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Ahmed Majid (Assen, NL) claims 1st, 3rd and 4th Tongeren against an impressive 13,629 pigeons

Ahmed has been winning top prizes and high prize percentages for weeks in a row now in the young birds’ races of Province 10. The highlight so far is their 1st, 3rd and 4th in Tongeren against as many as 13,629 pigeons.
Ahmad Majid (r), Leo Heremans (m) and father Ahmad (l)

Ahmad has been one of the leading names in the young birds' races of province 10 for a number of years now. He runs a busy dentist practice, and he has to do most of the caretaking himself. That explains why does not have an old birds' team, instead focusing solely on the young birds' competition. And you can tell from his excellent results and championship titles every season that this game suits him really well. This season is no different; let's take a look:

25 July Prov. 10 Venlo 181 km 18,381 p.: 8-etc.
1 Aug Prov. 10 R2 Sittard 225 km 2,485 p.: 3-4-10-12-18-44-46-62-63-etc. (2nd Grandmaster Spoor der Kampioenen)
15 Aug Prov. 10 Tongeren 256 km 13,629 p.: 1-3-4-etc.

That last result is particularly unique: a 1st, 3rd and 4th Tongeren of 13,629 pigeons. This impressive performance came from the following racing birds:

NL20-4750546, 1st Tongeren (13,629 p.)

NL20-4750545, 3rd Tongeren (13,629 p.)

This brother and sister, and two nest mates, delivered an incredible performance, winning a 1st and 3rd of as many as 13,629 pigeons. The sire of these promising two newcomers is none other than the phenomenal Cruijff. He was himself a very successful racing bird but he was even more gifted as a breeder. Today, he is the sire/grandfather of 15 first prize winners. Cruijff is a son of top class breeding pair Golden Kittel (Dirk van den Bulck) x Golden Lady (Leo Heremans). He is the sire/grandfather of the following prize winners in 2020 alone:

NL20-545 : 3rd Tongeren 13,629 p. (sire)
NL20-546 : 1st Tongeren 13,629 p. (sire)
Nl20-515 : 8th Venlo 18,381 p. (sire)
NL20-516 : 18th Sittard 2,485 p. (sire)
NL20-577 : 3rd Sittard 2,485 p. (grandfather)
NL20-578 : 12th Sittard 2,485 p. (grandfather)
Cruijff and the sire of Golden Kittel

NL20-4750540, 4th Tongeren (13,629 p.)

The 540 finished in 4th place in Tongeren. This talented young racing cock is a son of Blue Lagoon 295 (Bart Geerinckx). The dam of the 540 is a daughter of Best Brother Bolt (Leo Heremans) x Wonder Girl (Stickers-Donckers).

Wondergirl, grandmother of the 540

NL20-4750515, 8th Venlo (18,381 p.)

This 515 was very successful as well, winning an 8th of 18,381 pigeons (an issue with the clocking device caused a delay of more than a minute, which cost him a first place). His sire is the aforementioned Cruijff. The grandfather is one of the main pillars of Ahmad's pigeon breed, De Vooruit. He has proven to be an invaluable member of the team. This season alone, he is the sire/grandfather of:

NL20-515 8th Venlo 18,381 pigeons (grandfather)
NL20-516 18th Sittard 2,484 pigeons (grandfather)
NL20-529 44th Sittard 2,484 pigeons (sire)
69th Venlo 2,839 pigeons (sire)
NL20-559 10th Sittard 2,485 pigeons (sire)
NL20-576 4th Sittard 2,485 pigeons (grandfather)
NL20-577 3rd Sittard 2,485 pigeons (grandfather)
NL20-578 12th Sittard 2,485 pigeons (grandfather)
De Vooruit, grandfather of the 515
BE16-6273642, grandmother of the 515

Based around top quality birds

As we just pointed out in this article, the team's current top results came about with the help of a select group of high quality birds. Over the years, Ahmad became good friends with a number of fellow fanciers, many of which not only became friends but also mentors or even partners. One of them is Leo Heremans, who provided him with valuable advice and who sold him a few excellent breeders as well. You can read more about this pigeon family here.

Update 24-8-2020, another grandchild of Vooruit claims a top results!

Last Saturday, Ahmad celebrated another great results: his NL20-4750531 finished in 5th place of 9,908 pigeons in province 10, which led to a first place in Rayon 2 of 1,473 pigeons!