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Andreas & Walter Drapa own a new wonder pigeon with their ‘Pokerface’!

No less than 3 X 1st prize against an average of 1.300 pigeons in the space of just four weeks! - The Drapa family is sufficiently well-known within the international pigeon sport.

Winner of a chain Olympiad pigeons, National Ace pigeons etc... Yet we thought it would be interesting to briefly introduce you to the combination: They race from the Drapa house under 2 names: namely Walter, together with son Andreas, under ‘Drapa A+W’ and also ‘Drapa-Guo’ whereby the famous Chinese fancier ‘Dr. Guo’, better known as ‘Great Wall’ (bidders name in the PIPA auctions) forms the duo with Andrea’s son.

Here below an overview of the first 4 weeks of the season:
24 April Phalsbourg 110 km 1417 pigeons
Drapa A+ W 26 pigeons entered – 16 prizes
Drapa Guo    57 pigeons entered – 35 prizes
Result:  1, 8, 11,15,22,23,24,… First pigeon, and so 1st prize against 1.417 pigeons: ‘Pokerface’

2 May Phalsbourg  110 km  1351 pigeons
Drapa A+W   27 pigeons entered – 14 prizes
Drapa Guo    56 pigeons entered – 26 prizes
Result:  1,2,3,12,13,14,15,22,23,24,25,26,29,31,36,39,… First pigeon… Once again ‘Pokerface’!! And so first prize for him yet again against 1.351 pigeons.

8 May Commercy  230 km  1335 pigeons
Drapa A+W  26 pigeons entered – 9 prizes
Drapa Guo    54 pigeons entered – 22 prizes
Result: 1,2a,2b,3,4,5,6,7,15a,15b
Qua prize percentage a less successful race, but still a nice number of top prizes.
This week the ‘Pokerface’ was 7th against 1.335 pigeons. His (half-)sisters ‘56’ and ‘27’ respectively won 1st and 2nd prize against 1.335 pigeons. The 4th prize was also won by a half-sister of ‘Pokerface’, and a son of his then won 3rd prize!

16 May St Dizier  280 km 1235 pigeons
Drapa A+W 24 pigeons entered – 14 prizes
Drapa Guo   50 pigeons entered – 24 prizes
Result:  1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,… And yes, you’ve guessed it, the first pigeon was once again ‘Pokerface’ with a 2 minute lead on the second pigeon! Here below the already impressive honours list of ‘Pokerface’

1st   324 km   4437 pigeons 
1st   324 km   3898 pigeons
1st   233 km   1362 pigeons
1st   324 km   2811 pigeons
1st   110 km   1417 pigeons
1st   110 km   1351 pigeons
1st   280 km   1235 pigeons
2e    113 km   1426 pigeons
2e    536 km    481 pigeons
3e    422 km   1744 pigeons
3e    418 km   2737 pigeons

With, to a large extent, the above honours list, ‘Pokerface’ will more than likely represent Germany in the Olympiad in Poland in January 2011. With a coefficient of 11,66% in the 11 races required for All Round the ‘Pokerface’ is now already ‘there’. His half-sister, the ‘56’, whose honours list is here below, also already has a coefficient of 17,43% in the 11 races. With her worst race having a coefficient of +- 7% she can greatly reduce this if everything goes well in the middle distance races.

Honours list 01769 08 56 Half-sister ‘Pokerface

1st   113 km  1426 pigeons
1st   110 km  1417 pigeons
1st   422 km  1744 pigeons
1st   230 km  1335 pigeons
2nd   233 km  1362 pigeons
2nd   324 km  4437 pigeons
2nd   418 km  2737 pigeons
2nd   280 km  1235 pigeons
3rd   324 km  3898 pigeons
5th   324 km  2811 pigeons

Summarised, the children of stock breeder ‘Champ’ (father of a.o. Pokerface & the ’56’-hen) have, in the first 4 races, won no less than 14 prizes by the first 10 against an average of 1.300 pigeons!
The season can’t go wrong with these results and expectancies. With the, as good as certain, 2 Olympiad pigeons in the All Round we can speak of a wondrous achievement. But hold on…  Andreas also has 3 candidates for the middle distance which are very close and have a very low coefficient. But these 3 pigeons all still need another 1 or 2 top prizes in the middle distance. Andreas prefers to wait until the necessary points are achieved  before making any comment, but let’s be honest… with the current form and with the middle distance races about to take place, the expectation of one (or more) Olympiad representatives for the middle distance is not just wishful thinking.