André Roodhooft hits a total of 841,000 EURO in a breathtaking auction

The sale of all pigeons from 2019 and older from André Roodhooft ended on Sunday 1 November. A group of youngsters from the best breeders and racers was also sold.

André Roodhooft - 263 pigeons - 3,198 EURO / pigeon
Today was rightly dominated by the much-winner André Roodhooft. Tom was born in 2004 and they have known it in the Union Antwerp. André managed to become King of the Union Antwerp continuously from 2005-2015. But he was also allowed to make the victory in 2019 and 2020.
His colony is relentless and always competes for victory.

André decided, together with PIPA, to sell all pigeons from 2019 and older. He supplemented these pigeons with a group of specially bred youngsters from the best breeders and racers. Today was the last day of his auction and interest came from all over the world. The 263 pigeons were sold to no fewer than 23 different countries.

No fewer than 15 pigeons passed the 10,000 EURO mark. Of these 15, most attention was paid to New Tom and Ace 130. New Tom is the youngest exponent from the Roodhooft dynasty who himself was good for a 1st National La Souterraine against 9,469 pigeons in 2020. Ultimately, the battle was decided in favor of a Chinese buyer who can welcome New Tom for an amount of 55,000 EURO.

Ace 130 also moves to China. The blue hen that was 3rd and 4th National Ace pigeon in two years' time exchanges owner for an amount of 49,000 EURO.

On the 1st Sunday of November, a grand farewell to part of André Roodhooft's life's work was given and he received the appreciation he deserves.

The buyers come from the following countries: China (67), Belgium (44), Taiwan (27), Japan (22), Poland (22), Great Britain (21), Germany (19), France (12), United States (11), Argentina (10), Netherlands (10), South Africa (7), Spain (5), Portugal (5), Romania (4), Hungary (3), Iraq (3), Ireland (2) , Egypt (1), India (1), Kuwait (1), Qatar (1) and Turkey (1).