Albert Poels (Herk-de-Stad, BE) wins 1st National Montluçon against 18,885 old birds

For years fanciers had expected Albert to take a national victory sooner or later in his career because he was such a talented fancier. Albert had just accepted the fact that he might never win a national victory after all and then it happened: he actually took a national first prize.

A great trio

Albert is the name you will find in the results; he started fancying pigeons and he founded the Poels pigeon loft. Meanwhile his son Johan and Johan’s son Kenneth have joined him. “Dad does all the work and I take care of the rest”, Johan said with a smile. Kenneth offers a helping hand whenever needed. Any help is welcome now because Johan is on the sick list.

Difficult times

The Poels family was quite satisfied with the start of this season, as the pigeons managed to finish at the top of the results most of the time. However, the pigeons were kept inside for a few weeks due to the bad weather conditions. They noticed an increasing lack of appetite in this period and results were poor in the next two weeks. They won quite a few prizes but they could not win top prizes. “I had expected them to be good from Poitiers already”, says Johan, who had basketed three pigeons for this very demanding race. Each of the three pigeons had a result at provincial level and they still looked fit when they arrived home after a race of at least 10 hours. Everything seemed fine so it was just a matter of finding the right pigeon for the right race.


The two-year-old cock 5038354/11 provided the highlight in the career of Albert Poels. He came home with a velocity of 99.697km/h with one thing on his mind: to honour the memory of his forefathers. After all he is a descendant of a family of prizewinners. His grandfather (587/93) is the sire of no less than three different provincial winners; his great-grandmother is the Olympiad Hen of Emile Clerinx. We should not forget the introduction of Vos-Jennes (Webbekom, BE) either. One of their pigeons was the national winner from Bourges II young birds in 2012. Click here to take a look at the national winner's pedigree.

The national winner


The other two pigeons of Albert from Montluçon did a great job as well. The pigeon that came in second currently holds the seventh place in the national results and the third pigeon in Albert’s loft is likely to win a good prize as well. This brings us to the Cerlinx pigeons. Approximately 90% of Albert’s pigeon family originates from five direct Cerlinx birds. Johan thinks this is not the kind of pigeon to win championships but they do know how to win first prizes. “An average of six or seven out of ten provincial victories in Limburg are won by one of my Clerinx pigeons”, says Johan. These pigeons have won the following (inter)provincial first prizes for Albert, Johan and Kenneth:

1st prov. Vierzon '94
1st prov. Orleans '00
1st seminationaal Argenton '00
1st prov. St.Witz '00
1st prov. Vierzon '01
1st prov. Montluçon '08
1st seminational Argenton '08

No time to enjoy

“A national victory is something you really look forward to”, says Johan, “but when it actually happens you have no time to enjoy it. It’s all quite hectic”. This is something we hear often among national winners. We are confident that he will find time to enjoy his victory later on, unless there is another Clerinx pigeon in the Poels loft that wants to show itself next weekend.

When is my next race?