Albert Derwa (Herent, BE) shows solid form again in 2017

We cannot think of too many pigeon lofts that will never disappoint and that can deliver top results every single week. Albert Derwa from Herent in Flemish Brabant is without doubt one of such lofts that springs to mind. Not a weekend goes by without the Derwa pigeons showing their impressive potential!

It starts in late April..

The team has been in great form in the lead up to the (longer)middle distance races, just like every season. Albert does not have a large collection of pigeons but he starts every race with a select group of high quality birds with great potential. We take a look at his best results of 2017 so far:

Soissons (190km) - 949 olds: 9-10-11-38-... (5/6)
Soissons (190km) - 1,140 yearlings: 5-6-7-8-23-36-67-90-92-... (11/13)
Melun (290km) - 755 olds: 3-11-28-29-... (5/6)
Melun (290km) - 628 yearlings: 1-2-5-11-17-38-... (7/13)
Lorris (373km) - 573 olds: 1-43-...(3/6)
Lorris (373km) - 834 yearlings: 1-37-40-... (7/11)
Chevrainvilliers (334km) - 595 yearlings: 2-4-5-8-14-17-18-20-30 (9/11)
Bourges (457km) - 512 olds: 5-8-22-... (5/6)
Vierzon (454km) - 1,521 olds Provincial: 9-13-46-109-118 (5/6)
Vierzon (454km) - 2,258 yearlings Provincial: 1-8-9-10-38-43-... (7/9)
Chevrainvilliers (334km) - 555 yearlings: 16-17-18-23 (4/5)
Chateauroux (506km) - 3,449 yearlings Provincial: 16-18-113-239-299-... (8/8)

The team was particularly successful in the provincial race from Vierzon, winning not only a 1st Provincial yearlings but with 4 pigeons in the top 10 and an 11/15 per 10!

Some of the racing birds that had a great early 2017 season


BE16-2121774, 1st Provicial Vierzon of 2,258 yearlings

The provincial winner from Vierzon was obtained from Robert & Marleen Schroeven-Goeleven (Scherpenheuvel, BE) in the form of a voucher, and she has had an excellent season so far. She took a 5th Soissons (1,140 yearlings), a 17th Melun of 628 yearlings, and she finished in 5th place against 595 yearlings from Chevrainvilliers last week. Click here for the pedigree of the provincial winnerHer palmares can be found here.


BE15-2093129, 9th Provincial Vierzon of 1,521 old birds / 11th Provincial Bourges of 2,318 pigeons

The winner of the 9th Provincial Vierzon is a pigeon with a proven record. She had already won an 11th Provincial Bourges old birds one week earlier. She showed her potential in the preparatory races as well, winning a 3rd Melun 755 pigeons, a 10th Soissons 949 pigeons etc. She was a successful yearling as well, winning a 53rd National Châteauroux of 2,108 pigeons, an 88th National La Souterraine 2,939 pigeons, a 35th National Argenton 4,582 pigeons, a 2nd Provincial Blois 1,535 pigeons, a 1st Melun 607 pigeons, and a 7th Soissons 633 pigeons. A complete overview of her impressive palmares can be found here and here.

She is a granddaughter of the world famous Harry NL07-2007621 of Jan Hooymans x Zuster Dolce Vita of Pieter Veenstra from her father's side. This is another example of a succeeful joint breeding with Jan Hooymans and Pieter Veenstra. The dam of the 129 is none other than Vallari, a half sister of Paulien, an exceptional hen of Derwa that died in 2015. You can browse through the pedigree here.

BE16-2060047, 9th Provincial Vierzon of 2,258 yearlings / 16th Provincial Chateauroux of 3,449 yearlings

This is another top class pigeon that comes from a joint breeding with Jan Hooymans. The dam is a grandchild of Harry NL07-2007621, and the sire is a direct John & Jan Baeck. Click here for the pedigree.

His results are genuinely impressive, with a 9th Provincial Vierzon 2,258 yearlings and a 16th Provincial Chateauroux 3,449 yearlings in just two weeks' time. He also won a 1st Melun of 628 pigeons earlier this season, as well as a 4th Chevrainvilliers of 595 pigeons. A complete overview of his results can be found here.

BE15-2093096, Grandchild Invinctius (1st National Issoudun 16,587 pigeons)

We conclude with a grandchild of Invictius, 1st National Issoudun for Derwa. this pigeon has already won a 1st Lorris of 573 pigeons and an 11th Melun of 755 pigeons this season. This racing bird had an excellent 2016 season as well, winning a 5th National Chateauroux of 2,108 pigeons, a 29th National La Souterraine of 2,939 pigeons, a 1st Melun of 521 pigeons, a 1st Soissons of 633 pigeons, and a 2nd Soissons of 196 pigeons. A full list of achievements can be found here and here.

The dam is a daughter of Dolce Beauty (Pieter Veenstra) x Dochter Harry (Jan Hooymans), which means the comes from another successful joint breeding with Jan Hooymans and Pieter Veenstra. Click here for the pedigree.

A consistent performer

The longer middle distance season is in full swing, and grandmaster Albert Derwa has been doing great week in week out. It is safe to assume that Albert will be getting several more top results in the course of this season. And like with most successful lofts, we reckon the best is yet to come for him. We look forward to the nest few weeks!