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Andreas Drapa: Success on the assembly line

In the vernacular you can say: When you imagine Andreas Drapa it's like carrying coals to Newcastle. He is the German "Grand Champion" and nobody was more successful as him at national or international level!!!

I think everybody knows the big result list of Andreas Drapa so I don´t want to cite it again as there is currently a lot to report about this fantastic pigeon fancier.

So the title of the 1st National Championship "Middle Distance", the 1st National Championship "Yearlings" and the 3rd National Championship RV will go this year to Königsbachstein for sure!!!

Also the Olympiad in Poland was very successful for Andreas. He had 4 Olympic birds there!!! That's fantastic!!!

"Cassandra" 1st  Olympic bird  Category B 
"Pokerface" 2nd Olympic bird  Category D
"Penelope"  3rd Olympic bird  Category D
"Marco"     4th Olympic bird  Category B

When you ask Andreas about his target this year he will say that his attention was focused on the Middle Distance Championship. And he performed really well. His birds were in top condition for these races. His pre assigned birds where amongst the first 10 or 20 birds against 1000 or more!!! This displays the special flair of Andreas Drapa - the "Grand Champion" of Germany!!!  

The absolute Topbird this year is without doubt  "Messi" with  4 x 1st.

1st -  1057 p.
1st -   964 p.
1st -   864 p.
1st -   411 p.
2nd -   614 p.
7th -   1210 p.