The American 2011 AU Convention

Held in Phoenix Arizona at the Arizona Grand Resort and Hosted by the Arizona Racing Pigeon Federation. Nov. 30th thru Dec. 3rd, flyers from all parts of America attended along with flyers from Canada.

Fred and Dori Goodchild, Tom and Nelda Makowecki, from Belgium Serge Van Elsacker, from Holland Henk Kuijlaars, from South Africa Dr. Botha and from Germany Alfons Klaas and Thorsten Daum. A Total of 2117 birds were sent in for the race with close to $200,000 in prize money to be won.

Taking the first 9 places in the race and clocking the first 3 birds in the race is the husband and wife team of Doud-It Loft. Chris Furlong took 4-5-6, Scot Mc Callister 7, Chris Doud 8 and Jorge Rivera 9.

The seminar speakers for the even were Alfons Klaas and Thorsten Daum of Germany, Dr. Botha of South Africa, Serge van Elsacker from Belgium, Alex Bieche, Rick Mardis and Ed Minvelle from America.

(Article and pictures sent in by Alex Bieche: