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Alexandre Margris (Gennes-Ivergny, FR) wins the race from St-Junien with the highest speed of 8.357 pigeons

Alexandre & Paul Margris.
The Margris father & son are managing one of the most titled loft from France. They prooved it once again on the first big race of 2020 from St-Junien (492 km). Their pigeon 'Houdini' booked the highest speed from the 8.357 pigeons entered in the race.

The pigeon sport can be full of surprises, especially when you sent birds for a race while you already know there are few chances you can win the victory. But sometimes, a helping hand of fate can help you a lot. When the 8.357 pigeons entered on St-Junien were released in the morning of the 25th of june, the Margris family didn't expect to climb on the highest rung of the podium. Indeed, the wind was blowing from the south-west while the mass would have lead everybody to predict the final victory to be won at the east of the combine while the loft of the Margris is localized on the other side. Still, 'Houdini' achieved a fantastic performance as he has the highest speed of the general release. For the Margris team, it's already their 20th semi-national victory NPDC (northern part racing combine in France) since 2010, always with an amount of several thousands of pigeons. The proof that they are just in an apart category in the french racing scene!

St-Junien (492 km)
ALC-CALC - 5.394 olds: 6-8-9-10-32-60-117-153-157-165-337-530-... (18/18)
ALC-CALC - 2.963 yearlings: 1-8-10-16-18-41-42-45-71-95-100-104-216-... (15/27)

Now it's time to introduce you the winner of today, a yearling cock christened as 'Houdini':

- 'Houdini' (FR19-14405)

1. St-Junien 2.963 yls
Highest speed from the 8.357 pigeons
4. Fontenay 881 yls
4. Pontoise 806 yls
7. Blois 710 yls

The superb wing of 'Houdini'.
The parents of 'Houdini'.

The breeding line of 'Olympic Timoko' proved its worth on St-Junien

As you could have noticed if you browsed the pedigree of the winner, he is a grandson of the current main pigeon of nowadays, 'Olympic Timoko'. After a successful career in the racing team that he ended up with an Olympic classification, 'Timoko' moved to the breeding loft where he is actually leaving his mark. Indeed, on the race from St-Junien, several members of his family made this race a great success. In the old birds category, the 9th, 10th & 32th prize were won against 5.394 pigeons while in the yearlings category, they won the 1st-16th-18th-42th-45th prizes against 2.963 yearlings. Alexandre is known to be a fantastic manager but you can also trust him if you want to develop a real breeding line around an exceptional pigeon such as 'Olympic Timoko'. That's what he is actually busy with since several years!

'Olympic Timoko'.