Almost a repeat performance for Norbert & Stefan Ally (Aarsele, BE) with a 2nd and 6th National Souillac

In 2010 they had an impressive result with a 1st, 2nd and 4th national Souillac. Last weekend their results were almost as good as two years ago: they have won a 2nd and 6th national Souillac!

The race from Souillac and the Ally loft: it has always been a perfect match. Possibly the pigeons are always in top form when the race comes up, or maybe they like the course of the race. Who can tell? One thing is sure; the results of the Ally team from Souillac have been quite impressive in the last few seasons. Time for a quick round up:

’12 Souillac local 332 old birds:
1-2-14-16-30-44-77-103 (17)

Prov 1,527 pigeons 2-5-86-93… (prognosed top-125)
Nat   7,756 pigeons 2-6… 

’10 Souillac Prov 1,568 old birds:
1-2-4-64-69-88-96… etc. (14/19)
Nat 7,039 p. 1-2-4-105-114-148-162-257-261-317-339-402 (12 of 19 in top-500 Nat)

’09 Souillac Prov 1,444 old birds:
2-6-12-34-46-80-136… (12/16)

’08 Souillac Prov 1,712 old birds:
2-3-5-7-9-10-22-34-60-85… (12/15)

Almost a new tour de force

Last weekend on Sunday we almost saw a repeat performance of 2010 when they had a double win, winning 1st and 2nd. This time they had a great result as well with a 2nd and 6th national. They were only beaten by Rudi Desaer from Ruiselede.
Last year we wrote that Norbert and Stefan had one of the best yearlings teams ever, taking one victory after the other. Two birds of this dream team have now won 2nd and 3rd from Souillac. The bird who took the second place for the Ally loft is one of the big stars in the team and was of course basketed as 1st nominated:

-Lucas BE10-3075506
4th Prov Ace pigeon middle distance KBDB yearlings 2011

’12 Souillac    Nat  7,756 p. 2
’12 Brive       Lok    351 p. 99
’12 Montluçon   Prov 1,792 p. 6
’12 Chateauroux Nat 16,479 p. 58
’12 Tours       Prov 1,052 p. 21
’11 Ablis       Reg    209 p. 13
’11 Chateauroux Nat 25,263 p. 141
’11 La Chatre   Zone 7,487 p. 1486
’11 Argenton    Nat 19,782 p. 15   (reg. 1° of 685 pigeons)
’11 Limoges     Nat 14,679 p. 182
’11 Poitiers    Prov   602 p. 28

This could be the best yearling of 2011, with similar results in 2012! This is no surprise; she is a descendant of some very good pigeons  (click here for a full pedigree):

Sire: Schumi BE04-3006131
Himself winner of 1st Prov Ace pigeon extreme middle distance and middle distance KBDB West-Flanders in 2005. She is an inbred of the success lines of N & F. Norman x G. Vandenabeele, bred from Ullrich x Blesse (a daughter of stock couple 1 N. Ally). Schumi has won for instance:

’05 Limoges     Nat  8,408 p. 2
’06 Limoges     Prov 2,457 p. 10
’05 Argenton    Nat  5,428 p. 22
’05 Chateauroux Prov 7,206 p. 28
’06 Aurillac    Nat  6,611 p. 90 etc…

Dam: Bolleke BE05-3083812
A super breeding hen and mother of 1° prize provincial winners of Tours Vooruit (1st Prov Tours) and Guldensporenwinner (1st Prov Blois). She is a daughter of Bordeaux 512/02 (herself winner of 1st N. Zone Argenton and 7° Nat Bordeaux, and grandson of Bliksem Vandenabeele) x Lena 719/03 (a half sister of 1st Nat Souillac 2010… bred from Ronaldo x Dochter Zorro Norman). The Bordeaux is already father of Chateauroux 600/11 which has won 6th Nat Chateauroux against 15,902 yearlings this season.

-The 6th Nat Souillac BE10-3075514… has won the following prizes:

’12 Souillac    Nat  7,756 p. 6
’12 Brive       Lok    351 p. 34
’12 Chateauroux Nat 16,479 p. 171
’12 Tours       Prov 1,052 p. 14
’11 Bourges     Prov 2,322 p. 150
’10 Gueret      Nat 13,885 p. 716 etc…

This pigeon has some very interesting origins as well (click here for the full pedigree of BE10-3075514.):

Sire: Speedy Boy BE99-3046705
A top flyer and an excellent breeder. Winner of for instance:

Tours                 117 p. 1
Chateauroux           668 p. 2
Blois                 519 p. 4
La Souterraine Nat 14,957 p. 46
La Souterraine Nat  3,195 p. 47 (old birds)
Brive          Nat 25,352 p. 131   enz…

Speedy Boy is a full brother of middle distance crack 660/07 which was 3rd best middle distance pigeon 2009-2011 in Belgium in the PIPA ranking over three years! He is a son of Speedy 067/94 (himself winner of 1st Orleans 817 pigeons, 1st Tours 201 pigeons…). It is a direct Antoine Beulque x granddaughter Ronker 368/96 Vandenabeele (winner of two first prizes and bred from Zoon Ronker 314/94 x Half sister Blauwe Fideel 401/94. Blauwe Fideel has won 1st Nat Brive for Gaby Vandenabeele).

Dam: Super Bliksemgirl BE08-3081268
An excellent breeding hen and daughter of Super Bliksem 277/01, a direct Gaby Vandenabeele and father of Bordeaux, Duval, Tours As, 915 etc. (stems from the famous breeding couple Bliksem 062/98 x Julia 501/98) x Supergirl 743/05, herself 3rd Prov Ace pigeon middle distance youngsters KBDB ’05 (and granddaughter of Gaby Vandenabeele's Turbo).

There is no doubt about it: top class pigeons breed top class pigeons. This is illustrated by the loft of Norbert and Stefan. They have a lot of first class racers, which have been doing very well in the last few years with great provincial and national results in the grand middle distance and the long distance! They have an excellent racing team.