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Andreas & Tobias Drapa (Königsback-Stein, DV) on fire in 2018

The German master of National aces and Olympiad birds Andreas Drapa again performs at an outer space level in 2018. Last weeks have been amazing; the yearling team of Tobias Drapa is going to the max.

The glory of the Drapa colony is known far beyond the European borders … in every continent names of the greatest Drapa icons directly ring a bell when they are mentioned …

- Pokerface
      1st German & 2nd Int. Olympiad bird 2011
      1st Europa Cup bird & 1st Nat. ace RIRO
      Winner 9x 1st prize & NEW BASE BREEDER

- Sky Fighter (son Pokerface)
      1. Nat. old acebird HDI 2013 & 2014
      Breeder of Katy, 1st Nat. ace youngster HDI 2014
      Breeder of many 1st prize winners

- Cassandra
      Gold Medal winner Olympiad 2011
      1st German Europa Cup bird
      Breeder of Bolt, 6x 1st prize & new sensation

- Bolt (son Pokerface x Cassandra)
      Winner of 6x 1st prize & new star racer

New stars to be in 2018

Now, in 2018, new stars are ready to take a next step to stardom. Especially DV01769-17-76 and DV101769-17-313 have been excelling last weeks fort he loft of Tobias Drapa … a short overview:

June 26th Orleans 530 km 4,698 birds 
7 prizes from 7 entrees 
- DV01769-17- 76; 1st prize 
- DV01769-17-313; 7th prize 
- DV01769-17-196; 8th prize 

June 17th Andrezel 435 km 2,624 birds 
6 prizes from 8 entrees 
- DV01769 -17-313;  2nd prize 
- DV01769 -17- 76; 14th prize

DV01769-17-76, 1st Orleans 4,698 b. Click here for pedigree

DV01769-17-313; 2nd & 7th prize. Click here for pedigree

DV01769-17-196; 8th Orleans 4,698 b. Click here for pedigree

For sure - this will not be the last we have heard from the Drapa team this season. Temperatures in Europa are very high and the Drapa squad is very much ‘on fire’.