicque) & 'Maria' (1. national Châteauroux for Van de Wouwer).

Difficult to breed a better pigeon!

Fully dedicated to the national races

After a very good first part of the season with victories on the sprint and on the middle distance, this famous combination is now ready to focus on the national races, starting this weekend with the race of Bourges. Thanks to the great help provided by his son Hugo but also by his partner Lydie, Sébastien is quite optimistic for the coming weeks. Who knows what the future will bring for this super loft, considered as one of the very best from the Belgian pigeon sport...